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Superstar Classes

  Learning Objective

Superstar lessons adopts a two-thronged approach, focusing on topical coverage and strategies for tackling the challenging schools' and PSLE examination. Students are taught the salient concepts according to the prescribed MOE syllabus, together with the application of these concepts in solving complex problems. Significant time will be devoted to cracking challenging problems, as well as equipping students with the proper know-how to find unknowns and break down barriers on their own.

By faithfully attending the online video lessons and doing the assigned homework, students will be well-prepared for the their exam paper. We expect our students to achieve A*, and if not, high As (Band 1 for other levels). Students who have been scoring lower grades can also aim to improve their marks by 20-30 marks.

Now, ride the journey to ace your English, Math and Science with our Superstar Teachers!

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