In this course, students continue to develop and refine their writing skills as they master more advanced techniques for scoring well in the Composition component of their English examinations. They will get to improve their chronological thinking with practices on brainstorming, plot planning, and creating story starters / endings.

Teacher Monica Leong

Probably the first video teacher in Singapore, Monica Leong has been educating more than 100,000 students since 2003. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of Superstar Teacher.

Wang Yanyi
Parent of Wang Yi Zheng


一场突如其来的疫情,改变了以往教学形式。停课不停教、不停学既是战疫情应急之举,也是线上教学活动的重要成果应用机会。平时,我习惯了传统教学,总是不想尝试、改变。此时,Superstar Teacher网上在线教学对我来说,既是一次应急教学,也是一次新的尝试,无异于雪中送炭。在线教学是实现信息化必不可少的手段,也是提高教学质量的有效途径。在线教育的各种资源跨越了空间距离的限制,使学习资源丰富,让学生在任何时间、任何地点、从任何章节开始、学习任何内容。这体现了主动学习的特点,让孩子能够自由的通过网络学习平台进行学习、交流。Superstar Teacher在线课程向学生开展同步教学或辅导,同时预留相应的练习作业,让学生通过平台上传由教师在线查阅。我会一直支持这个平台,因为我很满意这平台的教学、指导、答疑、作业、检测流程。

Yvonne Li
Parent of Rhys Lin

He has grown to become more confident and happier

Superstar Teacher has a vibrant user-friendly interface that is really easy to navigate. The online lessons are very structured and detailed, with concepts well-explained in a manner that is easily understandable by the child. My son loves attending their online lessons and we can see a significant increase in his confidence level across various subjects, especially in Chinese. Prior to our subscription to Superstar Teacher, my child was very resistant to studying Chinese as that was his weakest subject. He found it frustrating and demoralizing as he could not understand the materials being taught and had difficulty keeping up with the pace in physical tuition classes. With Superstar Teacher, he was able to learn at his own pace and review his knowledge with the practice quizzes and assessments. With various difficulty levels available in each learning module, my son has gradually built up his knowledge as well as his confidence level. We are so happy to have found Superstar Teacher as a learning platform for our child! Not only had the grades of our child improved across all subjects, he had also grown to be a more confident and happier child. Thank you!

Edric Yong
P6, Bukit View Primary School

Improved from AL5 to AL1

Superstar Teacher’s online lessons have enhanced my learning experience through detailed explanations from the teachers. The teacher provided very useful examples for me to understand the concepts better. My grades have improved from AL5 to AL1 after going though the lessons and assessments daily. Superstar Teacher is a great platform for me to learn anytime and anywhere.

Er Bee Eng
Parent of Celine Low

I am able to pace her learning better

My child has special learning needs and when she was sent to attend expensive tuition classes, she would sit in class quietly and listen to the tutor. However, she could not remember what was taught in class and I would end up struggling every week trying to help her finish her tuition homework. With Superstar Teacher, I am able to pace her learning better by encouraging her to do more learning when there is less school homework and to work harder during the weekends or school holidays. The teachers provide very good explanations of key concepts for the various PSLE topics and I could learn them with my child. I am better able to help her as we work on the accompanying worksheets together because I have access to Superstar Teacher’s lesson content.

Choo KH
Parent of Alvin Chng

We would never get bored!

The experienced and humorous teachers keep my son wanting to watch the lessons. The teachers’ explanations are clear. Both Mr Ti and Mr Oh are good at teaching science. We enjoy viewing their lessons as they are always engaging and we would never get bored! During this June school holidays, my son will be stepping down from his CCA role as house captain and will be putting more of his time to go through Superstar Teacher’s lessons and attempt the assessments to better prepare for the upcoming prelim exams and the PSLE. It is reassuring to know that Superstar Teacher allows unlimited lesson playback for my son to revise in order to understand the difficult topics better. Another good feature that is useful are the pop-up quizzes embedded within the lesson clips that test students’ understanding of the concepts being taught before they progress to deeper and more in-depth learning. The topics covered are very detailed and comprehensive. The teachers would always share answering tips and useful examples to enforce my son’s understanding. He enjoys watching the teacher doing science experiments the most as some of these experiments have not been demonstrated in school during his science lessons and they are all very interesting. We love Superstar Teacher!

Jayden Kok
P6, Alexandra Primary School

Better than the teachers in school

I started using Superstar Teacher 3-4 years ago. Initially, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it as I couldn’t talk to anyone except the screen. Nevertheless, I gave it a try and lesson by lesson, I got to like the features more and more. The teachers’ explanations are super clear, even better than the teachers in school. My favourite Superstar Teachers are Mr Oh and Mrs Monica Leong. I like the way they explain each lesson and problems. The homework help feature is excellent. This function gives me access to immediate assistance from mentors online and has greatly helped me with my homework. Also, the rewarding of stars is a great way to encourage me to want to study more. Thank you, Superstar Teacher.