This course introduces students to basic scientific terms, skills and concepts to spark curiosity and interest in the learning of science and the environment around them. Lessons will be meaningful and enjoyable for students as inquiry-based strategies along with useful answering techniques will be imparted for them to grasp scientific facts and knowledge and do well in their first science examinations. Learning of Primary 3 Science will be based on the following themes – Diversity (living, non-living things, materials, classification of things), Cycles (life cycles of plants and animals), Systems (plant parts and function, and the human digestive system) and Interaction (magnets and their characteristics). Science concepts will be reinforced through the demonstration of experiments, quizzes and assessments.

Teacher Li-anne Sia

Being a born nurturer, Li-anne Sia knows how to locate unique gifts in every child to magnify their aptitudes. She spares no effort to make her lessons fun, as she aims to nurture lifelong learners who never stop imagining, exploring, and creating.

Ezav Leow En Jie
P4, Rulang Primary School

I use Superstar Teacher for my daily revision

Even since my parents signed me up for Superstar Teacher’s courses, I have been using the online platform for my daily revision. The online lessons not only help me gain a better understanding of the topics that my teachers have gone through in class, the auto-marking assessments also enable me to have more in depth understanding of the examination structure and questions that are expected to be tested. I have been enjoying the lessons very much and the teachers are able to explain difficult concepts in a simplified manner. The flexibility of the program is very good and I am able to access the lessons anytime and anywhere. I will continue to ask my parents to help me subscribe to Superstar Teacher’s courses.

Eve Tan
Parent of Ethan Low

Instant Homework Help feature is very useful

Upon subscribing to Superstar Teacher’s Science course, my child was able to catch up with the Primary 3 syllabus for Science. He is able to apply the techniques that he learned from the lessons both in school as well as everyday life. Ethan's favourite teacher is the English teacher Mrs Monica Leong. He enjoys her lessons very much as she always gives very good 'examples / analogies' related to the topic during the lesson. Also, the Instant Homework Help feature is extremely important and very useful. The response by the mentors when seeking for help is always fast and the explanations are very clear and well-illustrated.

Parent of Alana

Worksheets that came with the lessons were helpful

When Alana was in P3, I decided to sign up her up for Superstar Teacher’s P3 Science course as she was new to the subject. As her motivation for online learning was high, I knew she would take to this program well. True enough, I don’t have any difficulty getting her to sit through the video lessons on her own. The worksheets that come with the lessons were very helpful. I was pleasantly pleased with her year-end examination grade for Science. Of course, this would not have happened if there was no support from Superstar Teacher.

Cheryl Leo
Parent of Athena Tng

Homework Help feature managed to clear my doubts

Superstar Teacher has truly aided my children in their learning and school work. Although the video lessons are pre-recorded, the teachers can be quite humorous at times and that spark interest in my kids on the subjects. I also applaud the 'Homework Help' function that enables 'live' mentoring to homework issues that my child is facing. Furthermore, I feel that having daily practice along with the tracking function help parents like myself to monitor their progress. There is also a periodic progress report from Superstar Teacher to update parents on their kids' learning status. Finally, my children’s results can affirm that the program’s teaching and contents are aligned with MOE’s syllabus. Really thankful for such great programs that help support my children's learning. Lastly, I also want to mention that the online customer service (through live chat) was also prompt in supporting any technical issues. Overall, I will recommend Superstar Teacher as the solution to parents who are looking for an alternative to tuition classes.

Parent of Rui Yang

Busy working mother relied extensively on Superstar Teacher

My son has been using Superstar Teacher since P1, and he will be going to P4 next year. As a busy working mother, I relied extensively on Superstar Teacher lessons for my son’s exam revision. The lessons are well-designed, according to MOE syllabus. They provide systematic content guidelines, and the teachers delivered them in a very engaging way. The teachers also provide deeper insights on how to tackle exam questions, as well as tips on how to avoid common mistakes. It is very convenient, as my son can revise the lesson at anytime and anywhere. He can replay the lesson if he does not understand the concept. I can better support and track his progress using the mobile app’s Study Tracker as well. My son will continue to use Superstar Teacher in P4 for subjects including English, English Composition, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. I would like to thank all the Superstar teachers who have helped my son in his learning journey.

Serene Ng
Parent of Sng Yeo Bo

Aligned with MOE Syllabus

I discovered Superstar Teacher when sourcing for a programme to help my son cope with Science. The fact that their programme is in accordance to MOE syllabus and that my son can view the lessons at his own pace (repeatedly) attracted me to sign up for it. I am able to closely monitor my son’s progress and understand how he interacts during the lesson with the Study Tracker feature. I no longer have to rush my son for tuition lessons or worry that he is not paying attention in class. Superstar Teacher is an effective home-study programme and I am glad that my son did well in his Science exams.