In this course, students continue to refine their language and comprehension skills to help them score well in their examinations. They will go through guided practices on the following examinable components – Language Application (语文应用), Cloze Passage (短文填空), Complete the Dialogue (完成对话) and Comprehension (阅读理解). Students will build on their vocabulary and grammar skills through exposure to new characters and lessons on sentence construction. They will also learn how to read and analyse comprehension passages effectively and apply useful techniques to answer questions correctly. More practices are also available through auto-marking assessments.


方丽玲,在新加坡国立大学专修中文,并拥有新加坡南洋理工大学教育学院文凭(学士后教育文凭-小学华文, NIE)。除了拥有多年在新加坡小学的华文教学经验,她也是名资深媒体工作者。曾在本地新传媒电视和97.2 FM电台担任新闻编辑、记者和节目经理等职位。

Esther Zhang
Parent of Ong Shi Wen

Lessons are well-structured

I appreciate that Superstar Teacher provides a more flexible learning platform compared to tuition centers with the usual fixed schedules. The video lessons are well-structured and easy to understand, which I think attributed to Shi Wen’s consistently good results. She frequently uses the lessons to revise on topics she does not understand and the ease of repetition is especially useful for this purpose . Will definitely recommend Superstar Teachers as a form of supplementary learning to all students.

Cheryl Chong
P4, Rosyth School

Among top 3 in class and received an educational award for good progress

My mother bought me the 4 titles when I was having some difficulties with Maths and Science. Unlike tuition classes, these programmes are much cheaper, more flexible and interactive. My mother was able to track and monitor my progress and viewing time. The teachers gave meticulous and well-elaborated explanations, which were important for me. My grades had improved and I even received an educational award for my good progress and was among the top 3 in class.

Belle Song

Fruitful learning experience

I am doing Primary 4 English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science with Superstar Teachers. I have finished the languages programmes within 2 terms and I enjoyed them very much. As for Math and Science, I usually use them as a revision after my teacher has taught them in school. The learning experience with Superstar Teacher has been very fruitful and the lessons are very interesting! I have already asked my parents to buy the Primary 5 titles for me!