This course builds on the foundation set in Lower Primary as students reinforce prior knowledge and fine-tune skill proficiencies. They will learn to estimate answers in calculations involving the Four Operations, check reasonableness of answers as well as the concepts of Factor and Multiple. Students will be introduced to one of the key topics in Primary Mathematics – Decimals. They will learn about notation and place values, comparing and ordering decimals and conversion of a decimal to a fraction. Students will be also be familiarised with more concepts in Geometry (Area and Perimeter, Angles and Symmetry, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines) and Fractions (Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions and Fraction of A Set). They will be equipped with important heuristic strategies including Make Supposition, Grouping Method and Gap Method to solve 3-step word problems.

Teacher Monica Leong

Monica Leong appeared in MyHomeTutor™ Education Series, Blue Orange's range of educational software, in 2003 and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. An education veteran once said of her, "Monica really makes Mathematics come alive! She makes difficult Mathematics sums look easy." With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of the enterprise.

How to avoid falling into Questions' trap

I like how the teachers’ explanations are organised and easy to understand. There are a wide variety of questions in each lesson and I noticed that I can easily ace my school exams if I can solve those Superstar questions. In fact, I scored full marks for my Primary 3 Math (SA2). I tend to overlook the requirements for Science questions and often thought they were simple questions. Superstar Science teacher explore the depths of the question with us and teaches us the ways to avoid the traps of the questions. I also have more friends using Superstar Teacher with me now!

 Huang Tianai (P4, Stamford Primary School)

He takes initiative to revise and practise on his own

Shayden loves Science and the teacher Mr Oh who taught the subject is very engaging. He also praised the English and Maths teacher for delivering the lessons in a clear tone. He definitely loves the part where he can also earn stars and is able to click into any lesson he wishes to learn. As a parent, I like the embedded quizzes where the lesson will pause for a moment and get the student to answer some questions. I personally find this feature interactive as it will prompt them to be more alert and continue their learning in a engaging way. Since signing up, he has taken the initiative to revise and practise on his own. Thank you, Superstar Teacher.

 Gwendolin Chew (parent)

Lesson contents are really comprehensive and detailed

My child has been on Superstar Teacher’s learning platform for a year now, and with each lesson he was able to pick up something new that he had not learned before. At first, I was not sure if these online lessons would be able to answer all his questions, but the lesson contents are really comprehensive and detailed! The lessons and printed worksheets were instrumental in making sure he stayed the course and achieved his goals. It is really great how easy it is to use and manage the platform and I never have any problem at all. It is so simple. Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

 Karen Tan (parent)

I'm glad that I found Superstar Teacher

I started homeschooling my son last year and Superstar Teacher has been a great fit. To teach Math and Science to my 10-year-old son is a struggle as I’m not familiar with the syllabus. I’m glad that I found Superstar Teacher. My son is a slow learner. He needs a lot of repetitive explanation and practice. Whenever he is not clear about a particular topic, he will play the videos a few times. He is able to understand well and learn at his own pace.

 Tang How (parent)

Brings convenience to busy parents

Superstar Teacher has taught my daughters to study independently and brought a lot of convenience to busy parents like me. They enjoy viewing the lessons very much as they can recap and replay the lessons if they do not understand the concepts. Worksheets are also provided and my daughters will then review the lessons again for the second time to build on their foundation as the video lessons will provide the answers and explanations. Their results have also been very satisfying, all thanks to Superstar Teacher!

 Leny (parent)

My daughter is now used to online learning

I was struggling to find a good tuition centre for my child in P3 when a fellow mummy introduced me to Superstar Teacher. I am so glad she did. My child was struggling with Math in school as she felt the teacher was going at too fast a pace for her. After using Superstar Teacher, she can now tackle math problems easily as the explanations are clear and she gets to practice them using the “5 Minutes A Day” exercises. She has also feedback that her school teachers usually spend a good amount of time trying to quieten down the class and this disrupts learning time. Whereas for Superstar teachers, they are able to just go straight into teaching the topics. It has also been a lifesaver during this troubled times of the COVID-19 virus, as she is now so used to online learning.

 Aileen (parent)