This course covers all aspects of PSLE Mathematics to help students ace their PSLE. Students will be introduced to two key mind-boggling topics in Primary Mathematics – Speed and Circles. For Speed, students will learn gain skills and techniques to answer common exam questions involving speed and rate of speed. For Circles, students will get to learn the Jigsaw and Superimposed methods to solve challenging questions. There will be a variety of Topical Booster Lessons focusing on FDRP (Fractions, Decimals, Ratio and Percentage) to expose students to the different types of challenging questions they may face in examinations. It has been a common feedback among parents that questions covered in this course have appeared regularly in their children’s preliminary exams and the PSLE.

Teacher Monica Leong

Monica Leong appeared in MyHomeTutor™ Education Series, Blue Orange's range of educational software, in 2003 and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. An education veteran once said of her, "Monica really makes Mathematics come alive! She makes difficult Mathematics sums look easy." With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of the enterprise.

Jayden Kok
P6, Alexander Primary School

Better than the teachers in school

I started using Superstar Teacher 3-4 years ago. Initially, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it as I couldn’t talk to anyone except the screen. Nevertheless, I gave it a try and lesson by lesson, I got to like the features more and more. The teachers’ explanations are super clear, even better than the teachers in school. My favourite Superstar Teachers are Mr Oh and Mrs Monica Leong. I like the way they explain each lesson and problems. The homework help feature is excellent. This function gives me access to immediate assistance from mentors online and has greatly helped me with my homework. Also, the rewarding of stars is a great way to encourage me to want to study more. Thank you, Superstar Teacher.

YT Soon
P6, Lian Hua Primary School

Helped me tackle challenging questions

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Teacher Monica Leong for rendering her guidance in Math to me. Her classes taught me a lot in understanding the different Mathematical concepts. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand. These helped me to tackle challenging questions. I strongly recommend her lessons as they did help to improve my grades.

Parent of Cheryl Teo Xin Nin

Shown improvement in her studies

I found that Superstar Teacher has helped my child to learn at her own pace. It was an online course that attracted my child 100%. The lessons can be replayed at our convenience to recap the concepts and they are designed in a very interactive way. My child has enjoyed the program so much and has gained more confidence in her English, Maths, and Science. She is able apply answering techniques taught in the Superstar Teacher lessons and has shown improvement in her studies. The questions within the auto-marking assessments are curated in a systematic manner according to the MOE curriculum. Having the different difficulty levels helps children to build some foundation first and to progress confidently without fail. Thanks, Superstar Teacher and we have signed up for the next school level.

Zach Chia
P6, Radin Mas Primary School

I am confident of doing well in my PSLE

Time really flies and I have been with Superstar Teacher for almost 3 years already! Superstar Teacher has become a daily part of my learning journey, reinforcing what I have learnt in school, as well as providing interesting insights on top of what I have learnt. The lessons are well structured with quizzes to serve as checkpoints in my learning journey. Superstar Teacher also updates the content from time to time so that the lessons are according to the latest school syllabus. The great thing about Superstar Teacher is that the resources will always be there and I can revisit any topic that I need to revise. This year is my PSLE year and I am confident that I will do well in my PSLE with Superstar Teacher!

Li Ruiqi
P6, Raffles Girls' Primary School

My grades have improved a lot

The lessons in Superstar Teacher are very interesting! One thing I like best is that unlike other tuition classes, Superstar Teacher’s lessons can be replayed as many times as you want so that you can fully understand the content. In Math, Teacher Monica gives detailed explanations and fast yet easy to understand methods. My grades have improved a lot since I commenced on the Superstar Teacher courses! Thank you!

Elise Chan
P6, Rivervale Primary School

Great help in my PSLE preparation

I really like Superstar Teacher as it has helped me a lot not only in school work, but also in my PSLE preparation. The Math and Science lessons were especially helpful to me. Sometimes in class, I couldn’t really understand what the teacher has taught. However, after watching Superstar Teacher’s Math and Science lessons, my understanding for each topic grew a lot and I could complete my homework without difficulties. As for my PSLE preparation, I could even pick the topics I was weak in and keep replaying the lessons until I was familiar with them. Furthermore, Superstar Teacher has allowed me to study anytime, anywhere (especially at the comfort of my own home), any topic and I’m also able to replay lessons as many times as I want! Overall, Superstar Teacher was a great help to me and was also super convenient.