In this course, students will hone their language skills in areas such as reading, speaking, writing and listening. They will learn how to apply useful techniques and strategies to solve Cloze Passages and answer different types of Comprehension questions. In terms of writing, students will get to practice and pick up tips on Functional Writing (电邮) and Essay Writing (记叙文, 说明文), such as the proper formatting for the different forms of writing, analysing topics and making writing plans. They will also get to improve on their grammar skills through guided practices (词语练习) on sentence construction and grammar rules. Lessons also include spelling tests and introduction to new idioms (成语) and proverbs (俗语) for students to boost their vocabulary. Students will also gain a greater appreciation of the language through Chinese poetry and understanding Chinese novels.


张凌雪,硕士研究生学历,主修汉语言文学专业, 并对华文有着深入的研究。参与编写新加坡中学华文课件多年, 熟悉教育部的最新出题格式。了解中学生需掌握的知识点, 能够将复杂难懂的知识转变成有趣易懂的内容,让学生明白并掌握。

Ray Er
S2, Tampines Secondary School

Flexible and stress-free learning

Learning via Superstar Teacher has provided me with more flexibility in terms of time management as Superstar Teacher's videos can be replayed, unlike tuition lessons where there is a fixed duration (eg. 1h, 2h etc). Breaks can be taken in between videos and I don't feel stressed out most of the time. The videos are rich in information and whenever I don't understand a part, I can rewind back to the question that I had a doubt in.