In this course, students continue to develop logical reasoning and creative thinking skills as they gain competencies in critical mathematical processes. Students will master new topics including Proportion, Congruence and Similarity, Mensuration, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Trigonometry and Probability. Concepts in Quadratic Functions will be introduced as students learn how to plot graphs of quadratic functions graphs and employ important techniques to solve challenging (up to 8 marks) quadratic word problems. They will get to learn more advanced concepts in Data Handling such as finding out the mean, mode and median for statistical diagrams (dot diagrams and stem-and-leaf diagrams). Students will also learn how to solve simultaneous equations using various techniques (i.e. elimination, substitution and graphical). Topical revision (including revision of key Secondary 1 topics), application questions and additional assessments are available throughout the course for students to reinforce concepts and test their understanding.

Teacher Johan Foong

Mr Foong is a success story. Once a struggling student in his early years, he worked his way to junior college, then university, and ultimately, a stellar career. Today, Mr Foong is a true-blue veteran of the education industry, with a portfolio ranging from editorship and curriculum development to teaching. His personal academic journey means he knows exactly what difficulties students face, and makes him a powerful presence in the classroom. Everyone loves a success story. Superstar Teacher is confident that under Mr Foong's guidance, many new success stories will be created.

Bernard Tok
S2, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

Money worth spending

The lessons are very clear to understand and the worksheets are a great help to revise things taught in the lessons. The explanations given by the teachers to answer questions are very straightforward and easy to understand. I will definitely continue to use Superstar Teacher throughout secondary school. Overall, the money was worth spending!

Parent of Shivani Aiyappan

Saves time traveling to tuition centers

Shivani has shown good progress in her marks after starting with Superstar Teacher. She was in an international school until P4. Superstar Teacher helped her a lot during the transition from an international to a local school. It has saved her the travelling time to tuition centers and she can also view the lessons multiple times. I have been subscribing to Superstar Teacher every year for Shivani from P5 to Secondary 2. Ms Regina at the Popular bookstore (Tampines outlet) has been very helpful. Thank you so much to all the teachers of Superstar Teacher as they are really superstars.

Lena Liu
Parent of Zhiguang

We like the Homework Help feature the most

Superstar Teacher has been a great help and stress relief for both parents and child alike. There is peace of mind knowing that we can refer to Superstar Teacher’s lessons anytime when we need to clarify a concept together or when the child gets stuck with his schoolwork. The video lessons are of high quality, smooth running and well-aligned with the school syllabus, and they provided a lot of content to hone exam skills. One of the features that we like the most is the Homework Help, which is an interactive Q&A that keeps learning alive and helps the child stay focused. Definitely a trusted resource to fall back on for the upcoming streaming exams! Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

Sarah Tang
S2, Tanjong Katong Girls' School

I find it easy to revise for exams

I found the lessons very educational. Mr Foong's teaching is very easy to understand. His examples are useful in helping me grasp the fundamentals as well as learn to do more difficult problems after knowing the principles. He breaks down the Sec 2 Maths syllabus into many topics and explains each topic in detail by showing how to solve the problems. He goes through a comprehensive set of questions to cover all question types that may appear in the exams. I find it easy to revise for my exams as I learn with Superstar Teacher. I feel confident and well prepared to face all my assessments. Thank you, Mr Foong. Thank you, Superstar Teacher.

Rajkumar Ishwariya
S2, Chua Chu Kang Secondary School

Thankful to have the Superstar Teacher program to guide me in my studies

Superstar Teacher has played a big part in helping me to achieve flying colours in my SA2 by scoring A’s. Science is my weakest subject and yet, I managed to score an A*. That is what happened for English too. l find that the Superstar Teacher Science lessons are more detailed than what is being taught and explained in school. Therefore, I highly recommend Superstar Teacher! Special thanks to Mrs Leong for explaining the Science concepts in her lessons very clearly and for keeping her teaching methods simple and understandable. No amount of words can describe how thankful I am to have the Superstar Teacher program to guide me in my studies.

Helen Chia
Parent of Grace Lim

My daughter is able to attempt challenging questions confidently

My daughter has been using Superstar Teacher diligently for a year. She enjoys all the lessons immensely as they are both interesting and engaging. The lessons are clear and well-structured too. The program is so flexible that she can revise her lessons anytime of the day. For those topics that she is weak in, she will replay the lessons several times until she can grasp the concepts well. As a result, she's able to attempt more challenging questions with confidence. With Superstar Teacher’s help, Grace has improved significantly in her Science, Mathematics and English results. I would highly recommend Superstar Teacher to any student who needs to improve his or her grades.