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Why Superstar Teacher?

Learn anytime,

Learn what you want, when you want, from our entire course library based entirely on latest Singapore MOE syllabus.

Expert teachers

Watch and learn from top subject experts who are passionate about teaching.

Exam-oriented content

Our curriculum team examined hundreds of school exam papers to customise our teaching specially towards conquering these exams.

Downloadable Worksheets

All lessons come with downloadable worksheet. Solutions are either provided in downloadable pdf files or presented by Superstar Teachers in videos.

On-the-go learning

Watch from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Pause and rewind as you choose.

We are parents too

We are parents too. We know our children are often tested on questions and concepts that are not covered in class. We develop Superstar Teacher to make sure these gaps are covered.

Brand Ambassador

Superstar Teacher


Tan Jun Sheng

one of Singapore's hottest rising young stars, as our brand ambassador!

Jun Sheng's portfolio includes popular prime-time hits like 球在你脚下 (World at Your Feet), 我是阿礼恩 (Alien), 芝麻小侦探 (The Little Detective) and 三个愿 望 (Three Wishes).

Hear from the leading boy himself on how Superstar Teacher helps him balance the challenges of school work with his busy filming schedule.

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2014 top PSLE scorer in school with an aggregate of 267!

"Science has always been my weakest subject among all four. Whenever I read the textbooks or listen to my teacher's explanation, I just could not grasp the point and often walk out of the room clueless. My Science marks dropped and I was desperate to get help.

Then, my mother was introduced to Superstar Teacher. As I watched the trial videos, I managed to understand the concepts better as the teachers were more detailed in their explanation and there were added humour to it. Thus, my mother bought the set and I watched the lessons every week.

With concised notes and worksheets, I can better understand the Science concepts and am able to apply them to the various questions I encountered.

Also, whenever I do not understand, I can just replay that part over and over again till I get the facts right. This is something our Science teachers can't do! Not forgetting the 5-minutes-a-day questions which test me on my understanding of the topic. After doing it, I can watch the next video to check my answers and learn how to phrase it better. The teachers also taught me scientific terms to use as well as terms and knowledge taught at secondary level. Indeed, Superstar Science has helped me improve my science grade from a low A(80) to an A*.

Superstar Math has also strengthened my Mathematics skill and thinking. The questions are placed into different levels, starting from easy ones to more challenging ones. These questions tests my understanding of the topic and the teacher teaches us new ways to solve it. Thus, my Math improved a lot after learning the different techniques to conquer the questions."

- Yuxin (P6, Qihua Primary School)

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