This course provides students the knowledge and skills needed to ace a key component of their English examinations – Synthesis and Transformation. Along with examples, they will learn to identify the cause and effect in sentences and make use of prepositions and conjunctions to manipulate and connect sentences together. They will also learn how to handle different types of transformation such as forming reported speech, changing active words to their passive form and turning adjectives into nouns. Besides learning about the common errors to avoid, students will also be guided through extensive practices throughout the course.

Teacher Brendan Buxton

Brendan Buxton, also known as the "Teacher-Of-Teachers", almost needs no introduction. His impressive teaching career has spanned the globe, including 9 years at the National Institute of Education (NIE), where he groomed Singapore's next generation of budding teachers. He has written the English curriculum for SIM's Certificate in English Language programme, for which he is Module Leader. He also teaches English and American Literature at SIM University. His characteristic charisma, natural sense of humour and outstanding credentials make him a real treat in the Superstar Teacher family.

Enjoy learning via video lessons

Superstar Teacher save a lot of our time and effort going back and forth to tuition centres. The tips and ways to solve Math questions shared from Superstar Teacher are also better than what I get from my tuition classes. I actually enjoy learning this way (via video lessons) and I like how I can repeatedly view the lessons for my weaker topics. After using Superstar Teacher, I achieved 2nd in class for the first time in my primary education! My mother likes this programme too because she can still track my progress via the study tracker feature without supervising my revision.

 Qi Qianhao (P6, Woodgrove Primary School)

I am confident of doing well in my PSLE

Time really flies and I have been with Superstar Teacher for almost 3 years already! Superstar Teacher has become a daily part of my learning journey, reinforcing what I have learnt in school, as well as providing interesting insights on top of what I have learnt. The lessons are well structured with quizzes to serve as checkpoints in my learning journey. Superstar Teacher also updates the content from time to time so that the lessons are according to the latest school syllabus. The great thing about Superstar Teacher is that the resources will always be there and I can revisit any topic that I need to revise. This year is my PSLE year and I am confident that I will do well in my PSLE with Superstar Teacher!

 Zach Chia (P6, Radin Mas Primary School)

Superstar Teacher is my weapon in learning

I have been using Superstar Teacher since Primary 3 and find this program extremely useful as it teaches me things way beyond what my school taught me. With the interesting Science teacher Mr Ti and skilled Maths teacher Mrs Monica Leong, my Maths and Science grades have always maintained top in class. I've learned better with Superstar Teacher's cool Science experiment demonstrations in the video lessons, which have also made me change my views on studying online. Now, learning Math and Science have become my hobby. I am taking the PSLE this year and with Superstar Teacher as my weapon, I am ready to fight the battle with confidence!

 Huang Tianai (P6, Stamford Primary School)

My grades have improved a lot

The lessons in Superstar Teacher are very interesting! One thing I like best is that unlike other tuition classes, Superstar Teacher’s lessons can be replayed as many times as you want so that you can fully understand the content. In Math, Teacher Monica gives detailed explanations and fast yet easy to understand methods. My grades have improved a lot since I commenced on the Superstar Teacher courses! Thank you!

 Li Ruiqi (P6, Raffles Girls' Primary School)

Useful for PSLE preparation

We had subscribed to the P5 and P6 Science titles as supplementary practice for our kid. With the videos, online practice and homework help, he was able to maintain consistent results without having to go for tuition. The lessons were very useful for his PSLE preparation, especially during Circuit Breaker and Phase 2.

 Henry (parent)

Well-structured lessons

My daughter enjoys the video lessons because Superstar Teacher has made them very engaging. The explanations are clear and easy to understand. The online lessons are well-structured and enable flexible time management. The platform is effective and user-friendly. The whole learning experience is interesting. With the reward system in place, my daughter is more excited to learn and earning the rewards gives her a sense of accomplishment. Thank you!

 Lim Soo Shian (parent)