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Helps me get ahead of school curriculum

This is my first time using Superstar Teacher. The platform has been highly useful for me as it helps me get ahead of the school curriculum with the online lessons. The Auto-Marking Assessments helps to test my understanding and is also one of my resources for revision. I really like the question-asking function called Instant Homework Help which allows me to ask questions and get immediate explanations from online mentors. I can also ask further if I need further clarification and the mentors are always very patient and thorough in explaining.

'Patch up' my learning gaps

Superstar Teacher’s Chemistry course was a great tool in my studies. When I miss something out in a school lesson or feel unclear about some concepts, Superstar Teacher will help 'patch up' the learning gaps and clear the doubts I have. Moreover, as Superstar Teacher can be accessed on the internet, I am able to view the lessons whenever and wherever. The convenience helps me save precious time to study for the upcoming O levels. Last but not least, the Chemistry teacher Miss Selena See is very lively. One will never fall asleep during her lessons, especially when there is an experiment involved. Therefore, I highly recommend these lessons to all parents who want to help their children.

Superstar Teacher is really a fun way to learn

I have been using Superstar Teacher since Primary 3 and I like how the lessons are conducted. The video lessons are interesting and I am able to relate to what I have learnt in school. The topics are structured in a very organised manner and I am able to go back to any topic that I want to revise on, especially my weaker topics. After the lessons, I can attempt the assessments to test my understanding. I really like this self-help approach in learning as I am able to learn at my own pace. Superstar Teacher is really a fun way to learn and I will definitely recommend Superstar Teacher to my friends!

Success Stories
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