Achieved her breakthrough and scored A*

Zhi Jun was scoring As for her Math (81) and Science (78) when she was in Primary 3. She embarked on Superstar Teacher program this year and by faithfully attending the online video lessons and doing the assigned homework, Zhi Jun achieved her breakthrough and scored A* for both her Math (97) and Science (92) in her recent SA1 exams!

Zhi Jun
P4, Poi Ching School

255 for PSLE

Angie grew up in America and joined Nanyang Primary School when she returned for home for her Singapore education starting from Primary 3 and was away again for part of Primary 4 and 5. Superstar Teacher helped her to catch up with the rigour of Singapore education and in particular at Nanyang Primary School. She achieved 255 for PSLE and is now studying at National Junior College.

P6, Nanyang Primary School

3 A* and 1 A for PSLE

Meng Chen has been viewing Superstar Teacher lessons diligently from Primary 5 to Primary 6.

She has just shared with us her terrific PSLE score of 263 with 3 A* and 1 A!!! With such outstanding achievements, she can definitely get into the choice of her dream school.

WELL DONE MENG CHEN!! We wish her all the best in the selection of her secondary school.

Meng Chen
P6, Anchor Green Primary School
More great reviews from our customers

All Band 1s for SA2

Bounteous congratulations to Nicholas for attaining 4 Band 1s for his SA2 exams!

We wish that you will continue to benefit on your next journey with our Primary 5 Superstar Teachers.

Nicholas (Gongshang Primary School)

Many thanks to Superstar teachers!

"Thank you teacher Monica, teacher Constance and Mr Low. Thank you for teaching me so many techniques to deal with different types of questions. I will continue to do my best in my studies!"

Keep up the good work Mico! We are very proud of your achievements!

Mico (Palm View Primary School)

Impressive! 258 for PSLE!

Another piece of GOOD news from Jessica who is sharing her PSLE results with us!

Jessica scored an aggregate of 258 consisting of 2 A* for both English and Science and 2 A for both Chinese and Math.

She would like to give a big Thank YOU to all Superstar Teachers for preparing her for her PSLE with the tip top strategies during the revision lessons, especially from the intensive drill questions found in the last 5 lessons.

Jessica is a positive role model for our Superstarians! We hope her results can motivate those who are taking their PSLE in 2016! We wish her all the best in the selection of her secondary school.

Jessica Ti (River Valley Primary School)

Huge improvement in SA2 Results

We are pleased to hear from our Superstarian again! Keerthana had shared with us her progress in her studies and we are so proud of her!

"I find Mrs Leong's composition lessons very entertaining and enlightening! With the tips taught by her, my composition marks improved from 44/55 to 50.5/55 during my SA2! Besides, Mrs Leong's English lessons equipped me with skills I could use in my examination and together with Mr Brendan Buxton's skills for synthesis and transformation; they boosts my English from 64 in my SA1 to 75.5 in my SA2. By the way, I scored full marks for the synthesis and transformation component!

Ms Chen was also very proficient in her teaching. With her help under Superstar Teacher Programme, I managed to score 91 for Science in my CA2.

Currently, I am using the PSLE lessons to aid me in my upcoming PSLE. I hope that Superstar Teacher comes up with a science Programme for secondary school students."

Keerthana Kailasam

Achieving As in all her subjects

Thank you for sharing with us your SA2 results. Yu Shi scored 98, 90.5 and 80.5 for Math, Science and English respectively.

We are very proud of your achievements! Your hard work has been paid off so do enjoy the fruits of your labour. Well done Yeong Yu Shi!

Yeong Yu Shi (P5, Poi Ching Primary School)

4th in Class!

Thumbs up to Tyra for getting 4th in class! Can't remember Tyra? She made a brief appearance with her elder sister, Victoria, in our testimonial video last year. Keep up the good work Tyra!

Tyra (P4)

Above 40 Marks Improvement In Math!

I was so worried for Jadrien when he came home with 36/100 for his P3 SA1 Math's result. Then I chanced upon Superstar Teacher and decided to give the program a try. I made it a point to sit down with Jadrien, at least 1 hour a day, to view the lessons. After viewing, he would complete the 5 M.A.D homework questions before proceeding to the next lesson. He would revisit the lesson and revised until he was able to solve the question.

Mrs Stacie Phua really explained the Math questions well, I have also benefited from this program as I learnt many problem sums solving tactics!

We were all very happy when Jadrien came home with 78/100 for his SA2 Math! It was so amazing, a 42 marks improvement! Because of his remarkable improvement, the school awarded him the excellence award for his Math achievement."

Joyce Wong, mother of Jadrien
(P3, Greendale Primary School)

From 60 to 90, to 252 in PSLE!

Ms Ong is one satisfied parent and excited to share with us her son's huge improvement in Math - from 60 in SA1 to 90 in SA2. Nigel achieved an aggregate score of 252 for his PSLE in 2014!

"Nigel managed to complete almost all the 40 lessons after he started viewing in June. From the lessons, he learnt many interesting techniques and problem-solving methods from our Superstar Teacher, Mrs Monica Leong," she exclaimed.

Kelly Ong, mother of Nigel
(P4, Nan Chiau Primary School)

From 68 to 92

I found the lessons interesting because the teachers helped me to learn Math and Science concepts to use for my PSLE. My exams improved a lot due to Superstar Teacher. For example my Math results improved from mid-term exam 68 marks to Prelims 92 marks since starting Superstar!

Using Superstar Teacher is great because it's like having your own home tuition teacher or school teacher anytime of the day, and learning at my own pace. It is the best educational tool ever! I wish you will have it for secondary school too because I know I can benefit from it as I did for my PSLE.

Zoe Lim
(P6, Chongfu Primary School)

Math, English And Science Increased By Leaps And Bounds

I found that the Math lessons were the most efficient. Teacher Monica explained the strategies and techniques very clearly. I learnt many new ways of answering problem sums. In my exams, I could even find questions not taught by my school teacher but taught by Teacher Monica. My Math also increased by leaps and bounds this year, all thanks to Superstar Teacher.

For English, I used to be very afraid of Cloze passage and Comprehension. However, after listening to Teacher Monica's lessons, I found that there are many clues in the passage that can lead me to the answers.

For Science, the lessons not only include P5 topics but also a recap of P3 and P4 ones. Teacher Constance explained the concepts and answering techniques very clearly. For my SA2, I only had 4 marks deducted for Section B (Open-ended questions). All thanks to Teacher Constance!

Zelia Teo (P5)

Grateful Parents

Since 2012, I saw remarkable confidence gained and improvement in my second son, Christopher, in P4 Science. After the first few lessons with Superstar Teacher, Mr Low, he began to love Science and 'attended lessons' 2 to 3 times everyday. Now in his busy P6 schedule, whenever he has doubts about any topic, he would turn on Superstar Teacher.

In 2013 UNSW Global competition, he was the top 19% of P5 participants in Singapore. In the same year, he was among the few students selected by the school to join the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad organised by NUS High School of Mathematics & Science. Hand in hand with dedicated Superstar Teachers, who have now become part of my family's everyday life, I want to say a big 'THANK YOU' for making learning so easy and effective. I am grateful to you.

Nancy, mother of Christopher
(P6, Edgefield Primary School)

98/100 for both Math and Science

The real pressure started when Serra was in Primary 3. Questions were tougher and I started to search for a Science tuition centre, but she would feedback that the teachers were not explaining well. For Math, problem sums were getting tougher and when I asked my cousins to help explain the problem sums, they gave outdated model drawings or cannot solve some of them.

This is where we chanced upon Superstar Teacher. She loves Teacher Constance from P3 Superstar (Science) and finds her teaching fun and engaging. The explanations are very clear and detailed.

We continued Serra with Superstar Teacher when she progressed to Primary 4 and let her schedule her learning with P4 Superstar Math and Science independently. We were all very happy when she came home with 98/100 for both Math and Science in this SA1.

Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

Madam Hui Peng, mother of Serra

A medal for a dyslexic child who was struggling in school

My current P6 girl got this medal today. For best improvement in her results during P5.

Though she only passed English and failed a little for Math. and Science. Being a dyslexic and struggling in school greatly, this is really a great encouragement for her.

I regretted not getting to know Superstar earlier, only exposed to the packages when she was in the midst of P5.

Linda Yue

My girl has improved by a whopping 29 marks (54 to 83)!

A big Thank You to the great people who made this excellent program available to clueless parents like me (I'm lousy in Science & can't explain well).

My girl has improved by a whopping 29 marks (54 to 83) for last yr P3 science. Of course it's not without constant revision. She has to revise 2-3 times for each topic & we meant watch the video, do the worksheet, watch the video, do the worksheet etc....yes mummy printed at least 3 copies for each worksheet. Guess the effort has paid off for us! without hesitation, we sign up for P4 science towards the end of last year. Luckily at P4, she's still able to get above 80 solely from this program.

I'm surprised that no parent has ever recommended this program to us. My girl adore the P3 Science teacher because she's so funny. Her lessons are lively & very very clear. Even mummy can understand. Yes, I sit through the video with her for some of the lessons. Otherwise quite tough to mark her worksheet. We have to put in some effort to see results too.

I didn't rely a lot on the Math program though so I shall not comment but this year we bought both Science & Math subscription. I will reserve my comments till the end of the year. We have also recently bought the P4 English lessons. So far, my girl has enjoyed the lessons too. Teachers are pretty engaging too I also like the fact that the teachers will also explain how the marks are awarded for the open-ended questions.

Georgina Lo

Improvement in all subjects!

I used to do badly in all my subjects previously. After viewing all the lessons of Superstar English, Math and Science, in 1 term, my Math improved more than 30 mark, Science more than 10, English more than 10 and my Mother tongue more than 20 marks.

Michael Adel

From a Homeschooling family: Thank you Superstar Teacher for helping our family. We are deeply grateful.

I've always heard, and seen Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstores and was intrigued. Yet, I never fully stopped to enquire about the program as I felt my children were already equipped in school.

However, things took a different turn when we embarked on homeschooling in 2014. We base our homeschooling education on an American Christian curriculum and were pleased that they were no longer spending all their time studying for the sake of passing exams. However, as Singaporeans, they weren't exempted from the Primary School Leaving Examination in P6. We still had to face that challenge. Fortunately, it now wasn't a life-or-death sentence issue; instead it became simply a milestone for us. Still, it was a huge stone nonetheless.

My homeschooling peers who had prepared their children for PSLE in previous years highly recommended Superstar Teacher to our family whenever we broached the topic of PSLE. It suited our family as we did not want to spend our time shuttling between enrichment classes; also, we loved the flexibility of the own-time-own-target format of the lessons. Most importantly, it gave my children a glimpse of the current education system without being fully immersed in it so that we could be kept current on the ever-changing formats and expectations. We took the plunge in 2015 and committed our finances and time to it. My children spend an average of an hour daily on the videos and assignments and have developed the confidence of tackling challenging questions of various subjects.

As a former educator, I am pleased to acknowledge that the teachers explain complex concepts very well. Also, they are very engaging. Indeed, the overall presentation captivates my children's attention. I was pleasantly surprised when my children affectionately addressed one of the Superstar Teachers as her teacher! However, my cheeky son would sometimes be distracted by other factors in the videos, such as drilling noises in the background or simply the teachers' endearing quirks!

All in all, I'm glad that we embarked on this road of facing the MOE exams with Superstar Teacher. I hope that we will be able to continue this journey especially when my children will face the P4 and P6 exams next year.

Thank you Superstar Teacher for helping our family. We are deeply grateful.

The Teo Family

Superstar Teachers gave him more than just tips to pass PSLE.

First and foremost, a BIG Thank You. I must admit I was skeptical during the initial stages when I signed up for the Science and Maths package for my youngest son. That was back in Apr this year. It was sort of last resort to beef up his foundation in his Science and Maths subjects. However, over the months and term tests, both my wife and I noticed the changes in his approach in answering the subject questions.

I guess, the significant changes noticeable was in his Prelim results and of course, his 3As (science included) and B (Maths) were the achievement highlights of the PSLE results. I strongly believe, his time spent on the online classes in Superstar Teacher Science and Maths provided him the strong grasp of the subject contents and more importantly the confidence in attempting the questions with the coaching styling I has seen over the several modules in Science and Maths while keeping an eye on Matthias during his evening revision time.

The change from a sulking face having to power-up the PC for the courses (in the initial stages) to an automatic daily revision for both Science and Maths by Matthias over the last month prior to PSLE is definitely an indication to me Superstar Teachers gave him more than just tips to pass PSLE.

One last word, Well Done Superstar Teachers and a Big Thank You.

Matthias Tan

Mother and son, learning together.

When Daphne found Superstar Teacher for her son, Yi Shien, SA1 examinations were just around the corner. With preparation time running out, mother and son accomplished a remarkable feat: they finished Superstar Teacher Lesson 1 to Lesson 20 within 3 days!

It turned out to be "mother knows best", rather than the act of a desperate mother.

Daphne immediately noticed a difference in Yi Shien's answers to Science open-ended questions: clearer and more systematic. Thanks to Teacher Constance's great tip on how marks are allocated in these questions, Yi Shien now knows how to answer smartly, not just correctly, to gain marks. Praises also rang for P3 Superstar (Math). Like most parents, Daphne often has the answer to Math problems but is at a loss how to explain the workings to her son. Viewing the lessons along with Yi Shien, Daphne is now in tune with the latest current methods of problem-solving and more equipped than ever to help her son!

Daphne Chan, mother of Tan Yi Shien
(P3, Wellington Primary School)

Improved from 73 to 93!

From SA1 to Prelim, my results for Math improved from 73 to 93! I'm so glad to all of you as there are some challenging questions that appeared in the Prelim that are similar to those taught in the lessons.

Lim Xiang Long

Thank you for being with me from Primary 4 to 6.

Hi Superstar Teacher I know this is very late but thank you for being with me from P4 to P6. I am currently Sec 1 and in my dream school, Crescent Girls' School. Once again thank you so much and I hope that that Superstar Secondary would come out soon.

Foo See Yee

Achieved 94 marks for the first time!

Thank you Superstar Teacher Monica Leong because I have achieved 94 marks for my Math exams! I am so overjoyed by this as I didn't get a band 1* before! Thank you!

Jeremy Tok

Big fans of Superstar Teacher!

Delle takes joy in watching P4 Superstar (Math) with her mother every day. Mum Zoe can't be more pleased. "Delle is now loving Math! She likes to challenge herself with difficult problem sums and is more enthusiastic than ever for the subject!"

Delle is not alone. Zoe has become a big fan of the programme too and especially of Superstar Teacher Mrs Leong. "I've learned a lot of problem-solving methods from Mrs Leong in the lessons. I feel my Math skills has sharpened as a result! Since Math is only going to get tougher each year, it is good for me to learn the methods so I can help Delle when needed," she shares.

Zoe Kara Yeow, mother of Delle Seah Kai Ning
(P4, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School)

Elated to see great score for Math and Science.

"WOW!" was the first word Mrs Tan exclaimed when asked how she felt about Superstar Teacher.

When Charmaine brought home her SA1 results, Mrs Tan was elated to see a score of 84 for Math and 86 for Science. That is a leap of over 20 marks from CA1 results in just three short months!

With concised notes and worksheets, I can better understand the Science concepts and am able to apply them to the various questions I encountered.

Mrs Tan explained, "Charmaine not only understands Superstar lessons in P5 Superstar (Math) and Superstar (Science), she can relate and apply the methods to her assignments and exams. I watch and learn the lessons along with my daughter! With tough questions often appearing on her school papers, knowing how to solve these questions prepares Charmaine well for her exams and makes her revision very effective!

Lynn Tan, mother of Charmaine Tan Xiang Ying (P5)

A* for PSLE Math!

When Tracy chanced upon PSLE Superstar (Math) in June 2011, her P6 daughter was struggling for a good grade in Math. Stefanie was getting 60s in her Math tests and examinations, despite attending extensive tuition. The breakthrough came when Stefanie began online video lessons with Superstar Teacher Monica Leong. Following the programme, Stefanie managed to surpass all expectations and score A* in her PSLE Math. She has never looked back!

Tracy, mother of Stefanie (P6)

88 For Math and 81 For Science

I have great news Superstar Teacher! I scored 88 for my Math SA2 and 81 for my Science SA2.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the lessons as they really helped me achieve my high score! May your other students benefit as much as I have from your lessons. A big THANK YOU again, Superstar Teacher!

Bryan Leung
(P4, Mee Toh Primary School)

Full marks for Section A & B of Math paper.

My daughter is overjoyed with her SA2 Math results! She scored 90 marks, a great improvement from her SA1 results of 61 marks! Her school teacher was impressed with her improvement. She scored full marks for Section A & B. I must really thank Mrs Monica Leong for being such an excellent teacher. Her explanations and concepts are clear and detailed. Her examples and working are also relevant to the current syllabus. I must also attribute that my daughter was very disciplined and motivated. She would go log on, go through the lesson and print out the worksheet to try out and practice. Her hard work and diligent really paid off! Well done to the Superstar Teachers team!

Mrs Soh, mother of Michelle Soh
(P4, Raffles Girls Primary School)

Failed, but now, 1st in class!

I failed my Math last year but now I am 1st in class because I watched Superstar lessons everyday. Thank you so much Superstar Teacher!

Victoria Liew (P3)

Tuition didn't help but Superstar Teacher did!

A special cheer for Superstar Teacher: Superstar Teacher is A-W-E-S-O-M-E Awesome (clap clap) Awesome (clap clap)! A-W-E-S-O-M-E Awesome (clap clap) Awesome (clap clap)!

From P1-P4, I never had a band one or any good results for my Math subject. After I got to know about Superstar Teacher, when my mom bought it for me to try out during the start of a new P5 year, I improved so much! I got a drastic improvement from 37 - 94 marks (an improvement of 57 marks!) I tried all kinds of tuition but it didn't work except for Superstar Teacher. I will continue to be a supporter of yours!

Didier Goh (P5)

Science improved from 78 to 90!

What I like most about the program is that we can always return to previous lessons to recap some of the points that we might have missed out. Gladys enjoys Science lesson the most and always shares with me the interesting facts that she had learnt from Teacher Constance. This allows Gladys to strengthen her understanding of Scientific concepts and she did not disappoint as she improves from 78 in her CA1 to 90 in her SA1 exam!

Miss Low, mother of Gladys
(Primary 3, River Valley Primary)

Chinese and Science, now a breeze.

I purchased the Chinese module for Neil to give him more exposure to Chinese as we are an Indian family. Neil enjoys the Chinese lessons and so far I have seen some improvement in his Chinese. Science has been excellent and I would credit Neil's grasp and understanding of the topics to Superstar Teacher.

Anjali, mother of Neil
(Primary 3, Tanjong Katong Primary)

Top PSLE scorer with 267 aggregate!

Science has always been my weakest subject among all four. Whenever I read the textbooks or listen to my teacher's explanation, I just could not grasp the point and often walk out of the room clueless. My Science marks dropped and I was desperate to get help.

Then, my mother was introduced to Superstar Teacher. As I watched the trial videos, I managed to understand the concepts better as the teachers were more detailed in their explanation and there were added humour to it. Thus, my mother bought the set and I watched the lessons every week.

With concised notes and worksheets, I can better understand the Science concepts and am able to apply them to the various questions I encountered.

Also, whenever I do not understand, I can just replay that part over and over again till I get the facts right. This is something our Science teachers can't do! Not forgetting the 5-minutes-a-day questions which test me on my understanding of the topic. After doing it, I can watch the next video to check my answers and learn how to phrase it better. The teachers also taught me scientific terms to use as well as terms and knowledge taught at secondary level. Indeed, Superstar Science has helped me improve my science grade from a low A(80) to an A*.

Superstar Math has also strengthened my Mathematics skill and thinking. The questions are placed into different levels, starting from easy ones to more challenging ones. These questions tests my understanding of the topic and the teacher teaches us new ways to solve it. Thus, my Math improved a lot after learning the different techniques to conquer the questions.

(P6, Qihua Primary School)

30 marks improvement for Math and Science.

I have improved a lot in my Math (over 30 marks improvement from SA1 to SA2) and Science (from 49 to 79 in SA2). Thank you for bringing out the best in me!

Joyce Leen (P5)

Smile on parents face!

Thank you a lot Superstar Teachers! I used P4 Superstar Math after CA1 when I got 68 for Math. After going through your lessons, I understood better because I can pause and rewind whenever I do not understand. Your questions are tricky but it is good because exams came out similar questions. I was delighted when I received my paper and saw an 84 on it. Most pupils got 70 and above. You can look at the smiles on my parents' face. I made a big improvement! I hope to get better results in SA2! Most of the credit goes to none other than you!

Dawn Chia (P4)

Questions taught in Superstar Teacher appeared in exams.

From SA1 to PRELIM, my results for Math improved from 73 to 93! That's amazing!!! (improved by 20 marks). I'm so glad to all of you as there are challenging questions in the Prelim paper that are similar to those questions in Superstar Teacher.

Cathy Goh (P6)

Impressive P2 academic performance.

Kayton has made his mother proud with his impressive P2 academic performance! He has now embarked on P3 Superstar Math by Stacie and P3 Superstar Science by Constance.

Adeline, mother of Kayton Soh
(P2, Pioneer Primary School)

3rd in class! Thank you Superstar Teacher.

I am writing to express my thanks for helping my son in learning English, Math and Science.

My son started viewing Superstar Teacher two years ago. Till this day, he has learnt much from Superstar Teacher as it is very helpful to him. Superstar Teacher helped him to understand the subjects better and this helped him in his examination. This year, he got third place in his exams. He is also more confident.

With concised notes and worksheets, I can better understand the Science concepts and am able to apply them to the various questions I encountered.

The lessons are useful as it helps my son in terms of his English. Now, he always express his ideas in English as much possible. He finds that learning English is not as boring as before and has now become interested in studying English which is necessary to pass the exams. Reading, listening and speaking have all become interesting and he really enjoyed it. Above all, I want to say thank you Superstar Teacher.

Mrs Tan, mother of Tan Jun Cheng
(P4, Anderson Primary School)

39/50 just after 3 weeks of viewing Superstar Teacher.

My girl had been failing her maths since P4. Despite tuitions at a well-established learning centre, she did not gain reasonable improvement in application concepts....Just 3 weeks before her prelim exam, my girl embarked on Superstar Teacher math in Aug 2011. Due to time constraints, she was only able to complete about 15 lessons and attempted some 5 MAD questions. Amazingly in just 3 weeks, the understanding and skills picked up from the online lessons helped her tremendously -- for once, she scored Section C with 39/50!

Michelle Lim

Achieved 98 for Math!

Edvin Tan attributed his good understanding of Mathematics to Stacie Phua, our P2 Superstar Math teacher. By receiving an overall score of 98 for his Math, Edvin and his family was all smiles. Congratulations Edvin!

Edvin Tan
(P2, Chongzheng Primary School)

Improvements for both my 2 children.

Your programs are excellent! I got your software for my P5 Science and P4 Math. Both of them have made a good improvement. My boy (P5 Science) improved from 43 to 61. My girl, (P4 Math) who always scored 80+ and never scored past 90 but after using your program, she scored 92 for SA1. Thank you.

Shirley Phay, parent of a P4 and P6 child

60 to 86 for Math!

Thank you so much Superstar Teacher! My mathematics improved tremendously from a 60+ to an 86! All thanks to you!

Victoria Aye Chan (P6)

Thank you Superstar Teacher!

I want to thank my Superstar Teachers: Monica Leong and Constance Chen. They have helped me improve my Math and Science, and also, not to forget my English teacher: Brendan Buxton, which made the teaching fun. You are really SUPERSTARS!

Wong Nguk Teng (P5)

Band 1 for both Math and Science!

We are happy to hear from Grace whose son updated us his learning progress with Superstar Teacher.

Grace also feedback to us that Superstar Teacher allows Yikai to learn at his pace. At the same time, as he is keen to learn from these lessons, he remembers the strategies and techniques taught.

With concised notes and worksheets, I can better understand the Science concepts and am able to apply them to the various questions I encountered.

A huge congratulations to Yikai for getting Band 1 for both Math and Science.

Grace, mother of Yikai (P4)

Improvements in 3 subjects.

Thank you, Superstar Teacher. Our son, Guan Liang, enjoyed the online lessons. He improved in all 3 subjects - English, Math and Science. He himself requested to continue in P4. We look forward to seeing more products from Superstar Teacher such as Comprehension and Grammar. Well done and thank you again to all Superstar Teachers.

Eve Ang, mother of Lim Guan Liang
(P4, Punggol Primary School)

A happy moment - 98/100 for Science.

Mum Jess chanced upon Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstore and instantly knew this is the solution to her daughter's SA1 Science preparation. The clear explanation in each lesson helps Tiffany understand the topic taught. Moreover, Tiffany is able to apply the answering tactics shown in her examinations. It was a happy moment for Jess and Tiffany when Tiffany scored 98/100 in her first Science paper after using Superstar Teacher.

When asked how she finds the lessons, Tiffany was all enthusiasm: "Teacher Constance is nice and very funny in the video. The video is fun and interesting!

Jessie Yeo, mother of Tiffany Lye Su Jin
(P3, Singapore Chinese Girls' Primary School)

100/100 for CA1!

From 5:45 am to 6:15 am every morning, most kids would still be in dreamland. Not Johann. Mum Felicia has chosen the morning hours for her P2 son to view Superstar Teacher. She was proven right when Johann returned home with 100/100 for his CA1! With Superstar Teacher, Felicia and Johann no longer faced the frustration and confusion of mother-son tuition. Johann is able to reap the maximum benefit from his morning routine, which guarantees his freshness and alertness of mind, and frees up the afternoons for TV and homework.

Mum has also benefited from Superstar Teacher! She realised that the lessons helped her grasp the Math word problems better, despite her weakness in English. The early bird catches the worm, as the saying goes. And so it's true indeed for the Prajogos!

Felicia Tjoeng, mother of Johann Prajogo
(P2, Maris Stella High School)

Creating little Superstar Teachers!

Superstar Teacher has been a joyful and rewarding experience for little Leticia. She especially loves it every time she learns a topic that has not been taught in school yet. The advance background knowledge aids her in mastering the topic when it is covered later. Nowadays, Leticia is also able to attempt and solve almost any homework question simply by replaying Superstar Teacher and listening to the Teacher Mrs Phua again. So much so that she has even begun to “teach” her friends, her mum happily shared with us!

“With Superstar Teacher's guidance, Leticia is proud she can help her friends in school, explaining to them what the teacher has gone through but they do not understand!” she beams.

Elsie Tan, mother of Leticia Wu Yin Xiu
(P2, Gan Eng Seng Primary School)