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Primary School Science Tuition In Singapore

The Primary Science syllabus designed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore sets the foundation for further scientific studies at higher levels. Starting from Primary 3, the comprehensive curriculum in most schools factors in academic goals such as the acquisition of scientific knowledge and the practical application of analytical skills for problem-solving in different contexts. To better facilitate students in acquiring the desired 21st-century competencies, it is common for schools to cover a broad range of fundamental concepts within the short school term. Since all topics are inter-related in both the lower block and upper block of a primary school student’s learning journey, refining skills and sharpening understanding of abstract concepts with the help of Science tuition lessons is a tool worth leveraging.

The Superstar Teaching Methodology

Comprehensive Online Lessons

With online lessons crafted in-house using a proven methodology that delivers results for students, Superstar Teacher is an online learning platform that acts as both a dedicated tutor and e-learning library for primary school students. Facilitating the exploration and discovery of science concepts through innovative features such as interactive quizzes and auto-marking assessments, lessons are made more engaging to cultivate a student’s interest.

Lessons Aligned with the Latest Syllabus

The Science curriculum framework in primary schools can be split into 3 pillars – knowledge, comprehension, and application. Though the pursuit of science is grounded in the understanding of the fundamental principles, developing a sense of inquiry is pivotal. Our Primary School Science tuition lessons not only focus on topical coverage but also utilise past examination papers to ensure that students have a firm grasp of concepts and are better able to apply them where necessary. Offering programmes that equip students with the skills to identify questions and draw supported conclusions, learning is optimised for our students.

An Enhanced Learning Experience for Your Child

Whether you are looking for expert help for homework guidance or to enrol your child in Primary School Science tuition lessons to better prepare them for their upcoming examinations, Superstar Teacher is your one-stop online learning platform. Providing online lessons, auto-marking assessments and more, our quality strategy-based teaching will deepen every student’s understanding of relevant scientific concepts. Review our latest testimonials and set up an account for your child today.

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The tips and ways to solve questions shared from Superstar Teacher are also better than what I get from my tuition classes.

Qi Qianhao

P6, Woodgrove Primary School

Superstar Teacher explores the depths of the question with us and teaches us the ways to avoid the traps of the questions.

Huang Tainai

P4, Stamford Primary School

I was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! Thank you! I attained 8 points for my O level!

Chen Hou Yu

Sec 4, Beatty Secondary School

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