About Us

Learn Better, Shine Brighter

Conceptualized in 2011, Superstar Teacher aims to bring star-quality teachers to the home via the Internet, offering students (and parents) the ease, joy and efficiency of learning.

Developed by a team of curriculum specialists and delivered by the best teachers, lessons in Superstar Teacher use a strategy-based learning approach to prepare your child for the challenging schools’ and national examinations. Our auto-marking assessments are designed to offer competency-based learning where past year schools’ examinations questions are sorted by topics and varying difficulty levels to help your child attain mastery of concepts. In addition, the instant homework help feature is introduced to assign subject-matter experts to students who are struggling with difficult homework questions and have no one to seek help from.

With convenience at your fingertips, Superstar Teacher is truly the answer to today's education needs: your quest for the best teachers and the ultimate learning experience with the maximum value and benefits. Superstar Teacher is indeed the future of education!


To be an online learning platform committed to creating an excellent learning experience through quality strategy-based teaching aligned with Singapore’s MOE syllabuses and innovative features to keep students engaged in the pursuit for academic excellence.


To shape the future of online education and be an integral part of every student’s learning journey, enabling students of different learning capabilities to attain subject mastery and ace their examinations using our platform as their main learning tool.