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Focused on further developing the Primary Science syllabus, the revised Secondary Science Curriculum Framework put forth by the Ministry of Education (MOE) emphasises the utilisation of vast approaches to enhance the learning of the subject. Steering clear of rigid adherents to the syllabus, even Secondary School Science teachers are encouraged to develop Schemes of Work (SOWs) that will better capture the essence of academic goals.

Given the diverse nature of students’ needs and aptitudes, enrolling in Secondary School Science tuition has become common in Singapore. Add to that the pressures of acing examinations to get the right Science combinations in Secondary 3, the need to enrich and deepen students’ learning becomes more apparent. As such, gaining a proper foothold on the ever-expanding Secondary School Science topics has become one of the main aims of both the school curriculum and tuition lessons.

Deep Diving into the Secondary School Science Syllabus

One of the goals of science education in secondary school is the establishment of a strong foundation for students to pursue STEM education in Singapore after graduation. In order to do so, students must first be intrigued by everyday scientific connections, feel confident in its practices, and be able to apply analytical skills to solve real-world problems. This is where the teaching-learning process offered by Superstar Teacher’s Science tutors for secondary school comes into play.

Aligning our SOW with that of the Science syllabus set by MOE, our tutors are driven to stretch your child’s understanding of every topic and subject matter. We constantly challenge our students with high-order thinking questions from past year’s examination papers and expand their scientific vocabulary through carefully curated lessons. Rote-learning has truly become a thing of the past.

With every lesson broken down into digestible modules, students on the Superstar Teacher platform will be able to master the various scientific concepts and work through auto-marking assessments to develop useful exam techniques. For more study tips and tricks, check out our blog where we cover how to tackle difficult Secondary School Science topics.

Learn Better, Shine Brighter with Superstar Teacher

From Physics to Biology, Superstar Teacher offers a wide range of Secondary School Science tuition programmes. Having been in the industry since 2011, our Science tutors bring star-quality lessons for every topic to your home via the convenience of the internet. By leveraging our innovative tools such as auto-marking assessments and interactive quizzes, lessons are guaranteed to be of the highest calibre.

The MOE’s science curriculum in Singapore requires students in Secondary 3 to take up either two or all three subjects: Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Some may even decide on combined science, which is one complete subject consisting of two of these three subjects. From Chemistry to Biology, Superstar Teacher offers a wide range of secondary school science tuition programmes. Having been in the industry since 2011, our science tutors bring star-quality lessons for every topic to your home via the convenience of the internet. By leveraging innovative tools, such as our auto-marking assessments and interactive quizzes, lessons are guaranteed to be of the highest calibre.

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Secondary Science Tutor Singapore

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The tips and ways to solve questions shared from Superstar Teacher are also better than what I get from my tuition classes.

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Qi Qianhao

P6, Woodgrove Primary School

Superstar Teacher explores the depths of the question with us and teaches us the ways to avoid the traps of the questions.

Combined Science Tuition SG
Huang Tainai

P4, Stamford Primary School

I was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! Thank you! I attained 8 points for my O level!

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Chen Hou Yu

Sec 4, Beatty Secondary School

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Frequently Asked Questions

A suitable Secondary Science tutor in Singapore should be not only engaging but also a good communicator that nurtures students' natural curiosity and scientific thinking. Other qualities include catering to students' unique learning styles and going the extra mile to make Science lessons interesting and applicable. At Superstar Teacher, you can rest assured that our Secondary Science tuition is carried out by experienced tutors equipped with these qualities.

Absolutely! Our Secondary Science course includes Secondary Chemistry tuition alongside Biology and Physics. Each subject is taught by one of our qualified tutors. Chemistry tuition is conducted by Selena See, whereas our Secondary Biology tuition is by Roy Teo. We also provide Secondary 1 and 2 Science taught by Oh Ming Yeo, who teaches Physics as well.

Like with other subjects, our Secondary Science course follows the MOE syllabus. Our Secondary Chemistry tuition in Singapore covers topics such as Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, and Chemical Calculation in Secondary 3, and Organic Chemistry, Electric Cell, and Energy Changes in Secondary 4. For our Secondary Biology tuition, topics like Cell Division and Reproduction in Plants and Humans are covered.

Yes, especially if your child requires more help in their Combined Science subject. Since our online Secondary Science tuition allows students to study at their own pace and develop a personalised learning schedule, your child has a higher chance of learning in-depth. In addition, students can make use of our Instant Homework Help feature to ask questions and clarify their doubts whenever required.

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As science requires students to grasp analytical and abstract concepts, it can be a challenging subject to learn. Superstar Teacher aims to make learning fun yet informative through our experienced tutors and tried-and-tested teaching methods. As such, we can help your child boost their science grades in either combined or pure sciences.

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