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Despite Singapore’s high international ranking in Maths, the subject continues to be tricky for students who are not so good with numbers. With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) education being implemented in primary schools and the relevance of Maths in many high-performing industries, excelling in the subject is becoming increasingly crucial for students. On top of supplementary classes in school, you can also consider investing in online tuition or online enrichment classes for your kids as an alternative learning method.

Why Math Tuition for Primary School Students in Singapore is Important

Believe it or not, many benefits come with enrolling your kids in online tuition learning programmes.

Extra Help Rendered by Teachers

Class size in Singapore primary schools generally ranges from 30 to 40 students. With many students being taught by one teacher at the same time, it is difficult to get individualised attention from teachers in school. Thus, attention paid to a single student is significantly lesser, increasing the chances of the student getting distracted or unable to catch up on their studies. When your child is enrolled in an online enrichment program, they will not encounter such problems.

What’s more, teachers in schools have to move on to the next chapter regardless of whether every single student has grasped a maths concept fully. But here at Superstar Teacher, students can always replay and watch lessons at their own pace and schedule.

No Textbooks

Instead of teaching according to chapters of a textbook, Math tuition classes at Superstar Teacher are conducted according to a specially crafted lesson plan aligned with the syllabus set by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. Our lesson plan ensures that our students learn suitable topics that comply with the education requirements, ultimately preparing them for their school or national examinations.

Our programme focuses on equipping our Primary school students with the necessary skills and knowledge to ace their important examinations by exposing them to relevant past-year exam questions.

By moving away from textbook-style teaching, we also avoid rote-learning, whereby students memorise Math concepts without actually internalising them. This can backfire during tests because they do not fully understand and know how to apply these concepts. At the end of the day, it is vital to note that Maths is an analytical subject, requiring students to solve questions using their problem-solving skills.

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Hear from our students

The tips and ways to solve questions shared from Superstar Teacher are also better than what I get from my tuition classes.

Online Math Tutor
Qi Qianhao

P6, Woodgrove Primary School

Superstar Teacher explores the depths of the question with us and teaches us the ways to avoid the traps of the questions.

Online Math Tutor Singapore
Huang Tainai

P4, Stamford Primary School

I was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! Thank you! I attained 8 points for my O level!

Primary Math Tutor Singapore
Chen Hou Yu

Sec 4, Beatty Secondary School

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Singapore Math curriculum is known to be academically vigorous. As such, enrolling your child for Math tuition in Singapore can allow them to build a strong mathematical foundation. At Superstar Teacher, our Primary Math tuition is carried out by experienced tutors who can help students learn mathematical concepts in-depth and solve problems through effective strategies.

Our Primary Math tuition in Singapore follows the MOE’s Primary Math syllabus, which covers 3 main topics: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics. Aside from providing comprehensive course materials, we have a team of well-qualified Primary Math tutors with many years of experience teaching in the education industry.

Having an online Math tutor is more convenient as it allows for a flexible schedule, in which your child can simply log onto our online learning platform whenever or wherever they wish to study. Our online Math tuition also offers Instant Homework Help by pairing your child with a suitable mentor who can meet their academic needs and create a personalised positive learning environment.

Enrolling for Math enrichment class is one of the best ways your child can master the Math subject. At Superstar Teacher, our online Math enrichment class is highly student-centred, encouraging students to build on their strengths and critical thinking skills. Your child can remain engaged in learning through real-world applications, interactive lectures, and discussions.

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