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English Enrichment Programme for Primary School Students

Language allows us to express ourselves fully – be it our ideas, thoughts, or emotions. With English as the official lingua franca and main medium of instruction in Singapore, it is undoubtedly a language that every Singaporean student needs to master, especially at the primary level. But that is easier said than done.

If your child is struggling to grasp the language well, do not worry! Supplementary lessons are always available to boost your child’s English proficiency and fluency. If you are scouring for an English enrichment programme for primary school students, Superstar Teacher can help! With our engaging online classes that boast quality strategy-based teaching and innovative features, your child will find the learning support they need.

Why You Should Go With Superstar Teacher’s English Enrichment Programme?

Student-Centric Teaching Methodology

Unlike the traditional route, Superstar Teacher moves away from the typical textbook-style teaching. Whilst it has its pros, the textbook teaching style does not provide a good gauge of what students will be tested in the examinations. Alongside concepts that are too abstract to comprehend, it does not pinpoint key areas that the students are weak in.

Because of this, Superstar Teacher has established a methodology that centres around examination papers and the primary school syllabus: a unique Scheme of Work (SOW). Our SOW utilises past years’ English examination questions to formulate lesson plans. This allows us to be more meticulous in our teaching and as a result, our students will have a deeper understanding of certain topics and question types.

Flexibility With Online Learning

Our English enrichment programme is conducted online with lessons that students can watch and learn at their own pace. Here at Superstar Teacher, we understand that students these days have many responsibilities to attend to after school, such as supplementary lessons and extra-curricular activities. This makes it challenging for them to adhere to a strict schedule. As such, the flexibility of online learning allows them to tune in to their lessons whenever they are available, prepared and geared up to learn. No more rushing to tuition classes after a long day of school!

English Enrichment Singapore
Singapore English Enrichment

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Hear from our students

The tips and ways to solve questions shared from Superstar Teacher are also better than what I get from my tuition classes.

Primary English Enrichment Singapore
Qi Qianhao

P6, Woodgrove Primary School

Superstar Teacher explores the depths of the question with us and teaches us the ways to avoid the traps of the questions.

Primary English Enrichment SG
Huang Tainai

P4, Stamford Primary School

I was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! Thank you! I attained 8 points for my O level!

Primary English Enrichment
Chen Hou Yu

Sec 4, Beatty Secondary School

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From expanding vocabulary to learning the proper grammar rules, it is no wonder that English is widely considered to be one of the most challenging languages to learn in the world. Even as we live in an English-speaking country, there are still many children who struggle to pick up the language or lack the motivation or resources to do well. At Superstar Teacher, we strive to equip our students with effective learning strategies to hone their English language abilities.

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