This course aims to build a strong foundation in the learning of English language as students enter primary school. Students will get to develop skills in areas of Speaking, Reading and Writing through the introduction to basic grammar rules (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions etc.) and widening of vocabulary. Students will also get to practise their newly-acquired skills on Word Order and Comprehension exercises. They will be exposed to common language errors to help them avoid making the same mistakes. More practices are also available through quizzes and auto-marking assessments.

Teacher Monica Leong

Probably the first video teacher in Singapore, Monica Leong has been educating more than 100,000 students since 2003. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of Superstar Teacher.

Teacher Monica teaches in a very engaging way

What I like about Superstar Teacher is that Teacher Monica teaches in a very engaging way. The lessons also have some interactive sections embedded to make sure that students are following. I also like the "think out of the box" questions which are like brain exercises for the students. The content is well-structured and concise, making the lessons easy to follow.

 Sonia Song (parent)

Top in Class!

My sons are learning from Superstar Teacher online video lessons which provide us with a great flexibility in learning because they can view the programme anywhere, anytime on their devices. There is no need to waste time travelling to tuition centre. They just need to earnestly follow the program, complete the worksheet and homework questions for each lesson. They can revisit the teacher’s explanation to understand better whenever they made a mistake in their homework questions. My younger son was even awarded a Top in Class award after his final exams. Thank you Superstar Teacher for making this convenient learning program to benefit the students!

 Peng Ying (parent)

I will definitely choose this over physical tuition

I find the lessons very engaging and useful. I like that we can play and view the video lessons repeatedly anytime and anywhere. Superstar Teacher is great for revision. My daughter is very soft-spoken, so at times she will hold back in seeking clarification in school. But with Superstar Teacher, it does help her to understand the concepts better and go through the lessons more effectively. I will definitely choose this over physical tuition as I feel that it is much more informative. Highly recommended!

 Shu Yu (parent)

She can receive help on homework questions

I found the teaching method quite interesting and helpful for my daughter to catch up on her studies as the lessons provide revision for what had been taught in school. If she has questions, the online mentors there are helpful and willing to provide assistance and clear her doubts. She can also receive help on difficult homework questions. If you want to see improvement in your child’s results, consider subscribing to the platform and there is also a free trial period during which you can view the lessons before you make any subscription.

 Suet Yee (parent)

Very satisfied with the program

Due to the pandemic, we decided to try out online classes. I have subscribed to Superstar Teacher before for my elder child. It is very engaging and all the topics are very well explained. I am very satisfied with the program as we have the flexibility to attend the lessons at our convenience. I would highly recommend Superstar Teacher.

 Anupam Jha (parent)

My son loves the reward system the most

Superstar Teacher’s program has helped my son in his studies. The teachers’ explanations are clear. One plus point about the video lessons is that the child can replay them when needed. My son loves the reward system the most and has managed to redeem a reward! It keeps him motivated to learn and use the program even more. The program is good for parent who has limited time for their child. When the child watches the video lesson, the parent can take a short break as well. Generally, the program is quite good and I am likely to continue using it. Thumbs up!

 Rachel Lam (parent)