This course reinforces concepts in Whole Numbers as students learn to apply the Four Operations for 3-digit numbers. Students will be exposed to new concepts of Mass, Fractions, Volume and 3D Shapes. They will also be introduced to different forms of model drawings – part-whole, additive comparison and multiplicative comparison models. Students will learn how to solve more complex word problems using heuristic strategies such as Grouping, Working Backwards and Guess-and-Check. Students can reinforce learning through interactive quizzes and auto-marking assessments.

Teacher Stacie Phua

After a distinguished career at MOE, Stacie Phua was a welcome addition to MyHomeTutor Campus, Blue Orange's chain of learning centres in Singapore. Within her first two months of teaching there, her class sizes overflowed, setting record enrolment figures. She attracted so many young fans that a waiting list had to be created, bulging full of students hopeful and eager to attend her classes. With all the raving accolades pouring in, Stacie was the perfect choice to anchor Lower Primary Mathematics in Superstar Teacher.

Helps us understand her learning process

Grace started her learning journey with Superstar Teacher last May when Singapore announced the Circuit Breaker. During CB, she had more time to watch the video lessons at home, reviewed what she had learned at school, as well as prepared for the new semester. The program not only helps her to review and gain knowledge by herself, but has also helped us parents understand her learning process as well as her strengths and weaknesses. Her older sister has also started learning with Superstar Teacher this year. Similar to Grace, she has also shown improvements in her results and we have saved a fair bit of time needed for travelling to tuition classes.

 Wu Xiaoning (parent)

The reward system provides motivation

I subscribed to Superstar Teacher’s Math lessons for my daughter as she was not able to follow in class. After a few months, I realized that her Math has improved a lot. She is able to understand the concepts as she can take her time to revise through the lessons and go through contents that she missed in class. Superstar Teacher’s programme will also guide the student on how to answer questions. Having the reward system helps to motivate her and she can earn the rewards on her own accord. Overall, the programme is useful and effective for my kid.

 Carrie (parent)

Our son was captivated by the lessons!

Caleb is extroverted in nature and it is pretty difficult to get him to concentrate for lessons. However, the methodology and style of teaching used by Superstar Teacher managed to captivate him. We are pleasantly surprised to see him engaging in the video lessons and attempting the exercises on his own. This is not something we get to see often given his outgoing personality. With Superstar Teacher’s help, he scored 97 for English and 99 for Mathematics which in turn got him a top position class. He was also within the top 10% of his cohort.

 Ally Choo (parent)

Progress reports to track your child's understanding

My son, Ernest loves studying with Superstar Teacher. The lessons are interesting, easy to understand and interactive with questions to test his understanding during the lesson. Superstar Teacher will also sent me his progress report via email regularly. With these reports, I could tell whether Ernest is following the lessons. I highly recommend all parents to try out Superstar Teacher

 Alvin Lim (parent)

Early Bird Catches the Worm

I used to face plenty of frustration when I had to coach Johann with Math but right now with Superstar Teacher, he is able to reap maximum benefit from the program. While most children are still asleep in their dreamland, I choose to let Johann start his morning with Superstar Teacher. He will view his Superstar Math every morning from 5.45am to 6.15am before school. In this way, it prepares him for his lessons in school and also frees up his afternoons for homework and break sessions. This method is proven to benefit when Johann returned home with 100/100 for his CA1 Math!

 Felicia Tjoeng (parent)

Great resource for both kids and parents

Superstar Teacher is a great resource for both kids and parents. My kids are able to study and revise their lessons independently as they can always replay the videos to watch and listen to the lessons again. The worksheets have been a great practice tool for the kids to follow alongside the online lessons. In the event that they require more help from us, us parents can also view the videos and assist them. The content is also well-aligned to the teaching methods used by teachers in school, which is fantastic!

 Xueling (parent)