This course aims to help students build a strong foundation and develop interest in the learning of Chinese. They will be introduced to various tested components, including Language Application (语文应用), Cloze Passage (短文填空), Complete the Dialogue (完成对话) and Comprehension (阅读理解). Students will be exposed to new characters to boost their vocabulary and pick up grammar skills through guided practices. They will also learn how to read and analyse comprehension passages effectively and apply useful techniques to answer questions correctly. More practices are also available through auto-marking assessments.


方丽玲,在新加坡国立大学专修中文,并拥有新加坡南洋理工大学教育学院文凭(学士后教育文凭-小学华文, NIE)。除了拥有多年在新加坡小学的华文教学经验,她也是名资深媒体工作者。曾在本地新传媒电视和97.2 FM电台担任新闻编辑、记者和节目经理等职位。

Cheryl Leo
Parent of Athena Tng

Homework Help feature managed to clear my doubts

Superstar Teacher has truly aided my children in their learning and school work. Although the video lessons are pre-recorded, the teachers can be quite humorous at times and that spark interest in my kids on the subjects. I also applaud the 'Homework Help' function that enables 'live' mentoring to homework issues that my child is facing. Furthermore, I feel that having daily practice along with the tracking function help parents like myself to monitor their progress. There is also a periodic progress report from Superstar Teacher to update parents on their kids' learning status. Finally, my children’s results can affirm that the program’s teaching and contents are aligned with MOE’s syllabus. Really thankful for such great programs that help support my children's learning. Lastly, I also want to mention that the online customer service (through live chat) was also prompt in supporting any technical issues. Overall, I will recommend Superstar Teacher as the solution to parents who are looking for an alternative to tuition classes.

Elson Chan
P3, Rivervale Primary School

Superstar Teacher is fun and interesting

Superstar Teacher has helped me in my studies by going through the teaching points slowly and in an easy-to-understand manner. Even if you have missed out some parts of the lesson, you can always refer back to a certain part of the topic. I like Superstar Teacher a lot, especially for the subject English, because it is fun and interesting.

Lindsay Sim
Parent of Kyara Tan

Useful when we had to cease physical tuition classes

I have been supporting Superstar Teacher since 2017. The lessons came in handy for online learning, especially during the Circuit Breaker period last year. After sitting down with my kids through the lessons, I was able to get myself updated with the new techniques and the latest syllabus! It worked out well and her grades have improved! My eldest son, who was in Secondary One last year, also made use of the Homework Help feature for his schoolwork. This is especially useful when we had to cease all physical tuition classes. With the lessons and homework help from Superstar Teacher, my son also managed to do well in his exams. Both my husband and myself are glad that we have made this investment. Now, even our youngest child has started on the Primary One lessons!

Low Rui Heng
P3, Hong Wen School

Thank you for helping me through my learning journey

I have been using Superstar Teacher since Primary 1 and will be going to Primary 4 next year. What I like about it is the convenience because I can view the lessons anytime. The teachers are also very clear in their teaching and it makes me understand a lot better. All along, I did not fare very well for my Chinese but I was very surprised with my Sa2 results. My parents are also surprised and happy with my improvement. I would like to thank all the Superstar Teachers who have helped me through my learning journey. Thank you!

Ke Xuan
P3, Innova Primary School

Lessons are easy to understand

The lessons are easy to understand and they help me to have a better understanding of what is taught at school. With Superstar Teacher lessons, I actually received Edusave Good Progress Award last year! I will continue with the lessons and hopefully be ready for PSLE in two years time. Thank you Superstar Teachers!

Lee Bee Leng
Parent of Ng Kai Xin Cheryl

Explanations were clear and easy to understand

We were sourcing for additional help for our daughter who is in Primary 3 this year and decided to give Superstar Teacher a try because of its flexibility. The teachers’ explanations are clear and easy to understand. Our daughter is able to sit through a lesson on her own without being distracted. <br>With Superstar Teacher, she has learnt to be more independent, disciplined and responsible as she plans her own timetable for learning. Revision is also made easier as she can focus on her weaker topics and replay the relevant videos till she mastered the concepts. As parents, viewing the videos allow us to learn the appropriate methods to use when coaching our children.