In this course, language learning is made interesting and meaningful as students develop their skills further in areas of Speaking, Reading and Writing. Students will be introduced to the exam component Synthesis and Transformation and learn more grammar rules such as verb tenses, adverbs and subject-verb agreement. They will also be exposed to examples of similes, metaphors, idioms and proverbs to build up their vocabulary and writing skills. Besides practising their skills on Word Order, Sentence Sequencing and Comprehension exercises, students will also learn more about common language errors to help them avoid making the same mistakes. More practices are also available through quizzes and auto-marking assessments.

Teacher Monica Leong

Probably the first video teacher in Singapore, Monica Leong has been educating more than 100,000 students since 2003. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of Superstar Teacher.

Homework Help feature managed to clear my doubts

Superstar Teacher has truly aided my children in their learning and school work. Although the video lessons are pre-recorded, the teachers can be quite humorous at times and that spark interest in my kids on the subjects. I also applaud the 'Homework Help' function that enables 'live' mentoring to homework issues that my child is facing. Furthermore, I feel that having daily practice along with the tracking function help parents like myself to monitor their progress. There is also a periodic progress report from Superstar Teacher to update parents on their kids' learning status. Finally, my children’s results can affirm that the program’s teaching and contents are aligned with MOE’s syllabus. Really thankful for such great programs that help support my children's learning. Lastly, I also want to mention that the online customer service (through live chat) was also prompt in supporting any technical issues. Overall, I will recommend Superstar Teacher as the solution to parents who are looking for an alternative to tuition classes.

 Cheryl Leo (parent)

Busy working mother relied extensively on Superstar Teacher

My son has been using Superstar Teacher since P1, and he will be going to P4 next year. As a busy working mother, I relied extensively on Superstar Teacher lessons for my son’s exam revision. The lessons are well-designed, according to MOE syllabus. They provide systematic content guidelines, and the teachers delivered them in a very engaging way. The teachers also provide deeper insights on how to tackle exam questions, as well as tips on how to avoid common mistakes. It is very convenient, as my son can revise the lesson at anytime and anywhere. He can replay the lesson if he does not understand the concept. I can better support and track his progress using the mobile app’s Study Tracker as well. My son will continue to use Superstar Teacher in P4 for subjects including English, English Composition, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. I would like to thank all the Superstar teachers who have helped my son in his learning journey.

 Michelle (parent)

Top 3 positions in class

At first, my daughter, Amelia was apprehensive of the lessons with Superstar Teacher at first as she felt it was too passive and that she would not benefit from it. To our delight, despite it being online video lessons, Amelia felt that the lessons are very real and it’s as if the teachers are speaking to her literally. She will view the lessons even without our supervision and her grades testified the effectiveness of the programme. Only a year with Superstar Teacher and Amelia has completed Primary 3 among the top 3 positions in her class. We are definitely sticking to Superstar Teacher for her remaining primary education.

 Lena Leow (parent)

Increase in motivation to learn

Due to time constraints to send our children for tuition at tuition centres, we started looking for alternatives. After researching and coming across many positive reviews on the web about Superstar Teacher, we decided to subscribe to the Primary 3 and 4 Superstar Teacher titles. Both Jazzlyn and Javier were very motivated to watch the online video lessons and were disciplined in doing all their assigned homework.
My daughter has improved her Math results from 78 in SA1 to 88 in SA2 and my son has improved his Science results from 65 in SA1 to 86 in SA2. Thank you very much to all the Superstar Teachers for boosting my children’s confidence to ace their exams!

 Ooi Mei Yong (parent)

Superstar Teacher is fun and interesting

Superstar Teacher has helped me in my studies by going through the teaching points slowly and in an easy-to-understand manner. Even if you have missed out some parts of the lesson, you can always refer back to a certain part of the topic. I like Superstar Teacher a lot, especially for the subject English, because it is fun and interesting.

 Elson Chan (P3, Rivervale Primary School)

My kids can learn at their own pace without any unnecessary stress

We are a family from Hong Kong and we love Superstar Teacher’s lessons. My daughter loves the way the teachers teach, which makes difficult concepts easy to understand. She has become more confident in Maths and she enjoys the brain teasers used by Teacher Stacie, which are helpful in solving difficult Math problems. Isabelle also stays with her brother frequently to listen to Teacher Oh's Science lessons even though she is not obligated to. The English lessons are also a great help and Teacher Monica has helped them to shape up their essay writing. They always share with me Teacher Monica's jokes after sitting through a lesson. They always revise by re-playing the video lessons. As a parent, I am relieved to see my kids developing their interest in learning at their own pace and without the unnecessary stress. I strongly recommend Superstar Teacher to you.

 Louisa Yu (parent)