In this Primary 3 Math course, students will be equipped with the skills to tackle formal examinations with ease and confidence. Students will learn to handle 4-digit Whole Numbers and be introduced to more complex concepts such as division with remainder and conversion of measurement. They will also master new topics including Angles, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, Area and Perimeter. Students will also learn more about Fractions, such as equivalent fractions, fractions in the simplest form and comparing unlike fractions, and solve challenging 2-step word problems using detailed model drawings and heuristic strategies like Before-and-After, Make a List and Look for Patterns.

Teacher Stacie Phua

After a distinguished career at MOE, Stacie Phua was a welcome addition to MyHomeTutor Campus, Blue Orange's chain of learning centres in Singapore. Within her first two months of teaching there, her class sizes overflowed, setting record enrolment figures. She attracted so many young fans that a waiting list had to be created, bulging full of students hopeful and eager to attend her classes. With all the raving accolades pouring in, Stacie was the perfect choice to anchor Lower Primary Mathematics in Superstar Teacher.

Eve Tan
Parent of Ethan Low

Instant Homework Help feature is very useful

Upon subscribing to Superstar Teacher’s Science course, my child was able to catch up with the Primary 3 syllabus for Science. He is able to apply the techniques that he learned from the lessons both in school as well as everyday life. Ethan's favourite teacher is the English teacher Mrs Monica Leong. He enjoys her lessons very much as she always gives very good 'examples / analogies' related to the topic during the lesson. Also, the Instant Homework Help feature is extremely important and very useful. The response by the mentors when seeking for help is always fast and the explanations are very clear and well-illustrated.

Parent of Rui Yang

Busy working mother relied extensively on Superstar Teacher

My son has been using Superstar Teacher since P1, and he will be going to P4 next year. As a busy working mother, I relied extensively on Superstar Teacher lessons for my son’s exam revision. The lessons are well-designed, according to MOE syllabus. They provide systematic content guidelines, and the teachers delivered them in a very engaging way. The teachers also provide deeper insights on how to tackle exam questions, as well as tips on how to avoid common mistakes. It is very convenient, as my son can revise the lesson at anytime and anywhere. He can replay the lesson if he does not understand the concept. I can better support and track his progress using the mobile app’s Study Tracker as well. My son will continue to use Superstar Teacher in P4 for subjects including English, English Composition, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. I would like to thank all the Superstar teachers who have helped my son in his learning journey.

Lena Leow
Parent of Amelia Chee

Top 3 positions in class

At first, my daughter, Amelia was apprehensive of the lessons with Superstar Teacher at first as she felt it was too passive and that she would not benefit from it. To our delight, despite it being online video lessons, Amelia felt that the lessons are very real and it’s as if the teachers are speaking to her literally. She will view the lessons even without our supervision and her grades testified the effectiveness of the programme. Only a year with Superstar Teacher and Amelia has completed Primary 3 among the top 3 positions in her class. We are definitely sticking to Superstar Teacher for her remaining primary education.

Veronica Yap
Parent of Wayne Quek

Excellent educational tool

As a boy with very short attention span, Superstar Teacher has managed to grasp Wayne’s interest and helped him to develop a love for Science. As a result, Wayne has managed to keep his Science grades consistent. I feel that Superstar Teacher is an excellent educational tool for the children as it nails down the correct answering method which parents today are unable to deliver that standard of understanding to kids. As a busy working parent, I am also able to assign my kids to watch a lesson and monitor them while I am at work. Moreover, the language and communication style used have attracted both my kids to your learning module and in a way, you intrigued me as well. Personally, I am drawn by your consistent approach in maintaining the learning objectives in your 5 minutes a day question.

Ooi Mei Yong
Parent of Jazzlyn Saw & Javier Saw

Increase in motivation to learn

Due to time constraints to send our children for tuition at tuition centres, we started looking for alternatives. After researching and coming across many positive reviews on the web about Superstar Teacher, we decided to subscribe to the Primary 3 and 4 Superstar Teacher titles. Both Jazzlyn and Javier were very motivated to watch the online video lessons and were disciplined in doing all their assigned homework. <br> My daughter has improved her Math results from 78 in SA1 to 88 in SA2 and my son has improved his Science results from 65 in SA1 to 86 in SA2. Thank you very much to all the Superstar Teachers for boosting my children’s confidence to ace their exams!

Joyce Wong
Parent of Jadrien

Improvement of over 40 marks

I was so worried for Jadrien when he came home with 36/100 for his Primary 3 SA1 Math’s result. I happen to chance upon Superstar Teacher at the Popular Bookstore and decided to give the program a try. <br> I made it a point to sit down with Jadrien one hour a day, to learn together with him for all the lessons. He would complete the 5 M.A.D. homework questions before proceeding to the next lesson. I would also go through his homework and should there be any incorrect answers, I would ask him to revisit the lesson and revise until he is able to solve the question. <br> Mrs Phua really explained the math questions very well and I have also benefited from this program by learning many problem sums solving tactics as well! <br> We were all very comforted when Jadrien came home with 78/100 for his SA2 math. It was an improvement of 42 marks and the school has also awarded him with an excellence award for this remarkable improvement!