In this course, students will fine-tune their language skills in areas of Speaking, Reading and Writing. They will learn how to deconstruct Cloze and Comprehension passages along with tips and techniques to help them answer questions with greater accuracy. Intermediate grammar rules (such as the use of quantifiers, negative words and irregular verbs etc.) will be introduced and lessons covering common grammar errors will help students avoid making the same mistakes. They will also get to improve their creative writing skills with brainstorming exercises and by learning how to use personification, twists and cues in their writing.

Teacher Monica Leong

Probably the first video teacher in Singapore, Monica Leong has been educating more than 100,000 students since 2003. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of Superstar Teacher.

Brings convenience to busy parents

Superstar Teacher has taught my daughters to study independently and brought a lot of convenience to busy parents like me. They enjoy viewing the lessons very much as they can recap and replay the lessons if they do not understand the concepts. Worksheets are also provided and my daughters will then review the lessons again for the second time to build on their foundation as the video lessons will provide the answers and explanations. Their results have also been very satisfying, all thanks to Superstar Teacher!

 Leny (parent)

My daughter is now used to online learning

I was struggling to find a good tuition centre for my child in P3 when a fellow mummy introduced me to Superstar Teacher. I am so glad she did. My child was struggling with Math in school as she felt the teacher was going at too fast a pace for her. After using Superstar Teacher, she can now tackle math problems easily as the explanations are clear and she gets to practice them using the “5 Minutes A Day” exercises. She has also feedback that her school teachers usually spend a good amount of time trying to quieten down the class and this disrupts learning time. Whereas for Superstar teachers, they are able to just go straight into teaching the topics. It has also been a lifesaver during this troubled times of the COVID-19 virus, as she is now so used to online learning.

 Aileen (parent)

Explanations were clear and easy to understand

My daughter had problems with Section C of the Math exam paper last year in 2018. I happened to chance upon Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstore and decided to give this program a try. Initially, she was reluctant to try and failed her P4 SA1 Math exam (2019). As a result, I managed to persuade her to practice with the worksheets daily starting from June 2019. Whenever she had any queries, she would go through Ms Monica Leong’s lessons. She loved the lessons very much as the explanations given by Ms Leong were clear and easy to understand. After working hard for several months, she was glad that she had passed her SA2 Math exam (2019) and that boosted her confidence. She understands that she must continue with Superstar Teacher if she wants to score good results. Hence, I have since subscribed to three other P5 subjects (Math, English and Science) for 2020. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Superstar Teacher Team for helping my daughter. Well done! Keep it up!

 Kathy Kong (parent)

Increase in motivation to learn

Due to time constraints to send our children for tuition at tuition centres, we started looking for alternatives. After researching and coming across many positive reviews on the web about Superstar Teacher, we decided to subscribe to the Primary 3 and 4 Superstar Teacher titles. Both Jazzlyn and Javier were very motivated to watch the online video lessons and were disciplined in doing all their assigned homework.
My daughter has improved her Math results from 78 in SA1 to 88 in SA2 and my son has improved his Science results from 65 in SA1 to 86 in SA2. Thank you very much to all the Superstar Teachers for boosting my children’s confidence to ace their exams!

 Ooi Mei Yong (parent)

Excellent customer service

My son only started to practice more from August 2020 onwards as he wanted to complete all the challenges in order to redeem his rewards. Due to having more hands-on practices on Math and Science topics, he has made a very good improvement in his year-end exam results compared to his mid-year results. The service provided by salesperson Jia Qi is good and excellent as she can respond and get back to me promptly whenever I have doubts or questions regarding Superstar Teacher’s program. Keep it up, the team at Superstar Teacher. I will recommend the program to my friends for sure.

 Christine Tan (parent)

Helped her approach tough Science concepts from a different angle

Janais has been actively engaging with her Superstar Teacher core subjects since 2018. For her Science subject, she initially found it difficult to understand and apply the different concepts but Superstar Teacher has since helped her to learn and look at Science from a different angle. From being able to repeat each online lesson to have a full understanding of each chapter to having the appropriate keywords in the worksheets, Superstar Teacher has successfully transferred knowledge to her. At present, Janais is eagerly anticipating to complete her current online lessons and review past lessons in order to do well in her upcoming CAs and exams!

 Quyen Dang (parent)