This course prepares students in the lead-up to the PSLE as they develop advanced language skills in areas of Speaking, Reading and Writing. They will learn how to make use of techniques such as structural and contextual cues to complete Cloze passages with precision and accuracy. Students will also be introduced to the application of the ACE strategy to help answer different types of Comprehension questions (recall, inferential and application questions). Besides exposure to common grammar mistakes, they will also learn more grammar rules such as the use of phrasal verbs and gerunds. Ample practices are available for students to reinforce their grammar and vocabulary skills. Students will also get to hone their writing skills by learning how to develop good story starters, effective paragraphs and story endings, and practise employing techniques such as compare and contrast, creating dialogues and the use of sensory language in their writing.

Teacher Monica Leong

Probably the first video teacher in Singapore, Monica Leong has been educating more than 100,000 students since 2003. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of Superstar Teacher.

Aligned with Singapore's impressive education standards

As a homeschooling parent, I have found the Superstar Teacher learning platform to be an absolute godsend. Given that the courses are aligned with Singapore's impressive education standards, and given that Singapore is consistently placed at the VERY top, or very near the top of, PISA and TIMSS international results - placing Singapore at the very apex of global education rankings - it is a privilege to be able to access such a comprehensive and powerful Singapore curriculum-aligned educational resource. Superstar Teacher's very impressive instructors and self-paced platform make it an invaluable tool for parents looking to supplement their children's conventional school learning and for homeschooling parents looking for a comprehensive teaching tool that covers all core curriculum subjects at a world-class level! Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

 Jonathan Sauer (parent)

Questions from the lessons appeared in my exams

I found the lessons in all the four subjects I have viewed interesting and useful as they could help me tackle both my P5 and P6 Exams. All the explanations and methods taught in the Math lessons really made solving problem sums much more easier. I also enjoyed all the comprehension stories that were provided in the English and Chinese lessons. Most of all, some of the questions taught really appeared in the exam papers and using the easier methods suggested and provided, I was able to solve them easily! Since I started learning with Superstar Teacher, my grades have improved significantly compared to the past.

 Shannon (P5, Geylang Methodist School (Primary))

Exposed her to higher-order thinking

Charis has shown significant improvement in her English, Science and Mathematics. Her SA2 results in P5 are above expectations despite the Covid-19 pandemic, as she had to do more independent learning by herself at home. She has shown initiative and personal responsibility to study by herself with minimal parents' supervision. Most of the time, she could do her own problem-solving by spending more time analysing the questions and answers. She could consult the mentors online whenever she had any doubts. Charis said that the teachers’ explanations were very clear and she could understand the concepts better through the questioning and explanation of difficult questions. I am glad Superstar Teacher has exposed her to higher-order thinking via challenging questions to test her ability. One suggestion would be to have live consultations with mentors so that learning becomes more effective and interactive for the child.

 Duan Xiaoyan (parent)

Vivid and interesting teaching style

I have been using Superstar Teacher learning platform for a year now, and it has really benefitted me a lot. Superstar Teacher's teaching content is very rich, which not only helps me to better understand the conceptual knowledge but also clearly explains the thinking behind solving specific problems. The teachers’ teaching style is vivid and interesting, which helps to improve my academic performance and makes my experience very enjoyable. I am very grateful to Superstar Teacher for their help in my studies.

 Kaiwen (P5, Telok Kurau Primary School)

Good and relevant teaching materials

As parents, we are worried about our son’s PSLE preparation for next year. We registered Richmond for P4 and P5 English as well as other subjects to provide as much support as we could to help him excel. We found Superstar Teacher’s online materials to be good and relevant— more importantly, our son found the course work and video teaching useful when revising a subject. These helped prepare my son to work on his weakness and allowed him to understand more on the subject rather than basing his understanding from exercise books. We hope that next year he can score an “A” to all of his subjects. We are happy and excited now and we hope this program can help my son and others to excel and achieve better results. Will look to have our younger one carry on with Superstar Teacher for more good teaching. Thank you.

 Sabrina (parent)

Convenient and comprehensive education program

In P4, my girl started to feel lost in her learning. I felt panic, so I started to search for additional external guidance that will help her in her learning. To try out Superstar Teacher’s program, I sat and learned with her. It is indeed a convenient and comprehensive education program for us. It provides systematic content guidelines for the different subjects along with structured online lessons that cover various topics. Lessons are well-designed according to the MOE syllabus. We gained deeper insights after each lesson and we are kept aware of hints when answering the questions and ways of getting rid of common mistakes. What’s best of all is that we can replay the lessons for reviewing to help us have a better understanding. I always believe that "listening in class is the best in keeping those knowledge we heard." It is vital for my girl to build up her memory bank. Coming to my girl's academic performance now (P5), she has shown better concept mapping, more confidence in learning and she is happy with her results (Math/Science from 60+ to 80+). I hope my girl will continue to learn the best from Superstar Teacher!

 Lim Sin Yee (parent)