This course prepares students in the lead-up to the PSLE as they develop advanced language skills in areas of Speaking, Reading and Writing. They will learn how to make use of techniques such as structural and contextual cues to complete Cloze passages with precision and accuracy. Students will also be introduced to the application of the ACE strategy to help answer different types of Comprehension questions (recall, inferential and application questions). Besides exposure to common grammar mistakes, they will also learn more grammar rules such as the use of phrasal verbs and gerunds. Ample practices are available for students to reinforce their grammar and vocabulary skills. Students will also get to hone their writing skills by learning how to develop good story starters, effective paragraphs and story endings, and practise employing techniques such as compare and contrast, creating dialogues and the use of sensory language in their writing.

Teacher Monica Leong

Probably the first video teacher in Singapore, Monica Leong has been educating more than 100,000 students since 2003. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of Superstar Teacher.

Mary Chye
Parent of Lezann Ang

We love the homework help feature the most

My child and I find the lessons very detailed and interesting, which have assisted her a lot in her revision. Besides the lessons, there are also assessments of different difficulty levels for every topic to reinforce what has been learnt. The assessments are auto-marked and accompanied with explanations to further aid my child with her learning. She has progressed well in terms of her results and what we love the most is the homework help feature whereby there are online mentors who are ready to assist and clear any doubts that she has.

Stephanie Ong
Parent of Ashton Leow

Useful for parents with busy and hectic schedules

My kids have been using Superstar Teacher since last year. I find the lessons interesting, and the program gives parents new perspectives on how to teach their children effectively at different stages of growth based on the school syllabus. As adults, we may understand the concepts but sometimes they can be quite challenging to explain to kids at their level. Hence, subscribing to Superstar Teacher’s courses has been very useful for us parents, especially with our busy and hectic schedules. I can always try to join in with my kids’ lessons whenever I am available to catch up and learn together with them.

Angelina Chai
P5, Canberra Primary School

Third position in Primary 5 cohort

I found the Math and Science lessons by Teacher Monica very engaging as her explanations are clear and I was able to absorb and apply the concepts well. Besides that, l also like the Science lessons by Teacher Constance who is funny and able to explain in a detailed way for me to absorb and apply the concepts better. This year, l managed to score the highest in Science thanks to Superstar Teacher. Furthermore, l no longer needed to waste time to travel to attend physical tuition classes. My mum and I found Superstar Teacher to be more effective than physical tuition, so l have stopped all physical tuition since Primary 5 and have purely depended on Superstar Teacher platform. The lessons are proven to work as I have scored AL1 for Math and Science and AL2 for English. l was so elated that l was even awarded third in position throughout the Primary 5 cohort this year. Without Superstar Teacher, l would not make it. Thank you Superstar Teacher, Teacher Monica, Teacher Constance and all the mentors from homework help. I will continue to use Superstar Teacher for my PSLE preparation next year and I am sure Superstar Teacher will help me to achieve good results.

Esther Phua
P5, CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel

My mother would watch and learn with me

My mother was looking for enrichment programs but did not want so much of after-class homework like those found in conventional tuition centres. With the pandemic, most of the tuition classes were shifted online via Zoom which she did not like. At first, she hesitated if it would be another waste of money on this Superstar Teacher platform. My mother wanted me to try Superstar Teacher as she felt that at the very least I could revise and learn at my own pace and own time at home. I could replay the lessons if I do not understand a topic fully. At times, she would also watch and learn with me. I found the Math lessons interesting as Teacher Monica had taught us new problem-solving methods that I did not learn in school. For the Science lessons, there are bonus lesson clips to make it easier to understand the different science concepts. The Math lessons also taught me how to do my workings efficiently and I hope that there will be similar bonus lessons for Math and the other subjects for my subscription next year. I enjoy both Teacher Monica’s lessons and the Science bonus lessons the most.

Parent of Caleb Toh

AL1 for all his subjects

The Superstar Teacher program has helped Caleb tremendously. The method of teaching is very clear and he is able to go back to the lessons to review the areas he is not confident in. He is also able to independently study on his own and revise the topics he needs more work on. As a result, Caleb has done very well for his Primary 5 Semester Assessments - AL1 for all his subjects, with a distinction in Higher Chinese. Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

Jonathan Sauer
Parent of Desmond

Aligned with Singapore's impressive education standards

As a homeschooling parent, I have found the Superstar Teacher learning platform to be an absolute godsend. Given that the courses are aligned with Singapore's impressive education standards, and given that Singapore is consistently placed at the VERY top, or very near the top of, PISA and TIMSS international results - placing Singapore at the very apex of global education rankings - it is a privilege to be able to access such a comprehensive and powerful Singapore curriculum-aligned educational resource. Superstar Teacher's very impressive instructors and self-paced platform make it an invaluable tool for parents looking to supplement their children's conventional school learning and for homeschooling parents looking for a comprehensive teaching tool that covers all core curriculum subjects at a world-class level! Thank you, Superstar Teacher!