This course introduces students to new topics covered in Upper Primary Science based on the following themes—Cycles (water cycle and changes of state), Systems (plant transport system, the human respiratory and circulatory systems, the cell system and electrical system) and Interactions (photosynthesis and conversion of energy in food). Science concepts will be reinforced through the demonstration of experiments, quizzes and assessments. There will be a variety of Topical Revision Lessons focusing on important topics learnt in Primary 3 and 4 to help students in their preparation for PSLE. Further fine-tuning of process skills will be embedded in the lessons and students will continue to develop their proficiencies at higher levels.

Teacher Li-anne Sia

Being a born nurturer, Li-anne Sia knows how to locate unique gifts in every child to magnify their aptitudes. She spares no effort to make her lessons fun, as she aims to nurture lifelong learners who never stop imagining, exploring, and creating.

Esther Heng
Parent of Ezavier Leow En Xian

Best among all other online learning platforms

My 2 children have been using Superstar Teacher for almost 2 years now. We personally found that the lessons are organized in a very structured way. My children have been using the platform to patch up knowledge gaps, especially concepts they have difficulty understanding in their classes. The flexibility to view the lessons, wherever and whenever, is a bonus to them. In addition, they can replay the lessons repeatedly and this really enhances their learning on topics that they are unsure about. Before committing to Superstar Teacher, we had been sourcing for various online platforms. Now that we have gone through it, we are convinced that Superstar Teacher is still the best among all other online learning platforms in the market. We are very pleased and feel assured to put our trust in Superstar Teacher.

Wartinah Bte Manisan
Parent of Adina Qisty Bte Sulaiman

No need to travel to physical tuition centres

My child has been subscribed to Superstar Teacher’s Science courses since Primary 3 as we do not sign her up for any additional tuition classes. Her Science grades have constantly been good every year. Learning through the online platform is definitely an easy and convenient way to learn as we do not need to travel to physical tuition centres for classes. The Instant Homework Help feature is also very useful, especially when she has any questions that needed to be answered immediately.

Chris Ngu
Parent of Troy Yip

No need for any additional tutor

My kid has been using Superstar Teacher for 3 years. With Superstar Teacher, my kid can study at his own pace. He can always re-play the lessons repeatedly to revise any topics he is unclear of. As a parent, sometimes I will join in with my kid for lessons to learn together with him. The teachers are very engaging and the lessons are very interesting and informative. I do not need to hire any additional tutor for him at all. With the new Achievements feature, my kid is even more motivated to attend the lessons and do revision for more star rewards. Thank you Superstar Teacher, my kid will definitely continue with Superstar Teacher's lessons.

Mary Chye
Parent of Lezann Ang

We love the homework help feature the most

My child and I find the lessons very detailed and interesting, which have assisted her a lot in her revision. Besides the lessons, there are also assessments of different difficulty levels for every topic to reinforce what has been learnt. The assessments are auto-marked and accompanied with explanations to further aid my child with her learning. She has progressed well in terms of her results and what we love the most is the homework help feature whereby there are online mentors who are ready to assist and clear any doubts that she has.

Angelina Chai
P5, Canberra Primary School

Third position in Primary 5 cohort

I found the Math and Science lessons by Teacher Monica very engaging as her explanations are clear and I was able to absorb and apply the concepts well. Besides that, l also like the Science lessons by Teacher Constance who is funny and able to explain in a detailed way for me to absorb and apply the concepts better. This year, l managed to score the highest in Science thanks to Superstar Teacher. Furthermore, l no longer needed to waste time to travel to attend physical tuition classes. My mum and I found Superstar Teacher to be more effective than physical tuition, so l have stopped all physical tuition since Primary 5 and have purely depended on Superstar Teacher platform. The lessons are proven to work as I have scored AL1 for Math and Science and AL2 for English. l was so elated that l was even awarded third in position throughout the Primary 5 cohort this year. Without Superstar Teacher, l would not make it. Thank you Superstar Teacher, Teacher Monica, Teacher Constance and all the mentors from homework help. I will continue to use Superstar Teacher for my PSLE preparation next year and I am sure Superstar Teacher will help me to achieve good results.

Esther Phua
P5, CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel

My mother would watch and learn with me

My mother was looking for enrichment programs but did not want so much of after-class homework like those found in conventional tuition centres. With the pandemic, most of the tuition classes were shifted online via Zoom which she did not like. At first, she hesitated if it would be another waste of money on this Superstar Teacher platform. My mother wanted me to try Superstar Teacher as she felt that at the very least I could revise and learn at my own pace and own time at home. I could replay the lessons if I do not understand a topic fully. At times, she would also watch and learn with me. I found the Math lessons interesting as Teacher Monica had taught us new problem-solving methods that I did not learn in school. For the Science lessons, there are bonus lesson clips to make it easier to understand the different science concepts. The Math lessons also taught me how to do my workings efficiently and I hope that there will be similar bonus lessons for Math and the other subjects for my subscription next year. I enjoy both Teacher Monica’s lessons and the Science bonus lessons the most.