This course introduces students to new topics covered in Upper Primary Science based on the following themes—Cycles (water cycle and changes of state), Systems (plant transport system, the human respiratory and circulatory systems, the cell system and electrical system) and Interactions (photosynthesis and conversion of energy in food). Science concepts will be reinforced through the demonstration of experiments, quizzes and assessments. There will be a variety of Topical Revision Lessons focusing on important topics learnt in Primary 3 and 4 to help students in their preparation for PSLE. Further fine-tuning of process skills will be embedded in the lessons and students will continue to develop their proficiencies at higher levels.

Teacher Constance Chen

A Bachelor of Education graduate with keen interest in Primary Science, Constance Chen joined MyHomeTutor Campus, Blue Orange's chain of learning centres in Singapore, in 2009. Her ability to connect with students made her an instant hit, and she quickly established herself as a prolific and highly popular teacher, helming more than 10 classes with maximum enrolment. In 2010, she further undertook the role of developing, improving and advising on the Science curriculum for MyHomeTutor Campus. Superstar Teacher Primary Science, here she comes!

Aligned with Singapore's impressive education standards

As a homeschooling parent, I have found the Superstar Teacher learning platform to be an absolute godsend. Given that the courses are aligned with Singapore's impressive education standards, and given that Singapore is consistently placed at the VERY top, or very near the top of, PISA and TIMSS international results - placing Singapore at the very apex of global education rankings - it is a privilege to be able to access such a comprehensive and powerful Singapore curriculum-aligned educational resource. Superstar Teacher's very impressive instructors and self-paced platform make it an invaluable tool for parents looking to supplement their children's conventional school learning and for homeschooling parents looking for a comprehensive teaching tool that covers all core curriculum subjects at a world-class level! Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

 Jonathan Sauer (parent)

Very convenient platform for self-learning

Superstar Teacher’s interface is user-friendly and easy to use. My son can navigate through the platform and complete the auto-marking assignments independently. He loves the homework help feature the most where he can ask a question when in doubt. He can ask any question relating to the subject and the mentor is always swift to help with clear explanations provided. Both the lessons and the teachers are engaging and my son finds it interesting to learn. Superstar Teacher offers an own time, own target approach - my son can view the lessons at any time and any place whenever he is free, making it a very convenient platform for self-learning. Thumbs up, Superstar Teacher!

 Eilis Ong (parent)

Questions from the lessons appeared in my exams

I found the lessons in all the four subjects I have viewed interesting and useful as they could help me tackle both my P5 and P6 Exams. All the explanations and methods taught in the Math lessons really made solving problem sums much more easier. I also enjoyed all the comprehension stories that were provided in the English and Chinese lessons. Most of all, some of the questions taught really appeared in the exam papers and using the easier methods suggested and provided, I was able to solve them easily! Since I started learning with Superstar Teacher, my grades have improved significantly compared to the past.

 Shannon (P5, Geylang Methodist School (Primary))

Exposed her to higher-order thinking

Charis has shown significant improvement in her English, Science and Mathematics. Her SA2 results in P5 are above expectations despite the Covid-19 pandemic, as she had to do more independent learning by herself at home. She has shown initiative and personal responsibility to study by herself with minimal parents' supervision. Most of the time, she could do her own problem-solving by spending more time analysing the questions and answers. She could consult the mentors online whenever she had any doubts. Charis said that the teachers’ explanations were very clear and she could understand the concepts better through the questioning and explanation of difficult questions. I am glad Superstar Teacher has exposed her to higher-order thinking via challenging questions to test her ability. One suggestion would be to have live consultations with mentors so that learning becomes more effective and interactive for the child.

 Duan Xiaoyan (parent)

Vivid and interesting teaching style

I have been using Superstar Teacher learning platform for a year now, and it has really benefitted me a lot. Superstar Teacher's teaching content is very rich, which not only helps me to better understand the conceptual knowledge but also clearly explains the thinking behind solving specific problems. The teachers’ teaching style is vivid and interesting, which helps to improve my academic performance and makes my experience very enjoyable. I am very grateful to Superstar Teacher for their help in my studies.

 Kaiwen (P5, Telok Kurau Primary School)

Gradual progress to first in class

We have subscribed for Superstar Teacher Math & Science subjects for Kayla since she was in Primary 3, and she has shown gradual progress in both subjects through consistent practices on the worksheets and assessments. This year she has achieved first in her class, and it's so amazing and unbelievable! Sometimes we would go through the video tutorials with her on targeted topics as we learn together with her. We would like to thank the great team of Superstar Teacher, and we look forward to also having the same progress with my younger son.

 Candice (parent)