This course provides students a full coverage of the essential language skills and comprehension skills needed to score well in the PSLE. The focus will be on the following key examinable components – Language Application (语文应用), Cloze Passage (短文填空), Complete the Dialogue (完成对话) and Comprehension (阅读理解). Students will continue to build on their vocabulary and grammar skills through exposure to new characters and lessons on sentence construction. They will also learn how to read and analyse comprehension passages effectively and master useful techniques to answer higher-order questions correctly. More practices are also available through auto-marking assessments.


方丽玲,在新加坡国立大学专修中文,并拥有新加坡南洋理工大学教育学院文凭(学士后教育文凭-小学华文, NIE)。除了拥有多年在新加坡小学的华文教学经验,她也是名资深媒体工作者。曾在本地新传媒电视和97.2 FM电台担任新闻编辑、记者和节目经理等职位。

My grades have improved a lot

The lessons in Superstar Teacher are very interesting! One thing I like best is that unlike other tuition classes, Superstar Teacher’s lessons can be replayed as many times as you want so that you can fully understand the content. In Math, Teacher Monica gives detailed explanations and fast yet easy to understand methods. My grades have improved a lot since I commenced on the Superstar Teacher courses! Thank you!

 Li Ruiqi (P6, Raffles Girls' Primary School)

Top 5% of 2018 PSLE cohort

Thank you so much Superstar Teachers! I was in the top 5% of the 2018 PSLE cohort and was eligible for the Edusave Scholarships for Independent Schools (ESIS). I find Superstar Teacher lessons engaging and really effect in my learning. I can learn at my own pace, anytime, anywhere. The teachers explained the syllabus clearly and made us learnt the concepts in an interesting way. They definitely played a huge part in my success and in helping me get into my dream school.

 Teo Wan Kee (S1, Nanyang Girls' High School)

PSLE score of 261 + 3 Distinction in Higher Chinese

I obtained A* for both Math and Science in my PSLE result. I scored an aggregate of 261 + 3 for distinction in Higher Chinese. All these would not have been possible without my Superstar Teachers! Thank you all!

 Goh Bing Yao (P6, Pei Chun Public School)

Learning is a breeze!

We were relocated to Bangkok for 3 years. We returned to Singapore when my daughter was in Primary 5. It was already the second semester when school started for her. We chanced upon Superstar Teacher online learning and subscribed to the 4 subjects. Learning using this was a breeze! The teachings are clear and easy to understand. During the recent PSLE results, I was surprised that my daughter is able to enrol into the Express Stream despite the short timeline. Definitely thumbs up for the online learning program!

 Anne Tan (parent)

263 for PSLE with 3A*

As I tend to get 60+ for my science, my parents were worried that it will pull down my PSLE aggregate score. Superstar Teacher was subsequently recommended to my mum by her friend and my mum immediately bought all the available titles for me. I started the online lessons and realised a hug improvement in my results!
I found Mrs Leong’s lessons interesting and paced at a comfortable speed for me to follow. Mr Ti’s and Ms Li Lim lessons were equally engaging. Most importantly, I could practice the exercises on Superstar Teacher with my parents at any time. I also had the freedom to pause the video whenever I wanted a break or if I felt that I could not keep up.
Thanks to Superstar Teacher, I manage to achieve great results for my Prelims with 3 A* and an A, topping my class with an average of 92%. Of course, my results maintained for my PSLE with an aggregate score of 263 (with Merit for my Higher Chinese). All these are only possible with Superstar Teacher and I am now continuing my education with Superstar Teacher Secondary Titles!

 Kelsey Teo (P6, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School)

PSLE score of 258

I scored an aggregate of 258 consisting of 2 A* for both English and Science and 2 A for both Chinese and Math. I would like to give a big Thank YOU to all Superstar Teachers for preparing me for my PSLE with the tip top strategies during the revision lessons, especially from the intensive drill questions found in the last 5 lessons.

 Jessica Ti (P6, River Valley Primary School)