This course provides students a full coverage of the essential language skills and answering techniques needed to ace the PSLE. Students will get to practise applying techniques such as using structural and contextual cues and the ACE strategy to get maximum scores in the Cloze Passage and Comprehension exam components. Students will also be introduced to advanced grammar rules on active versus passive sentences, sequence of tenses, relative pronouns and prepositions.

Teacher Monica Leong

Probably the first video teacher in Singapore, Monica Leong has been educating more than 100,000 students since 2003. Today, she has legions of fans both in Singapore and abroad, and has earned a name for herself as an especially inspiring and engaging teacher. With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, she became the first and has spearheaded the success of Superstar Teacher.

Parent of Denise

Instant Homework Help is a very nice feature

Instant Homework Help is a very nice feature. It allows my daughter to clarify doubts she faces during lessons with online mentors via a 1-to-1 chat interface whenever she needs. The topical assessments with the auto-marking system are also very helpful as they let us know the topics my daughter needs to review and practise more on.

Parent of Cheryl Teo Xin Nin

Shown improvement in her studies

I found that Superstar Teacher has helped my child to learn at her own pace. It was an online course that attracted my child 100%. The lessons can be replayed at our convenience to recap the concepts and they are designed in a very interactive way. My child has enjoyed the program so much and has gained more confidence in her English, Maths, and Science. She is able apply answering techniques taught in the Superstar Teacher lessons and has shown improvement in her studies. The questions within the auto-marking assessments are curated in a systematic manner according to the MOE curriculum. Having the different difficulty levels helps children to build some foundation first and to progress confidently without fail. Thanks, Superstar Teacher and we have signed up for the next school level.

Li Ruiqi
P6, Raffles Girls' Primary School

My grades have improved a lot

The lessons in Superstar Teacher are very interesting! One thing I like best is that unlike other tuition classes, Superstar Teacher’s lessons can be replayed as many times as you want so that you can fully understand the content. In Math, Teacher Monica gives detailed explanations and fast yet easy to understand methods. My grades have improved a lot since I commenced on the Superstar Teacher courses! Thank you!

Ariel Judah Wijaya
P6, Nanyang Primary School

A* and 3 A's for PSLE

Thank you, Superstar Teacher, for helping me during the PSLE. Through your informative and easy-to-understand lessons online, I am able to improve my Science and English. The lessons helped me to improve my answering techniques and grasp key concepts. I was able to get an A* and three A’s for my PSLE. Watching these comprehensive teaching videos helped me get accustomed to learning from home. It has also helped me to save time as I do not have to travel to and from tuition centers. Using Superstar Teacher is very convenient and flexible as I can watch the videos anytime and repeat the topics that I am weaker in.

Adithi Jyoti Narayanank
P6, Rivervale Primary School

Things I Really Love about Superstar Teacher

With Superstar Teacher, all video lessons are provided online so I can learn at the convenience and comfort of my home with flexible time arrangements! This enables me to avoid the hassle and time spent travelling to a tuition center, especially with the COVID situation still evolving. I like the program because I can learn at my own pace without any peer pressure. I can also repeat a certain topic or question, pause or slow down whenever needed. Most importantly, I can keep each session short and arrange my own schedule. The video lessons are very engaging and I can even learn together with my mom. Supplementary materials for each lesson and the study tracker are also available to track my progress! The mentors are very helpful via the Homework Help portal in explaining my queries in detail.

Maria Vijay Amirthraj
Parent of Nitika and Samantha

I totally rely on Superstar Teacher to help my daughters

Superstar Teacher has been very useful for both my daughters over the last few years. Even in these turbulent Covid-19 times, especially during the home-based learning and circuit breaker period. They were able to revise and revisit topics which they find more difficult to clarify their doubts. Since learning from home can be quite difficult, especially for my younger daughter who is going to take her PSLE in a few months, Superstar Teacher has been very beneficial as the lessons are taught with clear explanations, detailed workings and tips provided by the teachers. These lessons are made with very high standards and quality. While attending online tuition or school lessons, technical issues can cause students to miss out on explanations since they are live. However, we would not encounter such problems as even if technical issues occur, the video can be rewound and replayed so we can still listen to the full explanations of the different concepts and answers to questions. All in all, I totally rely on Superstar Teacher to help my daughters. I have recommended it to my friends and will continue using it for my younger daughter for the next 4 years.