This course aims to build a strong foundation and nurture interest in the learning and application of higher-level mathematical processes such as reasoning and creative thinking as students transition from primary school to secondary school. Concepts such as factors, multiples, real numbers and significant figures will be introduced and students will learn how to use prime factorisation to find HCFs and LCMs and how to work with combined operations of numbers. Students will also learn more on the topics of Percentage, Ratio, Rate, Speed and Data Handling. More crucially, they will be taught important skills and concepts in Algebra as they learn how to manipulate algebraic expressions, use algebra (instead of model-drawing) to solve challenging word problems and sketch graphs of linear functions to solve linear equations.

Teacher Johan Foong

Mr Foong is a success story. Once a struggling student in his early years, he worked his way to junior college, then university, and ultimately, a stellar career. Today, Mr Foong is a true-blue veteran of the education industry, with a portfolio ranging from editorship and curriculum development to teaching. His personal academic journey means he knows exactly what difficulties students face, and makes him a powerful presence in the classroom. Everyone loves a success story. Superstar Teacher is confident that under Mr Foong's guidance, many new success stories will be created.

Zhao Nan Jie
Parent of Nana

Allows her to receive tuition at home

When my daughter just entered secondary school, I realised that unlike being in primary school, she has longer school hours. With the additional secondary-level subjects and longer school hours, I find that travelling to tuition classes have become time- and energy-consuming for her. Superstar Teacher allows her to have tuition at home, which really helps save a lot of time. She gets to have her needed rest without compromising on the tuition help that she needs, not forgetting that having enough rest is very crucial for kids to perform well in their studies. Thank you, Superstar Teacher.

Pauline Goh
Parent of Callista Lim

My daughter no longer requires any tuition

Getting out of Primary School and hopping into Secondary One can be a real challenge to a child, especially for my daughter. Although she has done reasonably well for her PSLE, partly due to having followed Superstar Teacher’s lessons, she required much more confidence building to help her overcome this challenge. Callista has been with Superstar Teacher since Primary Three and she feels very comfortable with the platform. Hence, she loves this education program and has been continuing with the Secondary One courses. Callista no longer requires any tuition ever since she has taken up these Superstar Teacher courses. Besides saving travelling time to and from tuition centres, we also get to save more money and most importantly, she can go back to any of the topics for more revision. To conclude, we are very glad to have benefitted from Superstar Teacher!

Parent of Chua Song Ying

Promoted from N(T) to N(A)

As my son’s PSLE results were not good and he is now in N(T) Secondary 1, I subscribed to all of Superstar Teacher’s P6 and Secondary 1 subjects to help him in his studies. He needs the P6 titles to do revision and since then, his grades have improved. Within less than one year, he topped the class in 3 subjects (Math, English and Chinese) and his Science results have also improved a lot. His schoolteacher has promoted him to progress to N(A) Secondary 2 next year. All the teachers from Superstar Teachers are very, very professional and attentive to details. The platform also has many good features that have helped my son. 1, Homework Help feature: my son can ask questions anytime and that’s really very helpful. 2, Assessments: there are difference topics to choose from and he can do a lot of practices based on what he has learned. After the system has marked each assessment, he will go back to the lesson page to view the videos again. Superstar Teacher has a professional education team and it has solved the common problem of parents and children. I am really glad when I saw that my son has improved and gained confidence in his studies.

S1, Temasek Junior College

From fail to pass

Being in the IP programme, I struggled during my first semester and failed my Math and Science during term tests. As I could not fit into the schedule of tuition centres, I decided to give Superstar Teacher a try. The teachers were meticulous and the lessons were well structured and these helped me to understand the subjects better. I applied the methods and strategies taught for my exam and improved tremendously in my final exam! I would recommend Superstar Teacher to all my friends!

Lee Kok Heong
Parent of Lee Xuan Ying

Flexibility amidst her tight schedule

I find the courses very useful for my daughter. She has been using Superstar Teacher’s courses for more than 3 years. While she attends her competitive swimming training everyday, Superstar Teacher allows her to revise whenever she has free time, giving her the flexibility amidst her tight schedule.

Parent of Anders Tse

Lesson effectiveness shown in my son's results

My son has been using Superstar Teacher since Primary 5 till Secondary 1 now. It definitely offers convenience as he doesn't have to travel to attend classes and he could learn safely at home even through the Covid-19 restriction periods. What’s most important is that my son has enjoyed the lessons and he is able to replay lessons on the topics that he needs more revision on. The concepts are also taught in a very clear and engaging manner. I am pleased that the lesson effectiveness is shown in my son’s academic results. Thank you!