In this course, students will be introduced to more topics and scientific concepts under five key themes – Scientific Endeavour, Diversity, Models, Interactions and Systems. Students will get to explore different types of systems such as the Transport Systems (plant transport system and human circulatory system), Human Digestive System, Human Reproductive System, as well as man-made Electrical Systems.

Teacher Oh Ming Yeo

Ming Yeo’s youthfulness belies his experience, of which he has almost a decade. It also belies his shelf full of accolades: from MOE Outstanding Contributor Award, to Innovation in Teaching nomination, to various teaching and science trophies. But putting all that aside, it is why Ming Yeo is a teacher that heartens and excites us. Ming Yeo believes that every child can learn, though perhaps not at the same time and on the same day. To that end, Ming Yeo is single-minded about helping every Secondary Science student realise their full potential in Superstar Teacher. We say cheers to that!

Bernard Tok
S2, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

Money worth spending

The lessons are very clear to understand and the worksheets are a great help to revise things taught in the lessons. The explanations given by the teachers to answer questions are very straightforward and easy to understand. I will definitely continue to use Superstar Teacher throughout secondary school. Overall, the money was worth spending!

Ruoxi Zhang
S3, UWCSEA Dover

Concepts do not seem so complex anymore

I really enjoy the Superstar Teacher’s Secondary Science lessons. The concepts are very easy to learn and the lesson objectives are straight to the point. The lessons match perfectly with my school units and they have helped to pull up my science grade significantly. The concepts do not seem so complex anymore after the teacher’ explanations and I have started to develop a interest in Biology and Physics. This is a great platform to improve and gain new knowledge in science.

Parent of Shivani Aiyappan

Saves time traveling to tuition centers

Shivani has shown good progress in her marks after starting with Superstar Teacher. She was in an international school until P4. Superstar Teacher helped her a lot during the transition from an international to a local school. It has saved her the travelling time to tuition centers and she can also view the lessons multiple times. I have been subscribing to Superstar Teacher every year for Shivani from P5 to Secondary 2. Ms Regina at the Popular bookstore (Tampines outlet) has been very helpful. Thank you so much to all the teachers of Superstar Teacher as they are really superstars.

Lena Liu
Parent of Zhiguang

We like the Homework Help feature the most

Superstar Teacher has been a great help and stress relief for both parents and child alike. There is peace of mind knowing that we can refer to Superstar Teacher’s lessons anytime when we need to clarify a concept together or when the child gets stuck with his schoolwork. The video lessons are of high quality, smooth running and well-aligned with the school syllabus, and they provided a lot of content to hone exam skills. One of the features that we like the most is the Homework Help, which is an interactive Q&A that keeps learning alive and helps the child stay focused. Definitely a trusted resource to fall back on for the upcoming streaming exams! Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

Pauline Loh
Parent of Javen Tan Jun Wen

Improved from a B4 to a high A1

Javen has been with Superstar Teacher since he was in Primary 6. It has helped Javen tremendously during his P6 year. He was close to failing his Math but after viewing Superstar Teacher's titles, he had improved to a high B. Superstar Teacher gave us the opportunity to review the video lessons during every other common test period. In Secondary 2, after the customer relations team contacted me again and introduced me to the latest Achievement feature, I was convinced to purchase the titles for Secondary 2 Math and Science. Javen is motivated and has continued to work hard towards completing the different achievement levels. After viewing the Science and Math video lessons by Superstar Teacher, he has since improved from a B4 for both subjects to a high A1 as he was able to repeat the videos for the topics tested again and again. This way, he was able to get familiarised with the different kinds of questions that could be tested during each test. Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

Tess Lim
S2, Peirce Secondary School

My Science has improved drastically!

My mother first got me the Superstar Teacher program to help me with my Science when I was P3. Initially, I thought that it was really stupid. But, I started to view the video lessons to improve on my Science as well as to prepare in advance for the upcoming science chapters. From a mere pass, which was what I always got when I was in P3 and P4, I finally managed to get a B in Science for my PSLE. During the December Holidays after my PSLE, I also used Superstar Teacher to start preparing for Secondary 1 Science and realised that my Science has improved drastically! I got an A1 for my Science during CA1. At first, I thought I was just lucky but I have been continuously getting A1s for Science! As I progressed to Secondary 2, I went to prepare for Secondary 2 Science with the Superstar Teacher Science lessons and I continued to do equally well! Today, I got the course that I wanted, which is the double-Science course! Thank you, Superstar Teacher.