In this course, students will acquire knowledge and develop skills and abilities in Biology so as to set a strong foundation for the learning of science at tertiary levels and beyond. Students will be introduced to topics under 2 main themes – Principles of Biology (Cells, Movement of Substances, Nutrients and Enzymes), Maintenance and Regulation of Life Processes (Nutrition and Transport in Plants / Humans, and Respiration in Humans and Homeostasis). There will also be revision lessons during which students will be exposed to different question types and gain useful answering techniques and strategies to answer examination questions. Quizzes and assessments are available throughout the course for them to test their conceptual understanding and reinforce learning.

Teacher Roy Teo

It would be an understatement to say that Roy Teo is a high achiever. With a PhD in Biology from University of Cambridge, you may find his paper qualifications a little intimidating. However, meet him and you will be won over by his inimitable desire to mentor the future generation. We can't wait to have Roy share with you about Secondary Biology topics and how they impact every single one of us - our lives, our health as well as our well-being.

Pei En
S3, Edgefield Secondary School

No need for additional tuition work

With Superstar Teacher, I can study and revise at my own pace. I do not need to worry about additional tuition work that is going to be due soon when I already have tons of schoolwork given to me that day. I can always adjust the amount of Superstar Teacher worksheets that I want to do and the lessons I want to view - less when I have a lot of schoolwork and more during the weekends. I also do not need to worry about whether my teacher is free or not, I can learn more things at my timing and schedule. Furthermore, I can play those lessons repeatedly while revising with the worksheets I have completed to have a deeper impression of the things taught. The auto-marking assessments are also useful as they act as small pop quizzes to let me constantly practise the concepts learned such that I would not forget them easily.

Dinesh Shetty
Parent of Arya Shetty

We wish that we have discovered Superstar Teacher earlier

Superstar Teacher has been a great source of learning and revision for my daughter since Secondary 3 and we wish that we had discovered it earlier. With the progress and benefits shown after going through Superstar Teacher's video lessons and worksheets, we have since subscribed to all the P4 subjects for our son this year. With Superstar Teacher, my daughter has saved a lot of time and has been able to plan appropriately her study schedule since it is available anytime, anywhere. It is much easier to come back home and and settle in a comfortable environment to study, especially with long school hours. My daughter also has the advantage of going back to the videos and replay the lessons again and again till she is clear of the subject. The worksheets are helpful in cementing her learning and the tokens provided also help her when she has questions or queries. Thank you, Superstar Teacher team.

S3, Tanjong Katong Girls' School

Convenient and enriching

This is my second time using Superstar Teacher. I initially came across this learning platform in my PSLE year and I had benefited immensely from it. With these positive experiences, I decided to use it again this year. I am currently in Secondary 3 and the workload has increased a lot.The pace of teaching has also increased during lessons. To cope with this, I have been using Superstar Teacher and this is really convenient as I can watch the video lessons at any time. The content is very detailed and the worksheets provided are helpful in making me better understand what is being taught. The Superstar teachers have also explained many challenging questions in a very effective way for me to understand. Overall, my experience has been a very enriching and convenient one.