In this course, students will focus on gaining conceptual knowledge, problem-solving skills and experimental skills in Chemistry. They will get to understand more about the Atomic Structure and Stoichiometry by learning about protons, neutrons and electrons, the different types of chemical bonding and the mole concept. Students will also get to examine the Chemistry of Reaction as they learn about acids, bases and salts, and how oxidation and reduction occur. They will also learn important experimental and separation techniques such as distillation and chromatography. Quizzes and assessments are available throughout the course for them to test their conceptual understanding and reinforce learning.

Teacher Selena See

A wise man once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” That wise man was Benjamin Franklin – inventor and, more famously, scientist. How apt it is that those timeless words now epitomize Selena See’s teaching philosophy. In her decade-plus interaction with secondary school children, Selena has endeavoured to make every science lesson a brand new experience that involves and engages. Let this Superstar Teacher open your eyes to the exciting world of Upper Secondary Chemistry!

The study materials are well designed

Superstar Teacher videos are valuable for my learning. I am able to watch the videos in my free time and learn at my own pace. The study materials are well designed and presented. I am able to grasp the concepts easily and benefit greatly from the lessons. Highly recommended to all Primary and Secondary students!

 Lee Cai Wei (S2, Nanyang Girls' High School)

Scored well for Chemistry and Physics

I found the teachers very experienced. I could remember all the important points better and have scored well for both Chemistry and Physics. I like how the video lessons are conducted and the teachers will give real-life examples to support their explanations, helping me understand the science concepts better. They make the lessons more interesting with experiments conducted by the teachers.

 Tham Zhao Hui (S3, Anglican High School)

We wish that we have discovered Superstar Teacher earlier

Superstar Teacher has been a great source of learning and revision for my daughter since Secondary 3 and we wish that we had discovered it earlier. With the progress and benefits shown after going through Superstar Teacher's video lessons and worksheets, we have since subscribed to all the P4 subjects for our son this year. With Superstar Teacher, my daughter has saved a lot of time and has been able to plan appropriately her study schedule since it is available anytime, anywhere. It is much easier to come back home and and settle in a comfortable environment to study, especially with long school hours. My daughter also has the advantage of going back to the videos and replay the lessons again and again till she is clear of the subject. The worksheets are helpful in cementing her learning and the tokens provided also help her when she has questions or queries. Thank you, Superstar Teacher team.

 Dinesh Shetty (parent)

D7 to B3 for Chemistry

The good thing about Superstar Teacher is that I am able to constantly revise the topics which I am weak in without fearing that the teacher would lose patience. I can also work out my own schedule to study and work on the worksheet questions. I like how the revision lessons are structured in a way that even when I have no time, just watching them would suffice for my tests and exams. From a D7 to B3, the result says it all!

 Marvin Tan (S3, Hai Sing Catholic School)

From C to A for Chemistry

I have been using Superstar Teacher for many years but I wish to highlight on how the Chemistry programme have helped me improve from a C (58) to an A (75). Before watching the lessons, I was struggling to understand the concepts of many topics in Chemistry, especially mole calculation. I just could not grasp the concepts and constantly misunderstand the facts given in the questions. Thankfully for Ms Selena’s “3 step method”, I can now conquer the questions confidently!

 Gareth Hoon Chen Lin (S3, St Joseph's Institution)

From C5 to A2 in Chemistry

With a busy schedule of 35 hours of school lessons, average of 14 hours for homework, 8 hours of CCA practice (excluding days where there are concerts/performance/competitions), 2 hours of music lessons plus practice and 6 hours of sports training per week, it is a challenge to maintain the goal of achieving a minimum B3 for all 8 subjects for a Secondary 3 student without giving up on other interest. Going for tuitions would only add on the demands of the limited 168 hours per week. As such, a more efficient and effective way to understand the concept, revise and score well is required.
I decided to give Superstar Teacher – Secondary 3 Chemistry a try. The lessons were broken down into smaller parts with enough time for each segment to be clearly explained. This enabled me to come up with a revision plan in between my activities to go through the lessons part-by-part. I can also go through the tougher topics a couple more times for better clarity. I was amazed when I scored A2 for my end of year exam as that’s a great improvement from my CA1 which I scored C5. Teacher Selena is very clear in her explanation and she often uses different experiments to support them. She will also provide acronyms to help me remember better. It is clear that Superstar Teacher – Chemistry is what my daughter needs to bring her through the Secondary 4 syllabus.

 Lee Jia Yin (S3, Nan Chiau High School)