In this course, students will get to master more advanced language skills as they commence their O Level preparation. They will master useful techniques and strategies in two key examinable components for Paper 2 – Cloze Passage and Comprehension. There will be guided practices throughout the course and students can also revise and reinforce their learning with the auto-marking assessments. Students will boost their writing skills by learning from good writing examples (惯用语, 优美段落), as well as new writing techniques for various essay forms (记叙文, 说明文) such as 心理描写, 夹叙夹议 and 插叙法. Lessons also include spelling tests and exercises on idioms (成语) and proverbs (俗语) for students to improve their vocabulary.


张凌雪,硕士研究生学历,主修汉语言文学专业, 并对华文有着深入的研究。参与编写新加坡中学华文课件多年, 熟悉教育部的最新出题格式。了解中学生需掌握的知识点, 能够将复杂难懂的知识转变成有趣易懂的内容,让学生明白并掌握。

Lynn Tan
Parent of Kerlyn Tan

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