This course builds on the foundation set in Lower Secondary levels by imparting more advanced mathematical concepts and skills to prepare students for their national examinations. Students will explore new concepts under the topics Indices (laws of indices, exponential equations, standard form and prefixes), Interest (simple and compound interest), Coordinate Geometry (gradient, equation of line and distance between two points), Linear Inequalities (solving linear inequalities and representing solution on a number line) and Properties of Circles (symmetry and angle properties).

Teacher Johan Foong

Mr Foong is a success story. Once a struggling student in his early years, he worked his way to junior college, then university, and ultimately, a stellar career. Today, Mr Foong is a true-blue veteran of the education industry, with a portfolio ranging from editorship and curriculum development to teaching. His personal academic journey means he knows exactly what difficulties students face, and makes him a powerful presence in the classroom. Everyone loves a success story. Superstar Teacher is confident that under Mr Foong's guidance, many new success stories will be created.

Evelyn Phua
S3, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Helps me get ahead of school curriculum

This is my first time using Superstar Teacher. The platform has been highly useful for me as it helps me get ahead of the school curriculum with the online lessons. The Auto-Marking Assessments helps to test my understanding and is also one of my resources for revision. I really like the question-asking function called Instant Homework Help which allows me to ask questions and get immediate explanations from online mentors. I can also ask further if I need further clarification and the mentors are always very patient and thorough in explaining.

Karen Sim
Parent of Nathanael Sim

Grade jumped from C6 to A1

Nathanael scored 53/100 for E-Math in his Secondary 3 Term 2 exam this year. He realized he did not do well due to his weak foundations in mathematical concepts. He then started going through lessons on Superstar Teacher’s platform diligently to revise those concepts he did not understand well and further practised regularly with the auto-marking assessments. His Term 4 exam results improved from Term 2’s C6 grade (53/100) to an A1 grade (78/100) within a mere 3-month period. This tuition model is effective for him because he can selectively choose lessons on specific topics he wants to improve on, pause the lesson anytime and repeat the same lesson until he fully grasps the concept. He is thankful to have subscribed to Superstar Teacher and benefitted greatly from this mode of learning, which allows him to learn at his own pace from the comfort of home.

Pei En
S3, Edgefield Secondary School

No need for additional tuition work

With Superstar Teacher, I can study and revise at my own pace. I do not need to worry about additional tuition work that is going to be due soon when I already have tons of schoolwork given to me that day. I can always adjust the amount of Superstar Teacher worksheets that I want to do and the lessons I want to view - less when I have a lot of schoolwork and more during the weekends. I also do not need to worry about whether my teacher is free or not, I can learn more things at my timing and schedule. Furthermore, I can play those lessons repeatedly while revising with the worksheets I have completed to have a deeper impression of the things taught. The auto-marking assessments are also useful as they act as small pop quizzes to let me constantly practise the concepts learned such that I would not forget them easily.

Lena Liu
Parent of Wang Zhiguang Gurion

Good resource for self-paced learning

We found the courses to be a good resource for self-paced learning, and whenever we found any topic that is not understood for the first time, we can always replay or pause the lessons for a clearer understanding. Help is always available at our fingertips and we receive very timely responses from the online mentors whenever we need to ask a question with just a token. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and mentors at Superstar Teacher!

Lee Cai Wei
S2, Nanyang Girls' High School

The study materials are well designed

Superstar Teacher videos are valuable for my learning. I am able to watch the videos in my free time and learn at my own pace. The study materials are well designed and presented. I am able to grasp the concepts easily and benefit greatly from the lessons. Highly recommended to all Primary and Secondary students!

Annie Loke
Parent of Goh Wan Teng

Help your child find joy in learning

Additional Mathematics improved from a C5 to A2. My daughter has been using Superstar Teacher for 6 years now, and it proves to be the most effective way of learning for her. In Secondary 3, she was convinced that subjects like A. Math and Math were going to be her weak points. She even scored a C5 for her first A. Math test. However, she took up the English, Math, and A. Math courses in Secondary 3 and they have contributed tremendously to the improvement in all 3 subjects. Superstar Teacher has helped my daughter in her education journey more than any tuition she has taken up before, and I have to thank all the Superstar Teachers for this. To anyone who is contemplating whether to use Superstar Teacher, I highly recommend to you as the teachers are very passionate about what they teach and can help your child find joy in learning too.