This course builds on the foundation set in Lower Secondary levels by imparting more advanced mathematical concepts and skills to prepare students for their national examinations. Students will explore new concepts under the topics Indices (laws of indices, exponential equations, standard form and prefixes), Interest (simple and compound interest), Coordinate Geometry (gradient, equation of line and distance between two points), Linear Inequalities (solving linear inequalities and representing solution on a number line) and Properties of Circles (symmetry and angle properties).

Teacher Johan Foong

Mr Foong is a success story. Once a struggling student in his early years, he worked his way to junior college, then university, and ultimately, a stellar career. Today, Mr Foong is a true-blue veteran of the education industry, with a portfolio ranging from editorship and curriculum development to teaching. His personal academic journey means he knows exactly what difficulties students face, and makes him a powerful presence in the classroom. Everyone loves a success story. Superstar Teacher is confident that under Mr Foong's guidance, many new success stories will be created.

The study materials are well designed

Superstar Teacher videos are valuable for my learning. I am able to watch the videos in my free time and learn at my own pace. The study materials are well designed and presented. I am able to grasp the concepts easily and benefit greatly from the lessons. Highly recommended to all Primary and Secondary students!

 Lee Cai Wei (S2, Nanyang Girls' High School)

Help your child find joy in learning

Additional Mathematics improved from a C5 to A2. My daughter has been using Superstar Teacher for 6 years now, and it proves to be the most effective way of learning for her. In Secondary 3, she was convinced that subjects like A. Math and Math were going to be her weak points. She even scored a C5 for her first A. Math test. However, she took up the English, Math, and A. Math courses in Secondary 3 and they have contributed tremendously to the improvement in all 3 subjects. Superstar Teacher has helped my daughter in her education journey more than any tuition she has taken up before, and I have to thank all the Superstar Teachers for this. To anyone who is contemplating whether to use Superstar Teacher, I highly recommend to you as the teachers are very passionate about what they teach and can help your child find joy in learning too.

 Annie Loke (parent)

We wish that we have discovered Superstar Teacher earlier

Superstar Teacher has been a great source of learning and revision for my daughter since Secondary 3 and we wish that we had discovered it earlier. With the progress and benefits shown after going through Superstar Teacher's video lessons and worksheets, we have since subscribed to all the P4 subjects for our son this year. With Superstar Teacher, my daughter has saved a lot of time and has been able to plan appropriately her study schedule since it is available anytime, anywhere. It is much easier to come back home and and settle in a comfortable environment to study, especially with long school hours. My daughter also has the advantage of going back to the videos and replay the lessons again and again till she is clear of the subject. The worksheets are helpful in cementing her learning and the tokens provided also help her when she has questions or queries. Thank you, Superstar Teacher team.

 Dinesh Shetty (parent)

Enriching and productive teaching that has enabled me to score better in my examinations

I found the Math lessons provided to be very useful for me and and they definitely helped me understand the different Math concepts better and enabled me to solve difficult and tricky questions. The English lessons have taught me different skills to tackle comprehension and widen my vocabulary bank. The lessons have also helped me to make improvements in my composition writing through the various writing tips and techniques. I am very grateful to Superstar Teacher for their enriching and productive teaching that has enabled me to score better in my examinations. I have been using Superstar Teacher since primary school and I thought that it is definitely a great platform.

 Winnie Yu (S3, Nanyang Girls' High School)

Stretches my conceptual understanding and flexibility in application of concepts

The Mathematics and Additional Mathematics video lessons in Superstar Teacher are amazing! Not only do the teachers teach the syllabus in a very quick and easily understandable way, questions that are really challenging are also provided. By challenging I mean the really difficult questions, not the usual kind we see in our textbooks or assessment books. This stretches my conceptual understanding and flexibility in application of concepts to solve the question, making the usual questions in my school exams and O level Ten Year Series a piece of cake for me.

 Yap Zhi De (S3, Chung Cheng High School Main)

Amazed by the quality of questions

I am glad to share my child's learning journey with Superstar Teacher’s video lessons, which started when she was in P6. She scored very well in her PSLE on 2017 and later enrolled in a secondary school in India. I continued to subscribe to Superstar Teacher’s Math, Physics and Chemistry lessons for her to study. It has helped her a lot during this Covid-19 situation as we feel apprehensive sending her to attend tuition classes outside. I personally went through a few topics in each subject and was amazed by the quality of questions and the explanations provided by the expert teachers are easy to understand. No doubt, they are all "Superstar Teachers". Words cannot express our gratitude as my daughter has once again secured very good results in her secondary school exams. Together with a solid knowledge in Science and Math, it will definitely make her learning journey easier as she progresses to the next A-level course. We will be very happy to subscribe again to Superstar Teacher if there are lessons available for A-level subjects. Thank you, Superstar Teacher.

 Saiju Lekshman (parent)