This course aims to help students build on the language skills needed to ace the key examinable components – Editing, Comprehension and Summary Writing. Students will get an overview of the different types of Comprehension questions (such as direct, factual, inferential and irony questions etc.) and learn how to analyse them in order to answer them correctly. For instance, they will learn more about literary devices such as similes, connotations and personification to help them answer related questions. They will also be introduced to different forms of irony (verbal, situational and dramatic) to answer questions on irony. Besides recapping on Visual Text skills, students will reinforce their Summary Writing skills with more practices and by mastering techniques such as paraphrasing and extraction of key points. They will also get to analyse a variety of news articles to boost their knowledge in general affairs as well as to further enhance their grammar and vocabulary skills.

Teacher June Foo

Take one look at June Foo's credentials (NIE postgraduate diploma, multiple Masters, years in the Gifted Education Programme, overseas university consultancy) and you are instantly impressed. Take another look as she teaches, and her passion for teaching shines through bright and clear. Superstar Teacher is proud to welcome June as the anchor teacher for Secondary English. With her incredible poise and broad-based, extensive experience in post-Primary education, June promises to be the teacher who will make you love and excel in English.

Evelyn Phua
S3, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Helps me get ahead of school curriculum

This is my first time using Superstar Teacher. The platform has been highly useful for me as it helps me get ahead of the school curriculum with the online lessons. The Auto-Marking Assessments helps to test my understanding and is also one of my resources for revision. I really like the question-asking function called Instant Homework Help which allows me to ask questions and get immediate explanations from online mentors. I can also ask further if I need further clarification and the mentors are always very patient and thorough in explaining.

Annie Loke
Parent of Goh Wan Teng

Help your child find joy in learning

Additional Mathematics improved from a C5 to A2. My daughter has been using Superstar Teacher for 6 years now, and it proves to be the most effective way of learning for her. In Secondary 3, she was convinced that subjects like A. Math and Math were going to be her weak points. She even scored a C5 for her first A. Math test. However, she took up the English, Math, and A. Math courses in Secondary 3 and they have contributed tremendously to the improvement in all 3 subjects. Superstar Teacher has helped my daughter in her education journey more than any tuition she has taken up before, and I have to thank all the Superstar Teachers for this. To anyone who is contemplating whether to use Superstar Teacher, I highly recommend to you as the teachers are very passionate about what they teach and can help your child find joy in learning too.

Dinesh Shetty
Parent of Arya Shetty

We wish that we have discovered Superstar Teacher earlier

Superstar Teacher has been a great source of learning and revision for my daughter since Secondary 3 and we wish that we had discovered it earlier. With the progress and benefits shown after going through Superstar Teacher's video lessons and worksheets, we have since subscribed to all the P4 subjects for our son this year. With Superstar Teacher, my daughter has saved a lot of time and has been able to plan appropriately her study schedule since it is available anytime, anywhere. It is much easier to come back home and and settle in a comfortable environment to study, especially with long school hours. My daughter also has the advantage of going back to the videos and replay the lessons again and again till she is clear of the subject. The worksheets are helpful in cementing her learning and the tokens provided also help her when she has questions or queries. Thank you, Superstar Teacher team.

Winnie Yu
S3, Nanyang Girls' High School

Enriching and productive teaching that has enabled me to score better in my examinations

I found the Math lessons provided to be very useful for me and and they definitely helped me understand the different Math concepts better and enabled me to solve difficult and tricky questions. The English lessons have taught me different skills to tackle comprehension and widen my vocabulary bank. The lessons have also helped me to make improvements in my composition writing through the various writing tips and techniques. I am very grateful to Superstar Teacher for their enriching and productive teaching that has enabled me to score better in my examinations. I have been using Superstar Teacher since primary school and I thought that it is definitely a great platform.

Parent of Chloe

Platform is easy to navigate

Superstar Teacher’s program was recommended to me by my friend. With sufficient practice, the lessons and auto-marking assessments did help my child obtain a better understanding of her weaker subjects. Her overall year-end exam results had improved. On top of that, the platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Parent of Shirley

Very useful for self-learning

Lessons are very useful for self-learning as the teachers are very knowledgeable. The worksheets are really good. My daughter can listen and go through her lessons as many times as she wants. At times, I would also sit alongside with her and listen to the lessons to clarify her doubts. I could also leisurely do the worksheets without any hurry. It is well-worth the money spent for this online learning package.