In this course, students will focus on gaining conceptual knowledge, problem-solving skills and experimental skills in Physics. They will dive into the topic of Measurements as they learn more about Physical Quantities, Scalars and Vectors. Students will be introduced to topics under Newtonian Mechanics (Kinematics, Dynamics, Density, Turning Effect of Forces and Pressure) and Thermal Physics (Temperature, Kinetic Model of Matter, Transfer of Thermal Energy and Thermal Properties of Matter). They will also get to examine the nature of Waves as they learn about Light and General Wave Properties. Quizzes and assessments are available throughout the course for them to test their conceptual understanding and reinforce learning.

Teacher Oh Ming Yeo

Ming Yeo’s youthfulness belies his experience, of which he has almost a decade. It also belies his shelf full of accolades: from MOE Outstanding Contributor Award, to Innovation in Teaching nomination, to various teaching and science trophies. But putting all that aside, it is why Ming Yeo is a teacher that heartens and excites us. Ming Yeo believes that every child can learn, though perhaps not at the same time and on the same day. To that end, Ming Yeo is single-minded about helping every Secondary Science student realise their full potential in Superstar Teacher. We say cheers to that!

Scored well for Chemistry and Physics

I found the teachers very experienced. I could remember all the important points better and have scored well for both Chemistry and Physics. I like how the video lessons are conducted and the teachers will give real-life examples to support their explanations, helping me understand the science concepts better. They make the lessons more interesting with experiments conducted by the teachers.

 Tham Zhao Hui (S3, Anglican High School)

An alternative way to learn

Instead of going for tuition classes (which feels like another day in school), Superstar Teacher is a fun and engaging alternative to learn the same concepts that is taught in school. It breaks down the topics into different smaller parts which help me to digest the information better. I also find myself more willing to learn as the lessons are taught in a video-form. When I first started off in Secondary 3, I had no idea what was going on in my Physics lesson in school and was barely keeping up. Mr Oh’s teaching helped me to have a better grasp of physics. I could finally understand the subject after using Superstar Teacher and have also attained a B in my final year exam!

 Nigel Doo (S3, Catholic High School)

Amazed by the quality of questions

I am glad to share my child's learning journey with Superstar Teacher’s video lessons, which started when she was in P6. She scored very well in her PSLE on 2017 and later enrolled in a secondary school in India. I continued to subscribe to Superstar Teacher’s Math, Physics and Chemistry lessons for her to study. It has helped her a lot during this Covid-19 situation as we feel apprehensive sending her to attend tuition classes outside. I personally went through a few topics in each subject and was amazed by the quality of questions and the explanations provided by the expert teachers are easy to understand. No doubt, they are all "Superstar Teachers". Words cannot express our gratitude as my daughter has once again secured very good results in her secondary school exams. Together with a solid knowledge in Science and Math, it will definitely make her learning journey easier as she progresses to the next A-level course. We will be very happy to subscribe again to Superstar Teacher if there are lessons available for A-level subjects. Thank you, Superstar Teacher.

 Saiju Lekshman (parent)

Helps my son remember difficult concepts

Benjamin has found Superstar Teacher to be very useful in helping him understand and remembering difficult concepts. The content covered and questions explained are relevant to the MOE syllabus. We also find the homework questions after each video lesson to be very useful. The teacher suggested ways to help remember certain facts which proved to be relevant. Would recommend this program to parents!

 Monica (parent)

Flexibility to review topics whenever I am free

I play water polo for my CCA. Long training hours make it difficult for me to stay back and seek clarification with my teachers on schoolwork. Luckily, I have Superstar Teacher, which gives me flexibility to review whatever topics I have questions on whenever I am free.

 Patrick Lim (S3, Outram Secondary School)

My grades have improved a lot

The Superstar Teachers in the videos make the lessons interesting, which helped me to better understand concepts fast and easy. Superstar Teacher is very time-efficient. If I do not understand the first time, I can watch the videos again and again. During the circuit breaker period, I had difficulty understanding some content taught by my school teacher through zoom classes, so I would watch the video lessons and get the answers to all my queries. The Homework Help feature has helped me gain more knowledge from the mentors and I managed to clear my doubts on certain topics. My grades have improved a lot compared to when I did not have Superstar Teacher. Thank you, Superstar Teacher.

 Lohitya Shri (S3, CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh))