In this course, students will focus on gaining conceptual knowledge, problem-solving skills and experimental skills in Physics. They will dive into the topic of Measurements as they learn more about Physical Quantities, Scalars and Vectors. Students will be introduced to topics under Newtonian Mechanics (Kinematics, Dynamics, Density, Turning Effect of Forces and Pressure) and Thermal Physics (Temperature, Kinetic Model of Matter, Transfer of Thermal Energy and Thermal Properties of Matter). They will also get to examine the nature of Waves as they learn about Light and General Wave Properties. Quizzes and assessments are available throughout the course for them to test their conceptual understanding and reinforce learning.

Teacher Oh Ming Yeo

Ming Yeo’s youthfulness belies his experience, of which he has almost a decade. It also belies his shelf full of accolades: from MOE Outstanding Contributor Award, to Innovation in Teaching nomination, to various teaching and science trophies. But putting all that aside, it is why Ming Yeo is a teacher that heartens and excites us. Ming Yeo believes that every child can learn, though perhaps not at the same time and on the same day. To that end, Ming Yeo is single-minded about helping every Secondary Science student realise their full potential in Superstar Teacher. We say cheers to that!

Evelyn Phua
S3, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Helps me get ahead of school curriculum

This is my first time using Superstar Teacher. The platform has been highly useful for me as it helps me get ahead of the school curriculum with the online lessons. The Auto-Marking Assessments helps to test my understanding and is also one of my resources for revision. I really like the question-asking function called Instant Homework Help which allows me to ask questions and get immediate explanations from online mentors. I can also ask further if I need further clarification and the mentors are always very patient and thorough in explaining.

Chen Ying
Parent of Kar

Learning becomes easy and smooth-sailing

Superstar Teacher provides great flexibility for kids to study based on individual schedule and also at their own pace, which makes the program enjoyable instead of create additional stress during busy secondary school life. For example, a student can schedule regular learning during the weekday afternoons after school and then have the weekends open for other events. More importantly, the lessons allow students to review the key concepts again and again until they have gained mastery. For the usual physical tuition where key concepts would be taught once, there are limited opportunities to get additional help and a student would need to put in a lot more effort to catch up if he or she does not get a particular concept. Superstar Teacher’s program manages to overcome and solve this issue, making learning easy and smooth-sailing.

Pei En
S3, Edgefield Secondary School

No need for additional tuition work

With Superstar Teacher, I can study and revise at my own pace. I do not need to worry about additional tuition work that is going to be due soon when I already have tons of schoolwork given to me that day. I can always adjust the amount of Superstar Teacher worksheets that I want to do and the lessons I want to view - less when I have a lot of schoolwork and more during the weekends. I also do not need to worry about whether my teacher is free or not, I can learn more things at my timing and schedule. Furthermore, I can play those lessons repeatedly while revising with the worksheets I have completed to have a deeper impression of the things taught. The auto-marking assessments are also useful as they act as small pop quizzes to let me constantly practise the concepts learned such that I would not forget them easily.

Lena Liu
Parent of Wang Zhiguang Gurion

Good resource for self-paced learning

We found the courses to be a good resource for self-paced learning, and whenever we found any topic that is not understood for the first time, we can always replay or pause the lessons for a clearer understanding. Help is always available at our fingertips and we receive very timely responses from the online mentors whenever we need to ask a question with just a token. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and mentors at Superstar Teacher!

Tham Zhao Hui
S3, Anglican High School

Scored well for Chemistry and Physics

I found the teachers very experienced. I could remember all the important points better and have scored well for both Chemistry and Physics. I like how the video lessons are conducted and the teachers will give real-life examples to support their explanations, helping me understand the science concepts better. They make the lessons more interesting with experiments conducted by the teachers.

Nigel Doo
S3, Catholic High School

An alternative way to learn

Instead of going for tuition classes (which feels like another day in school), Superstar Teacher is a fun and engaging alternative to learn the same concepts that is taught in school. It breaks down the topics into different smaller parts which help me to digest the information better. I also find myself more willing to learn as the lessons are taught in a video-form. When I first started off in Secondary 3, I had no idea what was going on in my Physics lesson in school and was barely keeping up. Mr Oh’s teaching helped me to have a better grasp of physics. I could finally understand the subject after using Superstar Teacher and have also attained a B in my final year exam!