In this course, students continue to develop skill proficiency in algebraic manipulation skills and mathematical reasoning as they prepare for the O Level Examination. Students will be exposed to Calculus through the introduction of two key topics- Differentiation and Integration. For Differentiation, they will learn new skills such as the application of power, chain, product and quotient rules, using the second derivative test to solve problems on maximum and minimum, and applying differentiation to gradients, tangents and normal. For Integration, students will learn to evaluate indefinite and definite integrals and use integration to find areas bounded by a line/curve/y-axis. They will also learn more Trigonometric Identities and Kinematics concepts (such as finding displacement, velocity and acceleration).

Teacher Gary Ang

A dual recipient of the Dean’s List and prestigious University Scholars Programme, Gary Ang could have any job he desired. However, what began as a stint to earn extra pocket money during Junior College – tutoring – caught fire and made him continue on his journey as an educator. Today, Gary is undoubtedly among the best in his field, teaching mathematical skills with innovation, with students' needs in mind, and with attentiveness and resourcefulness. He now comes together with Superstar Teacher to bring Upper Secondary Additional Mathematics to a whole new level. We expect sparks to fly!

Mdm Ng
Parent of Lee Lin Hui

Value for money, round the clock online tutoring

When it comes to online tutoring, nothing beats Superstar Teacher! This is especially true during last year's Covid-19 situation when MOE implemented Home-Based Learning. Superstar Teacher played a major role in supporting my daughter during that critical period as it was also her O-Level Exams year! She appreciates that Superstar Teacher is always there 24/7 for her to self-study, not alone but in the company of online mentors who radiate positive vibes and provide interesting teaching materials. I am extremely proud of my daughter for being among the most improved students in her school as well as for achieving a 10-points leap in her O- Level exams! Thank you, Superstar Teacher, for being there to help round the clock!

Mrs Lee
Parent of Lee Lin Hui

Effective online learning platform

Superstar Teacher is an effective online learning platform. The teachers are very passionate in their teaching and clear in their explanations. My child could also watch and learn at her own pace. Each lesson's duration is also appropriate for my child to stay focused. Repetitive lesson revision is acted out of choice by my child and classroom tuition pales in comparison. We reaped these benefits and my child progressed well for PSLE and qualified for the Express stream. We never looked back since then. Henceforth, Superstar Teacher continued to support my child's learning through her difficult few years in secondary school. My child is doing well in Secondary 4 now and without any doubt, Superstar Teacher shall continue to be her capable and reliable online tutor, to guide her well for the upcoming O level exams. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

Thu Rein Win Htoo
S4, Bedok View Secondary School

12 points for O level!

During my education years, I realised that I did not have a good foundation for most of the subjects and was thus not performing well. Superstar Teacher helped me to build up on what I was lacking. Their teachers’ explanations were also clear and easy to understand. With them, I managed to achieve an O-level score within my target. Thank you Superstar Teachers!

Chen Hou Yu
S4, Beatty Secondary School

8 pointers for O level!

My mother is the sole breadwinner of our family and my sisters are still very young. When I was struggling with my studies in Secondary 4, my mother told me that she could not afford to hire any tutors for me. This put me under a lot of pressure! Thereafter, she came across Superstar Teacher at a Popular booth and told me to try it out. I was skeptical at first but was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! It makes it easier for me to relate and fill in the missing gaps for complex concepts I learned in school. Thank you Superstar Teacher for such a satisfying O level results!

Lohitya Shri
S4, CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh)

Go-to platform for learning

I found Superstar Teacher to be very fun and engaging because the teachers in the online lessons are enthusiastic and passionate and their teaching helps to make information become easy to remember. The Auto-Marking Assessments have helped me to get exposure to a plethora of questions that are hard and I was able to practise how to answer these questions properly. The Instant Homework Help feature is very useful as the mentors can help me further increase my understanding on the more difficult topics. In a nutshell, Superstar Teacher is the go-to platform for learning.