In this course, students will continue to gain conceptual knowledge in Chemistry and hone their problem-solving and experimental skills required to ace their O Level Examinations. They will learn more about the Periodic Table as they explore the periodic trends and group properties of elements, as well as the properties of Metals. They will also gain a greater appreciation of our Atmosphere by learning about the composition of air and the effects of air pollution. Students will master new concepts in Organic Chemistry as they learn to identify alkanes, alkenes, carboxylic acids and macromolecules.

Teacher Selena See

A wise man once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” That wise man was Benjamin Franklin – inventor and, more famously, scientist. How apt it is that those timeless words now epitomize Selena See’s teaching philosophy. In her decade-plus interaction with secondary school children, Selena has endeavoured to make every science lesson a brand new experience that involves and engages. Let this Superstar Teacher open your eyes to the exciting world of Upper Secondary Chemistry!

Benjamin Tan
S4, Queenstown Secondary School

'Patch up' my learning gaps

Superstar Teacher’s Chemistry course was a great tool in my studies. When I miss something out in a school lesson or feel unclear about some concepts, Superstar Teacher will help 'patch up' the learning gaps and clear the doubts I have. Moreover, as Superstar Teacher can be accessed on the internet, I am able to view the lessons whenever and wherever. The convenience helps me save precious time to study for the upcoming O levels. Last but not least, the Chemistry teacher Miss Selena See is very lively. One will never fall asleep during her lessons, especially when there is an experiment involved. Therefore, I highly recommend these lessons to all parents who want to help their children.

Chan Chee Kian
Parent of Chan Si Yi

Her Physics grade has improved from C6 to A2

I find the Secondary 3 and 4 Chemistry and Physics lessons useful for my daughter. She has been using this program since last year and is now preparing for her O level exams this year. She can watch the video lessons anytime in the comfort of her room. She mentioned to me that she can repeat the topics she is weak in so as to deepen her understanding of certain concepts. Auto-marking assessments and interactive quizzes are also available to further enhance her understanding. My daughter also likes the Chemistry teacher – Miss Selena See and the Physics Teacher – Mr Oh Ming Yeo. Both teachers help to teach and elaborate the concepts in a way that is easy for her to understand. Her Chemistry grade has improved from B4 to A1 while her Physics grade has improved from C6 to A2 in her latest assessments. I believe she will continue to do better for both her science subjects in her O levels with the help of Superstar Teacher’s online teaching.

Mdm Ng
Parent of Lee Lin Hui

Value for money, round the clock online tutoring

When it comes to online tutoring, nothing beats Superstar Teacher! This is especially true during last year's Covid-19 situation when MOE implemented Home-Based Learning. Superstar Teacher played a major role in supporting my daughter during that critical period as it was also her O-Level Exams year! She appreciates that Superstar Teacher is always there 24/7 for her to self-study, not alone but in the company of online mentors who radiate positive vibes and provide interesting teaching materials. I am extremely proud of my daughter for being among the most improved students in her school as well as for achieving a 10-points leap in her O- Level exams! Thank you, Superstar Teacher, for being there to help round the clock!

Mrs Lee
Parent of Lee Lin Hui

Effective online learning platform

Superstar Teacher is an effective online learning platform. The teachers are very passionate in their teaching and clear in their explanations. My child could also watch and learn at her own pace. Each lesson's duration is also appropriate for my child to stay focused. Repetitive lesson revision is acted out of choice by my child and classroom tuition pales in comparison. We reaped these benefits and my child progressed well for PSLE and qualified for the Express stream. We never looked back since then. Henceforth, Superstar Teacher continued to support my child's learning through her difficult few years in secondary school. My child is doing well in Secondary 4 now and without any doubt, Superstar Teacher shall continue to be her capable and reliable online tutor, to guide her well for the upcoming O level exams. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

Thu Rein Win Htoo
S4, Bedok View Secondary School

12 points for O level!

During my education years, I realised that I did not have a good foundation for most of the subjects and was thus not performing well. Superstar Teacher helped me to build up on what I was lacking. Their teachers’ explanations were also clear and easy to understand. With them, I managed to achieve an O-level score within my target. Thank you Superstar Teachers!

Chen Hou Yu
S4, Beatty Secondary School

8 pointers for O level!

My mother is the sole breadwinner of our family and my sisters are still very young. When I was struggling with my studies in Secondary 4, my mother told me that she could not afford to hire any tutors for me. This put me under a lot of pressure! Thereafter, she came across Superstar Teacher at a Popular booth and told me to try it out. I was skeptical at first but was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! It makes it easier for me to relate and fill in the missing gaps for complex concepts I learned in school. Thank you Superstar Teacher for such a satisfying O level results!