This course covers all the essential concepts and skills students need to ace their O Level Mathematics Examination. Students will be introduced to advanced topics including Set Language and Notation (union and intersection of two sets, and drawing Venn diagrams), Matrices (addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices, and interpretation of data in a matrix) and Vectors (finding magnitude of vectors, equal and parallel vectors, and using vectors to prove collinear points). In terms of Statistics and Probability, students will learn to analyse and interpret cumulative frequency diagrams and box-and-whisker plots, find quartiles and percentiles, and calculate standard deviations.

Teacher Johan Foong

Mr Foong is a success story. Once a struggling student in his early years, he worked his way to junior college, then university, and ultimately, a stellar career. Today, Mr Foong is a true-blue veteran of the education industry, with a portfolio ranging from editorship and curriculum development to teaching. His personal academic journey means he knows exactly what difficulties students face, and makes him a powerful presence in the classroom. Everyone loves a success story. Superstar Teacher is confident that under Mr Foong's guidance, many new success stories will be created.

Phoebe Lian
S4, CHIJ Secondary School

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Mdm Ng
Parent of Lee Lin Hui

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Mrs Lee
Parent of Lee Lin Hui

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Thu Rein Win Htoo
S4, Bedok View Secondary School

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Chen Hou Yu
S4, Beatty Secondary School

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Lohitya Shri
S4, CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh)

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