In this course, students continue to hone their problem-solving and experimental skills as they get exposed to new topics related to Electricity and Magnetism. They will learn about Static Electricity, Practical Electricity, D.C. Circuits and get a better understanding of the difference between Current of Electricity and Electron Flow. Students will also be introduced to the Magnetism, Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Induction.

Teacher Oh Ming Yeo

Ming Yeo’s youthfulness belies his experience, of which he has almost a decade. It also belies his shelf full of accolades: from MOE Outstanding Contributor Award, to Innovation in Teaching nomination, to various teaching and science trophies. But putting all that aside, it is why Ming Yeo is a teacher that heartens and excites us. Ming Yeo believes that every child can learn, though perhaps not at the same time and on the same day. To that end, Ming Yeo is single-minded about helping every Secondary Science student realise their full potential in Superstar Teacher. We say cheers to that!

8 pointers for O level!

My mother is the sole breadwinner of our family and my sisters are still very young. When I was struggling with my studies in Secondary 4, my mother told me that she could not afford to hire any tutors for me. This put me under a lot of pressure! Thereafter, she came across Superstar Teacher at a Popular booth and told me to try it out. I was skeptical at first but was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! It makes it easier for me to relate and fill in the missing gaps for complex concepts I learned in school. Thank you Superstar Teacher for such a satisfying O level results!

 Chen Hou Yu (S4, Beatty Secondary School)

Value for money, round the clock online tutoring

When it comes to online tutoring, nothing beats Superstar Teacher! This is especially true during last year's Covid-19 situation when MOE implemented Home-Based Learning. Superstar Teacher played a major role in supporting my daughter during that critical period as it was also her O-Level Exams year! She appreciates that Superstar Teacher is always there 24/7 for her to self-study, not alone but in the company of online mentors who radiate positive vibes and provide interesting teaching materials. I am extremely proud of my daughter for being among the most improved students in her school as well as for achieving a 10-points leap in her O- Level exams! Thank you, Superstar Teacher, for being there to help round the clock!

 Mdm Ng (parent)

Effective online learning platform

Superstar Teacher is an effective online learning platform. The teachers are very passionate in their teaching and clear in their explanations. My child could also watch and learn at her own pace. Each lesson's duration is also appropriate for my child to stay focused. Repetitive lesson revision is acted out of choice by my child and classroom tuition pales in comparison. We reaped these benefits and my child progressed well for PSLE and qualified for the Express stream. We never looked back since then. Henceforth, Superstar Teacher continued to support my child's learning through her difficult few years in secondary school. My child is doing well in Secondary 4 now and without any doubt, Superstar Teacher shall continue to be her capable and reliable online tutor, to guide her well for the upcoming O level exams. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Mrs Lee (parent)

12 points for O level!

During my education years, I realised that I did not have a good foundation for most of the subjects and was thus not performing well. Superstar Teacher helped me to build up on what I was lacking. Their teachers’ explanations were also clear and easy to understand. With them, I managed to achieve an O-level score within my target. Thank you Superstar Teachers!

 Thu Rein Win Htoo (S4, Bedok View Secondary School)

Makes learning manageable with bite-sized content

My daughter is subscribed to A-Math (Sec 3), Physics (Sec 3, 4) and Chemistry (Sec 3, 4). Online learning with Superstar Teacher is very engaging. Both the lessons and the questions provide invaluable insights. Although the learning experience can be fraught with challenges, the lessons have made it manageable with digestible bite-sized content. Time is effectively spent as there is no repetition or redundancy and she tends to attempt to tackle the questions herself. This has allowed her to manage the whole learning adventure actively. Overall, Superstar Teacher is a good complement to the school syllabus as it helps to heighten her confidence and improve her understanding of the different topics.

 Christine Yu (parent)

Superstar Teacher has been a big part and reason for my educational achievements

Superstar Teacher has been very beneficial for me. I have been using it since Primary 5 till now in Secondary 4 (Integrated Program). Primary Level - Ms Monica Leong and Mr Ti are very helpful, providing in-depth explanation and tips for both Math and PSLE Science. Ms Leong is also a very enthusiastic English teacher who has encouraged me to study the subject more. Ms Constance Chen explains the science concepts very well in her lessons, which helped me to understand better and learn how to answer open-ended questions. Thanks to these lessons, I did well in my PSLE by achieving 2As for Math and Science and an A* for English with an aggregate score of 252. Secondary Level – Mr Oh Ming Yeo explains the Lower Secondary lessons and Secondary 3 and 4 Physics lessons with a lot enthusiasm and useful analogies that made it easier for me to understand the key concepts. Ms Selena’s energy level when teaching the Secondary 3 and 4 Chemistry lessons is creditable, keeping me motivated to learn more. The Secondary 3 and 4 Biology lessons taught by Dr Roy Teo, along with the supplementary worksheets and notes, are very detailed and very easy to understand. Ms June Foo’s English lessons are very insightful, especially those that focus on the “summary” component. Together, the teachers have helped me to achieve mostly As and Bs for all my subjects. Overall, Superstar Teacher has been a big part and reason for my educational achievements over the past 5 years! Other than the amazing teachers, the recorded lessons allow me to view the lessons whenever I need to and even at my own pace since the speed of the lessons can also be changed. The newer assessment feature allows me to gauge my knowledge and understanding of the topics and with that, I can skip to the parts of the lessons that I need to pay more attention to and this enables me to use my time effectively.

 Nitika Magdalene Vijay Amirthraj (S4, Temasek Junior College)