This course is designed to equip students with the writing skills needed to do well in the Composition component of their English examinations. They will be introduced to different types of essays (Narrative, Personal Recounts, Descriptive Essays and Expository Essays) and their formats, along with example essays to help them understand better. Students will learn writing techniques such as using descriptive writing and supporting expository sentences with the “FEED” technique. They will also be introduced to Situational Writing by learning how to write Letters, Reports, Speeches, Proposals and Articles with guided practices.

Teacher June Foo

Take one look at June Foo's credentials (NIE postgraduate diploma, multiple Masters, years in the Gifted Education Programme, overseas university consultancy) and you are instantly impressed. Take another look as she teaches, and her passion for teaching shines through bright and clear. Superstar Teacher is proud to welcome June as the anchor teacher for Secondary English. With her incredible poise and broad-based, extensive experience in post-Primary education, June promises to be the teacher who will make you love and excel in English.

Evelyn Phua
S3, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Helps me get ahead of school curriculum

This is my first time using Superstar Teacher. The platform has been highly useful for me as it helps me get ahead of the school curriculum with the online lessons. The Auto-Marking Assessments helps to test my understanding and is also one of my resources for revision. I really like the question-asking function called Instant Homework Help which allows me to ask questions and get immediate explanations from online mentors. I can also ask further if I need further clarification and the mentors are always very patient and thorough in explaining.

Benjamin Tan
S4, Queenstown Secondary School

'Patch up' my learning gaps

Superstar Teacher’s Chemistry course was a great tool in my studies. When I miss something out in a school lesson or feel unclear about some concepts, Superstar Teacher will help 'patch up' the learning gaps and clear the doubts I have. Moreover, as Superstar Teacher can be accessed on the internet, I am able to view the lessons whenever and wherever. The convenience helps me save precious time to study for the upcoming O levels. Last but not least, the Chemistry teacher Miss Selena See is very lively. One will never fall asleep during her lessons, especially when there is an experiment involved. Therefore, I highly recommend these lessons to all parents who want to help their children.

Phoebe Lian
S4, CHIJ Secondary School

I have become a Math problem-solving elite

Superstar Teacher has given me the tools and confidence I need to be a Math problem-solving elite with my grade improving from B to an A1. The lessons are structured to prepare me for just about anything I might encounter in solving past-year exam questions. I would recommend Superstar Teacher program to anyone thinking about becoming a Math problem solver.

Bernard Tok
S2, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

Money worth spending

The lessons are very clear to understand and the worksheets are a great help to revise things taught in the lessons. The explanations given by the teachers to answer questions are very straightforward and easy to understand. I will definitely continue to use Superstar Teacher throughout secondary school. Overall, the money was worth spending!

Karen Sim
Parent of Nathanael Sim

Grade jumped from C6 to A1

Nathanael scored 53/100 for E-Math in his Secondary 3 Term 2 exam this year. He realized he did not do well due to his weak foundations in mathematical concepts. He then started going through lessons on Superstar Teacher’s platform diligently to revise those concepts he did not understand well and further practised regularly with the auto-marking assessments. His Term 4 exam results improved from Term 2’s C6 grade (53/100) to an A1 grade (78/100) within a mere 3-month period. This tuition model is effective for him because he can selectively choose lessons on specific topics he wants to improve on, pause the lesson anytime and repeat the same lesson until he fully grasps the concept. He is thankful to have subscribed to Superstar Teacher and benefitted greatly from this mode of learning, which allows him to learn at his own pace from the comfort of home.

Lynn Tan
Parent of Kerlyn Tan

More affordable than in-person tuition

Ever since my daughter started failing Biology and Chemistry at the beginning of the year, I was very worried. I subscribed to Superstar Teacher's Secondary 3 Biology and Chemistry courses for my daughter to learn and practise as a more convenient alternative to in-person tuition. Not only is Superstar Teacher more affordable, the lessons also come with free worksheets mailed to your house and online assessment questions to reinforce learning! My daughter's grades improved significantly in the mere span of 2 months by consistently going through the lessons and doing the worksheets provided. Thank you, Superstar Teacher!