This course is designed to equip students with the writing skills needed to do well in the Composition component of their English examinations. They will be introduced to different types of essays (Narrative, Personal Recounts, Descriptive Essays and Expository Essays) and their formats, along with example essays to help them understand better. Students will learn writing techniques such as using descriptive writing and supporting expository sentences with the “FEED” technique. They will also be introduced to Situational Writing by learning how to write Letters, Reports, Speeches, Proposals and Articles with guided practices.

Teacher June Foo

Take one look at June Foo's credentials (NIE postgraduate diploma, multiple Masters, years in the Gifted Education Programme, overseas university consultancy) and you are instantly impressed. Take another look as she teaches, and her passion for teaching shines through bright and clear. Superstar Teacher is proud to welcome June as the anchor teacher for Secondary English. With her incredible poise and broad-based, extensive experience in post-Primary education, June promises to be the teacher who will make you love and excel in English.

8 pointers for O level!

My mother is the sole breadwinner of our family and my sisters are still very young. When I was struggling with my studies in Secondary 4, my mother told me that she could not afford to hire any tutors for me. This put me under a lot of pressure! Thereafter, she came across Superstar Teacher at a Popular booth and told me to try it out. I was skeptical at first but was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! It makes it easier for me to relate and fill in the missing gaps for complex concepts I learned in school. Thank you Superstar Teacher for such a satisfying O level results!

 Chen Hou Yu (S4, Beatty Secondary School)

Her Physics grade has improved from C6 to A2

I find the Secondary 3 and 4 Chemistry and Physics lessons useful for my daughter. She has been using this program since last year and is now preparing for her O level exams this year. She can watch the video lessons anytime in the comfort of her room. She mentioned to me that she can repeat the topics she is weak in so as to deepen her understanding of certain concepts. Auto-marking assessments and interactive quizzes are also available to further enhance her understanding. My daughter also likes the Chemistry teacher – Miss Selena See and the Physics Teacher – Mr Oh Ming Yeo. Both teachers help to teach and elaborate the concepts in a way that is easy for her to understand. Her Chemistry grade has improved from B4 to A1 while her Physics grade has improved from C6 to A2 in her latest assessments. I believe she will continue to do better for both her science subjects in her O levels with the help of Superstar Teacher’s online teaching.

 Chan Chee Kian (parent)

Concepts do not seem so complex anymore

I really enjoy the Superstar Teacher’s Secondary Science lessons. The concepts are very easy to learn and the lesson objectives are straight to the point. The lessons match perfectly with my school units and they have helped to pull up my science grade significantly. The concepts do not seem so complex anymore after the teacher’ explanations and I have started to develop a interest in Biology and Physics. This is a great platform to improve and gain new knowledge in science.

 Ruoxi Zhang (S3, UWCSEA Dover)

'Patch up' my learning gaps

Superstar Teacher’s Chemistry course was a great tool in my studies. When I miss something out in a school lesson or feel unclear about some concepts, Superstar Teacher will help 'patch up' the learning gaps and clear the doubts I have. Moreover, as Superstar Teacher can be accessed on the internet, I am able to view the lessons whenever and wherever. The convenience helps me save precious time to study for the upcoming O levels. Last but not least, the Chemistry teacher Miss Selena See is very lively. One will never fall asleep during her lessons, especially when there is an experiment involved. Therefore, I highly recommend these lessons to all parents who want to help their children.

 Benjamin Tan (S4, Queenstown Secondary School)

The study materials are well designed

Superstar Teacher videos are valuable for my learning. I am able to watch the videos in my free time and learn at my own pace. The study materials are well designed and presented. I am able to grasp the concepts easily and benefit greatly from the lessons. Highly recommended to all Primary and Secondary students!

 Lee Cai Wei (S2, Nanyang Girls' High School)

Scored well for Chemistry and Physics

I found the teachers very experienced. I could remember all the important points better and have scored well for both Chemistry and Physics. I like how the video lessons are conducted and the teachers will give real-life examples to support their explanations, helping me understand the science concepts better. They make the lessons more interesting with experiments conducted by the teachers.

 Tham Zhao Hui (S3, Anglican High School)