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What Makes Secondary School Math Difficult and When to Consider Tuition

At some point in secondary school, most students struggle with the complexities of mathematics. It’s no surprise why math is not the most favourite subject for many students in Singapore.

Students often complain that math is too hard, difficult to understand, or just boring. So what makes secondary school math difficult to learn?

Here are some of the most common reasons why students struggle with math and when to consider math online tutoring for extra help.

So What Makes Math Difficult in Secondary School?

1. Math can be an Abstract Subject

For starters, solving math problems often takes longer than other subjects because they require more time and effort from the student. There’s not always an answer key so it may take some trial-and-error in order to fully grasp the various concepts.

In the beginning, math is easily relatable to life concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division but as it gets more advanced and challenging at the secondary levels, most students find the subject’s abstract context hard to understand.

As such, students will need to work harder and practice for longer periods to understand the more advanced math topics in upper secondary levels.

2. Lack of a Good Foundation in the Subject

A majority of challenges students face in mathematics are not due to learning difficulty but rather, the lack of a good foundation in the subject.

This is mainly because the students move to advanced units even before fully mastering the previous topics.

If you feel that your child is feeling overwhelmed and lacking a solid foundation in the earlier topics, you can always enrol him in a secondary school math online class for extra help.

3. Math is a Subject That Builds on Itself

It is also important to understand that math is not a subject that you can learn without going back to the basics. Everything in math builds on what came before it.

Students need to have a good knowledge of the basics before they can move on to learn new topics. So if your child falls behind in one topic or area of the subject, he or she will no doubt struggle with the more advanced concepts.

This is why it is essential to first have a good foundational knowledge of mathematics before proceeding to the next part.

4. Math is a Lot of Work

Additionally, math is not one of the subjects where you can memorise facts and get everything at once. It is like physical education where you need to constantly practise to achieve your desired results.

Math requires a lot of practice, which can take a lot of time and effort for many students. However, engaging online lessons can help to make math more fun than work.

Getting the Right Help in Math Tuition

There is a common opinion that secondary school math is difficult and causes many students to give up. Some may not dislike the subject but instead, have feelings of anxiety and fear of failure. This will eventually hinder their motivation to perform well in math. However, with the right strategies and mindset, it can be much easier than people think. If your child is struggling with math, do not wait until he or she has completely lost interest in the subject to get help.

Enrolling your child in a good secondary school math tuition online class like Superstar Teacher will be of great help to him or her. That way, you will always know when to seek help outside the class when your child’s grades and interest in math start waning. Talk to your child if you see his or her grades in math falling and identify the cause of the problem.

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