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5 Strategies To Keep Your Child Motivated

Have you been in the situation where scrolling through social media feed is easier than picking up your books to revise for the upcoming exams? Fret not as we share with you some of the strategies to keep you motivated today!

  1. Discover why you procrastinate
    Like any sickness, we need to find the root cause in order to have the cure for it. Understanding why you procrastinate is the first step to getting motivated. Spend some time to reflect on why you procrastinate. Is it a form of being rebellious against your teachers or is it because the topic is just too boring?
  2. Pared-down your study materials
    Instead of cramping the whole chapter in a few hours (which may be a little overwhelming), start with a few pages combined with a few practices and spread it evenly throughout the day. Reward yourself each time you have completed a small part. It can be a short walk in the park or even 5 minutes with your favourite mobile game. You will start loving your revision session as it gets more manageable.
  3. Organise your time, create a study-routine and exercise your brain
    We are all creatures of habit by nature albeit habits do not form overnight. Make a list of task that is required per subject for you to be ready for your exam. Create a study schedule and block out the times you have in each day for revision. Before you know it, these study routines are so powerful that you will actually find it difficult to go into relaxation mode without studying. Besides, you should continually exercise your brain even when you’re not studying. You can do this by reading, thinking through challenging world issues, doing puzzles, or journaling.
  4. Look for gaps in your understanding and make a “boring” subject interesting
    The next time you run out of conversation with your parents / friends, try sharing your newly-learned topic with them. Not only will it deepen your knowledge for topic, you will also realised if there are gaps in your understanding. Many times we do badly for the subjects that we disliked the most. Truth is, there is actually no “boring” subject but just a disinterested mind. Try to engage with the subject by asking yourself questions such as: When was this technique / theory developed? Who developed it?  With the right questions, we can make any subject interesting.
  5. Don’t expect to feel motivated all the time
    The fact is no one feels motivated all the time so you’re not alone! That’s why it is important to build study habits and routines because systems beat motivation.
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