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How to Avoid PSLE Math Mistakes: From an Online Tutor’s Perspective

As a parent, you’ve probably heard the mathematics teacher say that your child would have performed better in the math exam if he had been more careful to avoid simple mistakes.

However, despite following the entire primary school math syllabus and revising enough, students end up losing precious marks due to common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Here are some of the most common math mistakes and how they can be avoided:

4 Common Math Mistakes to Avoid for PSLE in Singapore

1. Simple Miscalculations

Did you know miscalculations – most of which are often minor – are the most common PSLE math mistakes that end up costing students marks unnecessarily?

Miscalculations happen because of several reasons such as inaccurate writing of answers, skipping important steps in the calculation process, and failing to use the right units in the answers.

Remind your child to confirm his answers using a calculator, check through his workings one more time before moving to the next question and ensure he has followed all the necessary steps in solving the question.

With proper time management while doing the paper, the last 5-10 minutes can be spent checking through the answers again before submission.

2. Writing an Incorrect Number in a Rush

Another typically common mistake most students make in their PSLE math exams is bringing forward an incorrect number.

This happens when the student is running out of time to finish the exam or overconfident with his or her ability. For example, it is quite easy to misread a number like 16 as 19 or 15 as 51 when you are in a rush to complete the paper.

It is even worse when your child could have gotten the right answer but he made this mistake in the initial calculations. A key rule of thumb is to take time to check the answer well and feel confident about it before moving on to the next question.

3. Reading the Question Wrongly

The majority of math mistakes also result from misreading the question and failing to provide the required answer. There are students who may quickly scan through the questions and then jump straight to find the answer without following the instructions carefully.

To avoid this common mistake, teachers always recommend re-reading and underlining important sentences. If something doesn’t look right in the question, don’t hesitate to raise your hand and check in with the PSLE invigilator.

4. Using the Wrong Formula

As any math primary tutor will tell you, mathematics is a problem-solving skill that works by using the right formula. However, most children tend to go through the motions when solving math questions without understanding and using the relevant techniques.

Some of the basic math formulas include the area of a circle, triangle, and rectangle, perimeter, speed time and distance, the volume of a container, and formula for calculating angles. Wrong formula application stems from a lack of proper understanding of the concept behind the formula.

The good news is, through online lessons and instant homework help that’s easily accessible with Superstar Teacher, your child can get a better understanding of mathematical concepts early.

Identify Your Child’s Weaknesses in Math with Us

For many students in Singapore, most mistakes in PSLE mathematics are usually caused by overconfidence, anxiety and lack of proper preparations before the exam. By enrolling your child to online primary school math tuition classes, he can better prepare ahead for the exam.

With proper guidance and sufficient online resources within reach as his revision guide, your child will be on the right track to tackle questions without making these common errors. During this crucial revision period, encourage your child to make it a habit to check his work carefully before submitting any paper.

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