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A Guide to Writing Better in English Composition

A Guide to Writing Better in English Composition

Students in primary and secondary school can and should focus on composition writing as the next stage in improving their English exam scores. Would you like to learn how to enhance your child’s writing abilities in English? Superstar Teacher can assist you through online English tuition but first, let’s start by understanding the key elements of a good composition. 

We’ve previously covered the most common writing mistakes in English composition. Here are more pointers to assist your child in gaining confidence in their writing abilities and enhancing their English skills in preparation for examinations like the PSLE and O-level papers.

What Makes a Good Composition

1. Composition That’s Relevant to the Topic

The first step is to ensure that their ideas relate back to the question or theme driving the composition. Oftentimes, students fail to deliver a composition that is relevant to the topic at hand. This can be for a variety of reasons, most often because they didn’t take the time to understand what was being asked of them in the exam. 

When your child wanders off-topic, they lose sight of their primary ideas. The entire composition should revolve around the chosen topic. Creating a simple outline before the writing starts can make a difference to avoid sidetracking during exams.

2. Descriptive Use of Words

In English composition, using a variety of vocabulary can also help your child better communicate with their audience. By using descriptive words, your child can provide a clearer picture of what they’re trying to say. Not only that, but using descriptive words can also make your child’s writing more interesting and persuasive.

For primary and secondary school children, the best English enrichment includes reading books to grow their vocabulary. With a broader range of words, your child can feel more confident and adept at expressing their thoughts and emotions in their writing. 

3. Attention-grabbing Introduction

The importance of starting any composition with an attention-grabbing introduction cannot be understated. This is the first impression that the marker will have of your child’s writing, and it’s vital to make a good one. An impactful introduction sets the tone for the composition and can grab the marker’s attention, which can be especially useful if your child has picked a popular topic that many would have written about as well. 

At the beginning of an essay, it can help to hook the marker and keep them engaged throughout the entire piece. Questions, dialogues and action scenarios are all effective attention grabbers. 

4. Proper Climax and Conclusion

That being said, the climax is where the composition’s value is put to the ultimate test. A climax is a point at which the conflict comes to a head and is resolved. In other words, it’s the turning point of the composition. Ascending to a peak can hold the marker’s attention and leave them with a memorable feeling. Whether your child is describing a heart-pounding action scene or a powerful emotional revelation, the climax is a pivotal moment that can contribute to their final score. 

After the climax, the composition should wrap up nicely with a well-written conclusion. This part should summarise the main points of the composition, provide closure, and may leave the reader with food for thought. 

5. Zero Grammatical Errors

Remind your child that grammatical errors can affect how the marker understands what they are saying in their composition. The marker can get confused and deduct points if the essay contains grammatical errors. If you want your child to grasp grammar, make sure that they have a solid understanding of the most crucial aspects of English:

  • Tenses
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Conjunctions
  • Transition Words
  • Prepositions
  • Nouns
  • Pronouns

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