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Superstar Teacher Celebrates 10 Years of Student Success with New and Improved Online Platform

To mark its 10th year anniversary, Superstar Teacher has launched a swarm of new features on its online learning platform to further enhance the learning experience of student users. The portal revamp includes a new and refreshed dashboard as well as the integration of existing features into three newly-introduced sections termed as “Learn”, “Ask” and “Revise”. Students can continue to use stars, which can be earned through challenges, to exchange for physical gifts from the reward store. The reward store has been renamed as Barry’s Mart after Superstar Teacher’s bear mascot.

“Learn” to Attain Subject Mastery

The new “Learn” section of the learning portal is where students go to attain mastery in a specific subject, with the help of lessons, assessment practices and A.I. technology. All subjects are based on the latest Ministry Of Education (MOE) syllabuses, categorised into stipulated topics and then broken down into bite-sized content pieces. Students new to any particular topic, or students who need to reinforce their understanding can make use of the online lessons via the Master mode to improve their grasp of core concepts and key fundamentals of the topic. They can then activate the A.I. Learning Mode to gauge their competency level, which allows for their learning to be even more personalised.

Ace Exams with “Revise” and “Ask”

“Revise” is designed to optimise the process of exam preparation. Students will be able to choose from three types of assessment:

  • Speed Drills: 6 questions that must be answered within 6 minutes.
  • Exercises : 12 questions with no time limit.
  • Quizzes: 12 questions that have to be tackled in under 15 minutes.

Students may select multiple topics for each assessment to better prepare for their examinations. With the addition of a time restriction, Superstar Teacher aims to mimic and normalise exam conditions where students only have a limited amount of time to complete their papers.

Students can seek immediate homework help by submitting questions under the “Ask” section. To facilitate comprehensive learning and better meet their educational needs, students can now seek assistance from expert mentors beyond subjects that they have subscribed to. For instance, questions can relate to any of the subjects, even if a student has only subscribed to just one. This will enable students to enhance their understanding of subject matters, by addressing any doubts they may have at any time of the day.

New Daily Challenges and Recognising Students’ Achievements

Superstar Teacher has replaced fixed daily challenges with Challenge Of The Day (COTD), which is determined by spinning a wheel to gamify learning as well as to incorporate an element of surprise. By leveraging technology to drive engagement, Superstar Teacher is able to provide students with surprises that serve as an additional incentive for students to login daily. These surprises also supply additional motivation to bolster their learning journey, along with core features like lessons and assessments. The dashboard serves as the one-stop central platform for students to access last-viewed lessons or assessments.

Upon receiving stars from completing various challenges on Superstar Teacher’s online learning platform, students may choose to exchange them for rewards from Barry’s Mart . These rewards function as a motivating factor that keeps students engaged in their own learning. Students are able to trade their hard-earned stars for physical gifts or opt for monetary donations to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). By giving them the opportunity to experience the joy of giving, Superstar Teacher hopes to nurture not just the mind, but also the heart, by imparting important values such as empathy and altruism.

Superstar Teacher’s Special 10th Anniversary Offer

Superstar Teacher is offering a 14-day free trial so students can experience the ease and efficiency of online learning at no cost. With full lessons available on both the web browser and mobile app versions, parents and students will be able to explore Superstar Teacher’s online learning platform and discover the benefits of its interactive features.

About Superstar Teacher

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