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Conception of Superstar Teacher

Would it be easy to answer if I were to ask you to name your favourite teachers? We all know that good teachers are hard to come by and if we are lucky, we would have encountered one or two who not only taught us things of value, but inspired us as well. The truth is parents today are searching high and low for star-quality teachers to guide their children. You may have sent your children to tuition centres only to find that your time and money are not paying off. You may have also tried coaching your children on your own, only to find the both of you end up struggling more. Fret not as we have a solution for you!

Superstar teacher is a unique platform of online video lessons for Primary and Secondary school students. Taught by charismatic, experienced and expert teachers, each video lesson has been specially crafted with exam-oriented content, favourably matching Singapore’s education system and MOE syllabus.

Exam Oriented
Every examples and questions used by Superstar Teacher is carefully extracted and examined by our curriculum developers. They have researched through hundreds of past year examination papers from various schools over a 3 years period, promising to only offer the most relevant exam-oriented content.

Expert Teachers
Every Superstar Teacher is passionate and dedicated in the art of learning. Our teachers give meticulous and well-elaborated explanations which will help your child understand the complicated concepts easily.

We cater for an engaging experience and deeper understanding of academic curriculum at a personalised and comfortable pace for every individual student. Trusted by students, parents and even teachers, Superstar Teacher is guaranteed to enhance learning experiences with proven results!

Let Superstar Teacher be part of your child’s education journey today!

Let us be part of your child’s education journey today! Do call us at 63415516 or email us at enquiry@superstarteacher.com if you have any questions.