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Learning beyond classrooms

You may have heard stories of all the fun and games which your child enjoyed at school camps. Beyond learning survival skills and having a great time outdoors, there are many valuable lessons which cannot be picked up through books or in the classrooms. Camp dynamics, which typically include being away from home, befriending peers, working in groups and trying new activities, are all learning opportunities. Even if the campers themselves do not realise it, learning is still taking place.

Camp presents a chance for students to mingle and get to know peers who come from different backgrounds. This allows them to learn to socialise with a diverse network of peers and understand the importance of tolerance and empathy. They may pick up soft skills along the way which they can apply in their daily lives.

It also nurture their independence as students have limited contact with their families and helpers during camps. This pushes them to take responsibility and ownership of their lives. They would be required to solve their day-to-day problems on their own without adult intervention and learn to manage possible conflicts with their group mates or hiccups in activities.

Camp encourages students to venture beyond their comfort zone and attempt something new as camp instructors often guide students to take part in games and activities which many have not tried before, such as rock-climbing and kayaking. Attempting a new activity may not always be easy, especially if it involves having to overcome a phobia. The group dynamics in camp activities present an opportunity for students to be empathetic and encourage one another to be resilient and not give up.

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