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3 Tips When Making Career Decisions

Many students find themselves asking “what’s next?” as they face a crossroad in their education and career pathways. Are you one of them?

Hear from Ms Tan Hui Ping, an education and career guidance counsellor:

  1. Know your options
    Most students are aware of the different teaching styles and subjects which various higher education institutions offer but they could be unsure of the pathway that best aligns with their interests and learning styles. It is important for them to know the differences in the various options so they can make informed decisions. So explore your options before sitting for the national examinations!
  2. Start early
    You should start mulling your education and career options from lower secondary level so that you have sufficient time to explore their aspirations and areas of interest and reach a decision by the time you leave secondary school. You can also discover your interest through co-curricular activities in school if you do not have a clear career aspirations yet.
  3. Talk to others
    Feedback from parents, teachers or peers can help you understand your strengths and discover your passions. Conversations with working adults can also provide insight on the industry or line of work which you are interested in. You can then decide from these on what is the most suitable pathway for yourselves.

Remember that the future depends on what we do in the present and never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart know were meant to do!

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