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3 Tips on Tackling PSLE Stress

In merely two weeks, the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) commences for all Primary 6 students. As students encounter their first major examination, the pressure of performing well and getting into their dream school is surely daunting to any child.

What are ways to help alleviate your child’s stress during this crucial period?

  1. Encourage your child

As PSLE approaches, do encourage your child to do their best, instead of unloading your expectations upon them. Acknowledge their efforts when they are trying their best to perform better. By reassuring your child, it is a great form of emotional support and it empowers them to do better.

Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them. -Lady Bird Johnson

2. Teach them how to manage stress

Preteens may not be as self-aware when feeling stressed or are unable to handle these emotions.  You can help your child by teaching them how to identify signs of being stressed and dealing with it healthily. This includes regular exercise, having sufficient sleep and taking short breaks between study periods.

3. Listen and empathize with them

When your child needs someone to listen to them, do take the time to listen to them. They may be worried but are unable to express their emotions verbally. Refrain from scolding your child in such a scenario, but aim to listen and understand from their point of view.


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