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PSLE 2024: Key Dates, Scoring System and Top Preparation Tips for Exam Success

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE 2024) is a significant milestone in every Singaporean child’s educational journey. The national examination marks the completion of six years of primary education and it also plays a crucial role in determining the placement of a child’s secondary school.

Get ready for PSLE 2024 with a comprehensive guide for parents! Learn the key dates, the scoring system, and top tips to help your child ace the exams and become confident learners.

For many parents, supporting their children through PSLE can seem pretty overwhelming. However, with the right resources and guidance, you can help your child navigate this PSLE journey with confidence and ease. In this article, we will be sharing with you important information about PSLE 2024, including key dates, the scoring system as well as top preparation tips for exam success.

Key Dates for PSLE 2024

Knowing the schedule for the PSLE 2024 examinations is key to helping your child stay on track.

Date Type Subject Time Duration
13 Aug 2024 (Tuesday) Oral English and Mother tongue 0800 to 1330 h -
14 Aug 2024 (Wednesday) Oral English and Mother tongue 0800 to 1330 h -
13 Sep 2024 (Friday) Listening comprehension Mother tongue 0900 to 0935 h 35 min
13 Sep 2024 (Friday) Listening comprehension English 1115 to 1150 h 35 min
26 Sep 2024 (Thursday) Written English language paper 1 0815 to 0925 h 1 h 10 min
26 Sep 2024 (Thursday) Written English language paper 2 1030 to 1220 h 1 h 50 min
27 Sep 2024 (Friday) Written Mathematics paper 1 0815 to 0915 h 1 h
27 Sep 2024 (Friday) Written Mathematics paper 2 1030 to 1200 h 1 h 30 min
30 Sep 2024 (Monday) Written Mother Tongue (Chinese) paper 1 0815 to 0905 h 50 min
30 Sep 2024 (Monday) Written Mother Tongue (Chinese) paper 2 1015 to 1155 h 1 h 40 min
1 Oct 2024 (Tuesday) Written Science 0815 to 1000 h 1 h 45 min
2 Oct 2024 (Wednesday) Written Higher Mother Tongue (Chinese) paper 1 0815 to 0905 h 50 min
2 Oct 2024 (Wednesday) Written Higher Mother Tongue (Chinese) paper 2 1015 to 1135 h 1 h 20 min

By having a clear understanding of the exam dates allows you to help your child plan their studies effectively.  To aid your child in managing their time efficiently, we have curated a 3-month revision plan. Check out the video on YouTube here.

Understanding the PSLE Scoring System

The new PSLE 2024 scoring system has been adjusted to focus on students’ individual performance and minimise comparisons with their peers. Your child’s score is now represented as a PSLE Score that ranges from AL 4 to 32, which is derived from the combination of Achievement Levels (ALs) across four subjects: English, Mathematics, Mother Tongue and Science. These ALs range from AL1, the highest score, to AL8, the lowest score, for each subject.

The allocation of ALs is as follows:

  • AL1: More than 90 marks
  • AL2: 85 to 89 marks
  • AL3: 80 to 84 marks
  • AL4: 75 to 79 marks
  • AL5: 65 to 74 marks
  • AL6: 45 to 64 marks
  • AL7: 20 to 44 marks
  • AL8: Less than 20 marks

Maximising Your Child’s Potential for PSLE Success

To help your child excel in PSLE, it is important for parents to pay attention to their overall well being. Ensure they are getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet to sustain their concentration and energy levels. Regular exercise can also help to manage stress and keep their mindset positive. Building emotional resilience is also important, such as helping your child develop coping strategies and a growth mindset to face challenges with confidence. Celebrate their small wins along the way to keep them motivated and engaged throughout the process.

While there are various resources available to aid your child’s preparation, online learning platforms like Superstar Teacher offer a unique advantage. Through expert-led lessons and meticulously crafted practice materials, this platform can provide targeted support tailored to your child’s needs. With our proven track record of helping students succeed, it is a choice that can make a meaningful difference in your child’s academic journey. Here’s to unlocking their full potential and achieving success in PSLE 2024!

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