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Save Time and Foster Independent Learning

Living in a fast-paced world, time is definitely one of the limiting factors for many of the activities that we do or intend to do.

In the last of our series, let us look at how Superstar Teacher is able to help save time for the family while enabling your child to take charge of his or her own learning!

Superstar Teacher-Foster independent learning


It is imperative that we spend our time wisely on things that truly matter. Instead of spending precious time travelling to and from physical tuition centers, why not save it up for some quality family time? By having more time, your child is also able to put in more effort on developing other interests and hobbies!

Here at Superstar Teacher, we understand this concern and hope to alleviate it through the use of technology. By having online video lessons and a platform for students to seek homework help from, we provide a good alternative to traditional tuition classes and eliminate the need to spend additional commute time.

Superstar Teacher-Foster independent learning

Grants autonomy

Upon signing up with us, each student will gain access to a personal account and this is a good way to grant your child a sense of autonomy!  Your child is in control and gets to take ownership of his or her own learning.

Using our one-stop platform, students can decide for themselves if they want to view and replay lessons or do more practices on certain topics. This way, they are able to self-track their learning, find out the areas that they are weaker in and subsequently put more effort into the relevant topics.

That being said, you can still track and monitor your child’s learning progress and activity. To do that, simply log in to our platform and make use of our Study Tracker tool. Now, there is less of a need to hover closely over your child’s work and become a helicopter parent.

With Superstar Teacher, there is more time for the better things in life and your child is able to take a more proactive and self-directed approach to learning. Start investing in your child’s future and help him or her learn more efficiently now!


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